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HBO Go & HBO Now: Watch HBO Online for Free

August 17th 2017


Have you ever wondered where one might watch any HBO show or series online for free? Your time has come, HBO fan!  Last year, HBO launched a new online program dedicated to making sure their subscribers were able to stream and watch any HBO show live at any time from nearly any online device. An “HBO to Go” service, if you will.  It’s called HBO Go and her sister app, HBO Now.  No, you aren’t hearing things. Full TV shows and movies are available to download right to your personal computing device at no additional cost to HBO cable subscribers!

HBO Go and HBO Now go beyond even what Comcast’s On Demand network offers in terms of full series download availability. You can watch an entire season of Curb Your Enthusiasm on your iPad on a long plane flight or rewatch Game of Thrones season 1 and all you need is the time to watch and an internet connection.   And it’s not just live TV shows, you can even download and watch HBO movies online via the HBO Go & Now networks.

Try DIRECTV NOW for Free and Add HBO for $5

This is actually the cheapest way to get HBO online that we know of. You subscribe to DIRECTV’s new service for about $35 which gives you tons of channels (almost all cable channels you could think of) and then for $5 more you can add HBO. Usually it’s about $15.  Give it a shot!  There’s a 7-Day free trial so it can’t hurt to give it a try.

UPDATE: DIRECTV NOW is offering a $25 per month discount on the service for anyone who has AT&T Unlimited (AT&T is the parent company of DIRECTV. They’re also throwing in HBO for free which is pretty amazing. This is the best deal in town, folks.

Try DIRECTV NOW Free for 7 Days

Live Stream HBO with Sling

Sling is an alternative to cable that gets you channels like ESPN, AMC and HGTV without a cable subscription just to name a few. It’s an app that you can use anywhere. HBO is an addon so if you’re Slinging already you can just add that to your package. You can sign up or explore the service more here. There’s a 7-Day free trial so this might be a nice alternative if you just want to give it a chance.

Watch Now Free for 7 Days with Sling

Imagine riding on a bus and wanting to watch a full episode of Game of Thrones online. Before HBO Go and HBO Now, you’d most likely have to grab a torrent or get the digital version of the show by some other, less-legal method.  Maybe you’re even desperate enough to check your local grocery store’s Redbox.  But now, if you’re a current subscriber to HBO you can get those shows on the go absolutely free. Some of the programs even come with special features not available on television. Exclusive interactive features were recently deployed with the new season of Game of Thrones that are only available online. Personally, I end up watching most HBO programming on my home entertainment system but having HBO Go as a supplement for travel is a welcome addition and some people have no choice but to watch HBO shows online due to their busy schedules.

The Difference Between HBO Go & HBO Now

HBO Go and HBO Now are basically two sides of the same coin. Both offer access to all previous seasons of all HBO series. They both offer access to HBO’s library of movies and documentaries.  Both are available as apps on your favorite devices.  The difference lies in how you subscribe to these services.  With HBO Go, you’re getting access to the app via a normal cable subscription.  So if you’re a Comcast customer you’ll log into HBO Go with your Comcast credentials.  HBO Now is a bit different.  You don’t need a cable subscription at all!  You can just sign up online and start watching HBO right then and there.  Each one has it’s advantages but you’re not missing out by using either one.  They’re both essentially the same app and content but with different ways of subscribing to HBO.

Where to Watch HBO Online

HBO Go is an app that can be installed on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device and it has just recently been released for Microsoft’s Xbox gaming platform and on Apple devices.

Platform  Info & Availability Price      Streaming via Web Browser      Free with Subscription to HBO
Android       Downloadable App Available Free with Subscription to HBO
iOS (iPhone & iPad)       Downloadable App Available Free with Subscription to HBO
Xbox / Xbox One      Download from Xbox Dash Requires Xbox LIVE UPDATE, 2
Playstation 4   On PS3 Now – And PS4! Free with Subscription to HBO
Nintendo Wii U No Application Yet – TBD Free with Subscription to HBO
Apple TV / AirPlay HBO Go Now Supported Requires Apple TV & HBO
Chromecast  Now Supported! $35 & Subscription to HBO
Kindle Fire Downloadable App Available Kindle & Free with Subscription
Samsung Smart TVs Application Included TV & Free with HBO Subscription
Roku Available (HBO Now too!) Roku & Free with HBO Subscription
Hulu, Hulu Plus    Very Limited (Boxing, News) HBO Not Available on Hulu
Netflix  Not Available HBO Not Available on Netflix
Amazon Video Episodes Available for Purchase Most Episodes: 1.99-3.99
Google Play Episodes Available for Purchase Most Episodes: 1.99-3.99
Amazon Fire TV HBO Go App Coming Soon Requires FireTV & HBO
Amazon Prime Older Episodes Available Requires Amazon Prime
DISH Anywhere Downloadable DISH Anywhere App Requires DISH Cable & HBO
Comcast / Xfinity Downloadable Xfinity TV Go App Requires Xfinity Cable & HBO
Verizon FIOS HBO Go Login Available Requires FIOS & HBO
Cox Cable HBO Go Login Available Requires Cox & HBO

*If you know of other ways to view HBO online please leave us a comment below and we’ll add it to our list.

It’s been a long road towards getting HBO Now.  Watching HBO online for free will probably never be possible but being able to do so without cable is essential to HBO’s future. We’ve been advocating such a change for a while now in our various articles but for now, HBO can’t seem to shake some of the deals the currently have with cable operators. They were most likely afraid of losing the business they already generate for them– their bread and butter if you will. HBO does sometimes offer premieres of new series online free to even non-subscribers such as they did with Girls and Veep recently. We hope this starts a trend that shows the Time-Warner owned cable company that people want online access to their programming.


HBO Go has evolved into a product (HBO Now) that anyone, anywhere can subscribe to for access to downloads of Game of Thrones, True Blood, True Detective, Girls, Westworld, Curb, HBO Docs even HBO’s latest: The Leftovers and all of their other hit series including Boxing events.  We know that a subscription can cost up to 25 dollars per month but when you think about the access you get to past shows it might just be worth it and you can always try HBO Now for free!

HBO Go and HBO Now Password Sharing

One possible option for “free HBO” is to simply share a paid password with someone you love. HBO has said that they don’t really mind if passwords are shared but that doesn’t mean they won’t crack down on this some time in the future if it gets out of hand. HBO wants to build addicts and if using your grandparents HBO Go login creates an addict out of you they assume you’ll subscribe to watch more Game of Thrones online some time in the future.

So if you’re down on your luck and need some HBO goodness for free then don’t feel too poorly about yourself if you need to borrow an HBO Go subscription from a family member or friend.  Or try the free trial of HBO Now for a while.

Buying HBO Stand-Alone Online

HBO Now has finally arrived!  This is the wave of the future of television. Are you on board? HBO Go will probably always remain tied to cable subscriptions while HBO Now will be your way of accessing HBO if you don’t have a cable package. Check it out now if you’re looking for a more stand-alone product from HBO.

Older HBO Shows are Streaming on Amazon Prime

If you’re an Amazon Prime member and you’re trying to watch an older HBO show like The Sopranos or Sex and the City stop what you’re doing and head over there now because older HBO shows stream free with a Prime subscription. You get a free month when you sign up so there’s really no excuse not to when you factor in the free shipping on Amazon stuff as well as the large streaming video library. Give it a try.


Other Ways to Live Stream HBO Content

We know there are some live HBO streams out there as well but those are obviously completely unauthorized and are usually low resolution.  You don’t want to experience Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire on an unofficial, non-HD streaming site surrounded by crazy, russian-bride ads do you? What about Real Time with Bill Maher, Animals or Vice? You don’t want to taint that experience.

One of the more common ways to use HBO Go is through a video game console such as Microsoft’s Xbox, a Sony Playstation.  Many are hoping that HBO will release an app for their particular device of choice so that they too can watch HBO online.  HBO is trying hard to create apps for the myriad devices out there but they’re just not all available right now.  Stay tuned for more news on how you can get HBO streaming online in your home with current and upcoming devices. HBO Now should come to PS4 and Xbox soon as well.


HBO Go and HBO Now are the perfect way to watch HBO shows like Vinyl online for free in this brave new digital world. HBO is leading the way with this so-called Netflix-killer app that is taking the world by storm. Head over to to register your HBO subscription today and start watching all of your favorite movies and series online now!  Or if you prefer, is the way to go if you don’t have cable.

See?  It’s pretty easy to watch Game of Thrones online with HBO Go or Now and a Roku. Take it from Bran Stark: online streaming expert.  All you need is a subscription.

What about HBO Now?

HBO Now is the newest member of the HBO digital family.  The details are still being hammered out but here’s an FAQ from the official website.  We’ll update this page when we know more:


What is HBO NOW?
HBO NOW is HBO’s new standalone premium streaming service that provides instant access to every episode of every season of the best of HBO’s award-winning original programming, more of the biggest and latest Hollywood hit movies, groundbreaking documentaries, sports and exclusive comedy specials.

What is the official launch date?
HBO NOW will be available to consumers beginning in April 2015.

What is the pricing for HBO NOW?
The price of an HBO NOW subscription through Apple is $14.99 per month. Prices may vary by participating partners. All you need is a high speed internet connection

How do I get HBO NOW and access content?
You can subscribe to HBO NOW using your iTunes account. Customers can access HBO NOW by going to, through AppleTV® or by downloading the HBO NOW app in the Apple App Store®.

What devices will HBO NOW be compatible with at launch?
At launch HBO NOW will be available on desktop/laptop computers as well as iOS devices, including iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® and Apple TV®. HBO NOW will roll out to additional devices soon.

How does the HBO NOW free trial period work and how long is it?
HBO® will offer a 30 day introductory free-trial period to new customers who sign up through Apple.

What is the difference between HBO GO® and HBO NOW?
HBO GO® is HBO’s authenticated online streaming service, available at no additional cost to HBO subscribers through their participating television provider.

HBO NOW is a new, standalone online streaming service that is available to all customers with a high-speed internet connection. HBO NOW subscription prices may vary by participating partners.

Both services provide instant access to HBO’s award-winning programming and more of the biggest and latest Hollywood hit movies.

Can I get HBO NOW through my TV or broadband provider?
We are in discussions with our existing network of distributors that sell broadband and hope to announce such relationships soon.

Will HBO be launching similar OTT services abroad?
We are exploring international opportunities and will provide updates as available.

Imagine riding on a bus and wanting to watch a full episode of Game of Thrones online. Before HBO Go and HBO Now, you’d most likely have to grab a torrent or get the digital version of the show by some other, less-legal method.  Maybe you’re even desperate enough to check your local grocery store’s Redbox.  But now, if you’re a current subscriber to HBO you can get those shows on the go absolutely free. Some of the programs even come with special features not available on television. Exclusive interactive features were recently deployed with the new season of Game of Thrones that are only available online. Personally, I end up watching most HBO programming on my home entertainment system but having HBO Go as a supplement for travel is a welcome addition and some people have no choice but to watch HBO shows online due to their busy schedules.

UPDATE 2: Comcast has announced a package where, without signing up for cable you can get HBO Go, High Speed Internet and Access to Streampix for $40.  While this isn’t the full streaming online HBO standalone package we’ve all been waiting for it is a step in the right direction.  New series like Silicon Valley will, of course be available for all to watch.  Hit that link above for more information on how you can watch HBO online without having to sign up for a full, traditional cable plan.  In a related update the service is now also available through a similar bundle with Time Warner Cable.

UPDATE 3: HBO programming is now available on Amazon Prime as of May 21, 2014! Read all about it but just know that it’s only older programs (about three years old or so) and not live, current seasons of HBO shows.  Just one more way to watch HBO online and you don’t even need cable or an HBO subscription; just Amazon Prime.

UPDATE 4: AT&T is offering a package for watching HBO online without a cable subscription. $39 for high-speed internet, HBO access and Amazon Prime!  Looks like the best deal in town right now for cord-cutters.

UPDATE 5: In what is probably the biggest HBO news in the past 5 years the network has decided to make HBO Go available, stand-alone as many of us wanted, to the public sometime in 2015!  We’ll continue to keep track of which countries the service is available in. We’ll also keep the list below of app current so you know how to use your shiny new HBO Go subscription.  Check out the story for more details.

UPDATE 6: HBO Now is here!


  1. I have HBO through Cablemas in Mexico. Is there a way for me to stream HBO go on my laptop?

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      When you go to register on you will be given a list of cable providers. If Cablemas is supported you will be able to get the service, but only after you register on Cablemas as well.

  2. i am living in Sweden and updated my apple tv to US by changing DNS ,i can get hbo go on apple tv but it needs for activation and when i go to hbo go website there it ask me to mention the tv provider ,which i cant do as that’s only for US is there any other way around to get activation of hbo go? please help me

  3. Eileen Redman /

    I bought HBO through Charter Cable, but the signal isn’t strong enough here at the condo. How do I get HBO to Go on my computer?

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      First, if you haven’t already, create an account on Charter’s website.
      Next go to HBOGo and register. That site will ask you to check which TV provider you get HBO through and you type in the login info for Charter.

      Once it is verified that you are an HBO subscriber through Charter you will be able to stream the HBO content.

  4. Rachel Scullion /

    I don’t want cable. I just want to watch HBO on my laptop, like I do with Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Instant, and Google Play. I want to give you my money so I can watch The Newsroom Season 2. Why won’t you take my money? This seems like a bad business model to me…

    • J-Lew /

      they would rather pay to have you switch the there services than pay for a single show. they know the demand is there, there just going to wait you out….

  5. candace /

    Why isn’t this available for Windows phone?

    • Somebody /

      Because nobody in the entire world uses that junk.

    • Ben the Cable Guy /

      Abandon that sinking ship immediately and get an iPhone or Android phone. Seriously man, you owe it to yourself.

      At least you’re not using a Blackberry i suppose…

  6. Denise /

    Is Real Time – Overtime available on iPad? It works on pc laptop, but doesn’t work on our iPad. Thanks for your help.

  7. christina /

    someone told me you can get HBO Go through Apple TV without having a cable subscription. is this true?

  8. Raffy /

    It is too bad that it’s taking so long for HBO to make their service available directly, especially since they won’t sign deals with other providers such as netflix. We have one choice, HBO, which is frustrating on its own, but then even more irritating when they dangle the carrot by placing their logo on our other devices. That isn’t accidental.

    What may be most impressive is that we still want the content, and blame the cable companies instead of HBO, when the latter is chiefly responsible for eroding our good will. Seriously folks, HBO is in the catbird’s seat, and they know they can take their time, because despite how angry we may be, we’ll all go running to them, once they condescend to let us pay them even more money.

    On the slightly less cynical side, given the overwhelming feedback below, it’s only a matter of time before they go direct. We just have to be patient…something I for one am not good at. So, take heart folks. It will happen. In the meantime, this provides a good example of supply and demand…and human nature. We’ll take a licking and keep on paying.

  9. It would be a brilliant idea to have a trusted group of people that you could share your log in info with and all pay a small fee together and save money but all enjoy the Perks of HBO GO!

  10. I’ll be interested when you can get it online without the cable tv package.

    • ME TOO! how great will that be when HBO decides to ditch these vulture cable companies like dish and allow customers to exclusively pay for HBO only!

    • ME TOO! how great will that be when HBO decides to ditch these vulture cable companies like dish and allow customers to exclusively pay for HBO only!

    • Almost there.

  11. Tracy Chamney /

    I would pay for stand alone HBO just like Netflix, but I refuse to put my money in the greedy cable pockets for a load of crap I’ll never watch. Add my name to your petition hbo. Tc.

    • Johnny5 /

      HBO needs to take in account a lot of us are ditching cable television. No one wants to spend a small car payment every month to watch rerun marathons of the same shows and movies. They should be expanding or they’ll die like the the rest.

  12. Tracy Chamney /

    I would pay for stand alone HBO just like Netflix, but I refuse to put my money in the greedy cable pockets for a load of crap I’ll never watch. Add my name to your petition hbo. Tc.

  13. voiceofreason /

    If we wanted to overpay for cable, we would have no reason for hbo-go.

  14. anon1 /

    Consider this me signing the petition to give you money as an individual subscriber. I would sooner sell all my electronics than deal with a cable company. Here’s hoping to the future where I can subscribe to your excellent programming.

  15. WearyHobo /

    So many people, so many devices,… so many possible subscriptions, that are all being lost due to people being forced to have a cable subscription, its 2014 folks, no one gives a #$@! about whats on cable if they have a working brain in their head, its awful, and shouldn’t even be considered television.
    Stand up for better programming HBO and truly GO independent, seriously, please.

  16. WearyHobo /

    How stupid, HBO would have SO MANY more subscribers if they just let you sub without needing a cable service. HBO is the only TV worth paying for anymore, I WILL NOT be paying comcast or at&t to for 1,000+ useless channels. Say its the cable company’s fault if you want but HBO is its own entity, and its time it starts behaving as such. With shows like Deadwood, Sopranos, Game of Thrones, and so many more, I would gladly give them my hard earned $$ for their quality programming.
    However the cable companies can keep their 24 hr news, and reality t.v and go suck an egg. I will NEVER pay for such mind numbing garbage even if it means I have to find other ways to watch my favorite shows, like waiting till they come out on dvd, and even then pay $49-$99 a season for shows like The Sopranos. :-(

  17. William Lockwood /

    So I can’t watch hbo go on Roku without having cable ?

    • Peter Braverman /

      unfortunately not. The cable networks have everyone by the balls pretty much. The all suck. They all charge WAY too much for what you get, and they all have piss poor customer service. The they suck in you in with a “promo” for 2 years after which they jack your rates up for no reason. All they are doing is running a signal to your house. The lines are already there. the cables are already there. So why do they charge so much money? One of the unexplained mysteries of the world. They make millions of dollars per year just based on even the smallest of consumer investment. 1 family paying $89/month for 1 year (actually more like $105 with all of the BS fees). which equates to $1260/year. Now multiply that by 1000s of people who dish out this waste of an expenditure and the number jumps exponentially. They make a killing and DO NOTHING but reap the rewards. If you look back and calculate how much one has spent over a lifetime it’s insane – based on the above figure that would be $12K for 10 years. #endcablecompanies

      • WearyHobo /

        “1 family paying $89/month for 1 year (actually more like $105 with all of the BS fees). which equates to $1260/year” Which is exactly why I generally consider paying for television one of the best ways to waste your money, because when you consider what shows those folks are actually paying for, its astonishing.

  18. hamza janati idrissi /

    racism qhy only Americans can watch HBO online : @

  19. How many devices can I use with my HBO subscription ?

    • Not sure what you mean but the answer is.. unlimited as far as I know. Use HBOGo anywhere on any number of devices. Now if you’re thinking about sharing your login in a forum or something… that might be stretching it to the limit… I’d avoid that :)

  20. ScrewHBO /

    So I have to be subscribed to a cable provider, if I want to be subscribed to HBO, which is pointless if I’m watching television through a device, and not cable…

  21. Saurabh Mishra /

    whats the point of online streaming if i cant access it in India…of no use…

  22. Harry Langdof /


    1. AccessTV. info/

    2. on any device

    3. all top events.

  23. Tyrion Lannister /

    U foools!!… go use the website… has EVERYTHING for free…without virus or FORCE U to download…..why r u still reading…go on the website right now!

  24. ljkljkl /

    what is the definition of free ?

  25. girlygirl /

    dam near everyone HATE ;those greedy cable companies (dish, direct, cox, comcast, and all others. And since hbo haven’t broken away from them yet, gives me the impression their in bed with them some sort of way. U got everyone telling u their willing pay separate for years and no change. I bet it change once everyone drop cable all together, they can’t make it without viewers!

  26. You keep saying “free” but an HBO subscription is required, which means you are either brainlessly thumping the HBO press release drum or are unaware of the meaning of the word “free”. No, I do not expect HBO content for (actual) free, I just expect you to stop spouting inaccurate nonsense.

  27. Andrew /

    Says Chomecast instead of Chromecast. Hire me, and I will do a lot more for HBO than just notice online typographical errors.

  28. Pearl /

    This is so dumb to think finally I could watch movies that use to be on Netflix, when Sony backed out, I would have to subscribe to cable, f that! bring on streaming with internet access like Netflix.

  29. DarlieB /

    We hate Time Warners guts. Its garbage! We want them to die painfully. Come with us or die HBO.You have no choice. Netflix an Hulu are here.

  30. Please, I dont have cable…I would pay $50 a month for HBO to Go. Juust offer it!!!!

    • Jarbeez /

      You could probably sign up for a very basic cable and add HBO for close to that cost.

  31. deviljin1908 /

    can someone please tell me the name of the soundtrack of “tonight on HBO”

  32. leternal / over 400 tv channels in hd and sd

  33. subscriber-to-be /

    I want to pay HBO for streaming like I do with netflix. I don’t want cable. Come on HBO, make it happen

  34. Marko /

    I noticed on HBO Go that the cable subscribers include The University of Washington (UW) and Harvard University. Apparently, anyone with a student id can get a netid account and use that to log into HBO GO. UW staff and alumni (basically anyone who ever took a course at UW) all have permanent netid codes. I would be curious to see if anyone with a netid number can log into HBO Go. Has anyone out there tried?

  35. I’ve been trying to watch hbo on att uverse and on hbogo but keep getting the message: missing registration token? Any ideas what is wrong, Att has not been able to solve and I’ve called every day for 5 days now!!!

    • HBO GO /

      I have AT&T UVerse and I’m able to access HBO GO on my laptop, iPhone and Samsung TV. The login info should be the same as what you use to access your Uverse account. After there it was pretty simple and straight forward.

  36. neshia /

    what is the fee for hbogo on the ps3 can anyone tell me

  37. Prince /

    I have the HBO GO app on my samsung smart TV in my college dorm room. But the problem is I don’t know exactly who the cable provider is? Any help?

  38. Cspo /

    Can I buy hbogo without having hbo cable service?

  39. I have HBO how can I get HBO GO if my provider doesn’t have it?

  40. I’m having problems with HBOGO, it loads but a blank screen with a message of “Compatibility View: websites designed for older browsers will often look better, and problems such as out of place menus, images or text will be corrected” What does this mean and how do I correct this ?

  41. I have roku and i also have comcast cable and pay for hbo. Does anyone know why comcast is listed as the available networks?

  42. I have Roku. I have 2 t.v’s with 2 separate roku units. Do I have to pay twice to have HBO on both TV’s?

  43. Is there a search feature on HBO GO Android or am I just not seeing it?

  44. Please clarify for me…can you “download” a show or series to watch at a later time when you don’t have an internet connection, or must you always be connected to the internet in order to “watch” any of the shows? I think the word “download” is being misused. Thanks

    • you have to be streaming. you can not save it to your computer.

  45. DeAnna Pino /

    Have you looked into making it for The samsung blu ray player that is a streamer and or the Neo Gear.

  46. when is hob go going to include Canada?? why didn’t they include us?

    • You have good beer, hockey, bacon, and a negligible crime rate. You can’t just have everything, eh?

  47. Does hbogo stream live online!?

  48. LaVergne Hawks /

    I’m having problems with hbogo BUFFERING. One TV is ok and the other constantly buffers. What is causing this and what can I do to stop this,?

    • We’re not official tech support or anything but… I’ve had this problem with Netflix as well on some devices. Depends on if you’re using an app or browser.. some apps are just better than others it seems like. Also is one TV wired and one wireless? Lots of variables. Sorry I couldn’t help more!

  49. Debi Marion /

    Really, I can watch HBO to go if I have Comcast cable..what if I pay Direct TV for my Satalite and Comcast for my cable? Can I still get HBO on my laptop or r they going to screw me twice again?

    • Debi Marion /

      Should make that clear HBO and Show X come by the Satellite.

    • Not sure I understand this one. I have Comcast and use HBOGo all the time. Direct TV, I’ve heard also allows HBOGo. You should contact your cable provider about getting a login.

  50. jaube /

    how come FIOS is listed as a server site

  51. I’ve had HBO for 10 years (at this address) and longer before moving here. I currently have COX cable and want to know if I can catch up to “Game of Thrones”, so I can watch it later. Right now I’m only watching Maher and a few docs per year at $15/month. I really want to keep HBO, but if I can’t watch your programming (unless I start from the beginning..), let me know if there’s anything I can do. Thanks.

    • Added COX cable to the list of options. Pretty sure you can get it with COX. Give them a call and report back if it’s not true!

  52. Cristina /

    HBO when will you be releasing the Sopranos complete box set in Blu Ray? Please release it soon!

  53. Alabaster /

    This is bs. You have given us no other choice but to pirate HBO! Shame on you!!!

  54. We’ve updated this page with the latest on how to watch HBO online via HBO Go. Comcast recently released a new plan that allows you to watch HBO online without a cable plan.

  55. hbo online available anywhere……….. except europe obviously

  56. Maureen Rosas /

    Does anyone know anything about this little box we use to watch netflix movies pandora ect… Now we bought a new one that has hbo go on it so does that mean we have to pay for movies watched or a subscription

    • It’s probably a Roku. You need an HBOGo login that you can only order through a cable provider at this point. Good luck!

  57. Here’s the thing. HBO is seen as the dinosaur of broadcasting companies because of your refusal to stream online without a cable subscription. Even PBS offers online viewing.

    You have a few very good shows, but our generation isn’t keen on stationary devices and we have a short attention span. Give it to us streaming and give it to us now.

  58. I don’t have cable, I would subscribe to HBO if the service was available without Cable online.

    • You’re not alone. Hopefully HBO does this some day. For now you can find 40$ plans that include basic cable if that suits you. Or borrow someone elses (you didn’t hear that from me!)

  59. Canada wants Game of Thrones! /

    Hello HBO!!! You have an awesome show that people want to watch. We will pay for it! You need to give us a real online option – I don’t want cable, I want HBO Game of Thrones. Thats it, I don’t watch any other TV show. Millions are like me, figure it out or loose out on a huge audience with money to offer for a really fantastic show. Let me know as soon as you figure it out.

  60. Valerie Sklarevsky /

    I gave up my tv over thirty years ago and just recently was fed-up and gave up my cell phone.
    Like my Mac and can watch PBS shows on line and even The Good Wife. I am sure there are many of us that don’t have cable. HBO needs to be an innovator and bring themselves and all of their other cable shows on line.


  61. That Guy /

    I cannot wait for the day when I can simply subscribe to HBO without needing a provider or a package. I have not owned a TV since 2004…I know Im not alone. If they ever make this streamable online or through Apple TV I would gladly pay for it. Till then I will be watching for free. I bet they are losing hand over fist and don’t even know it.

    • Connor Sheehan' /

      If I had to make my own entertainment network, it would be just how you described it. Great minds think alike.

    • Right on man.

    • Agreed! I would happily pay for HBO online as I do Netflix and Hulu. I just refuse to sign up for a ridiculously expensive cable package with a multi year contract again.

  62. Brian W /

    You state that you can download a show and then watch it on a flight. I do not see that ability in the app for my iPad. If I am on a flight and need to use the wifi, there is no way it will stream the show. Any thoughts on this?

  63. I am an HBO subscriber and was enjoying HBO GO on my android (Nexus 10) until it updated to a 4.3 operating system & the app is no longer compatible. This was months ago! I was assured that an updated app was coming…how long do you expect this will take? HBO really should have been on top of this already!

  64. adresine giremiyorum. Yok birleşmiş milletler arasında olunacakmışş. Yani Türkiye’ nin birleşmiş milletlere girmemesini ta buraya kadar yansıttınız. Bi dizi izletmedinizz.

    • Dunya /

      Birlesmis milletler degil, amerika birlesik devletleri. Zaten girsen de izleyemezsin, aboneligin yok tabi ki..

  65. Simone /

    I am an HBO subscriber (in the US), but I am studying abroad in Chile. Is there way possible for me to gain access to HBOGO? I would really appreciate the help, especially since True Blood is becoming more amazing with each episode.

  66. Is it available in Italy while traveling?

  67. Plateau /

    HBO doesn’t seem to be available in South Africa? True?

  68. wefollow /

    Watch All HBO TV series Online Free –>

  69. Pattie /

    Do you think you might ever do a deal with netflix? I just cut out cable – don’t need 750 channels – and a limited subscription to HBO would be great.

  70. rbfanman /

    No cable for me. If HBO GO becomes available without a cable / satellite hookup, let me know. For now, I will get by without it.

  71. mariannlws /

    We pay for HBO via our cable provider, Entouch. Since Entouch does not offer HBOGO we can not use the service.
    I have asked Entouch several times when are they going to offer HBOGO. They always said “we are in negotiations.” I asked again during a service call recenty and was told “never”
    Bummer, I was really looking forward to using HBOGO at some point.

  72. mariannlws /

    We pay for HBO via our cable provider, Entouch. Since Entouch does not offer HBOGO we can not use the service.
    I have asked Entouch several times when are they going to offer HBOGO. They always said “we are in negotiations.” I asked again during a service call recenty and was told “never”
    Bummer, I was really looking forward to using HBOGO at some point.

  73. Barry /

    This is incredibly deceptive. I clicked the above banner for a free trial, and they sent me Crankplay which demanded a credit card. Oh, no HBO GO either, just old games. So much for bait and switch… it’s alive and well.

    • kbaby357 /

      That’s because the banner is a third-party advertisement, not something posted by HBO.

  74. Desi79 /

    Episode 6 of the current seaso of GOT will not play!!!! Grrr

  75. Bader /

    Amazon Prime(Prime Instant Video) is only available to US customers!

  76. Horstradamus Jones /

    lame. I don’t want to filter my viewing content through a useless cable provider. They are completely unnecessary these days.

  77. freeman /

    try all is free

  78. No it’s not easy! I can’t even access it because I’m from Canada! And 25$ per month is a bit much when you only want to watch a few shows…

  79. Joskar /

    I only want to watch game of thrones! Does HBO have any offer that allowes me to watch for the coming 2 months?

  80. theon /

    Fray will kill robb stark!yeah honey cryyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  81. ThreeDog /

    It makes me angry that I can’t just pay for this. Me and a lot of other people don’t have cable, because most tv is crap, so there is no point in paying for it at all. No network has provided a convenient, high quality option for people who get all their media online. If they allowed me to pay for this, I would pay in a heartbeat. Almost all the shows I might want to watch are on HBO or they are on legal streaming sites. Anyways, the premier of Game of Thrones season 3 would be a good time to change this. Unless they want to be the most illegally downloaded show on television for another season.

    • anon2222 /

      well put, the fact of the matter is, if its easier to buy than steal, everyone will buy. Itunes is an example of this. availability dictates action

    • Horstradamus Jones /

      Agreed. I would buy this in a second if they offered it directly. Unfortunately, they want to extort money from us through a third-party provider… so it’s off to pirate bay. Sorry HBO, you’ve given us no choice.

      • Ronnie Coleman /

        i wont torrent because i actually do want to support the producers of this show, but it looks like an amazing show and im frustrated they are FORCING people to torrent, i have cable but im not the person who pays the bill on it so i cant get hbo, if they offered hbo to anyone for a price i would happily pay it. i guess ill buy the dvds in a year or two

  82. Hi, just wondering if this is available in Malaysia? I subscribe to HBO through the Astro satellite dish network. Thanks!

  83. FIRE & BLOOD /

    If you are an HBOGO subscriber will I be able to watch new episodes of shows that same day as release, for example GoT Season 3 March 31st???

    • Yep.
      Actually you’ll get it EARLY if you’re on the west coast. All episodes of major series’ are released instantly on HBOGo as they air EST.

    • Harry Langdof /


      1. AccessTV. info/

      2. on any device

      3. all top events

  84. Rocky /

    How is it that I can watch Netflix on my android while I am at work, but can’t get HBO Go. I am a subscriber. I can watch it at home with no problem and I HAVE to have internet to watch Netflix at work.

  85. $25 a month? NOT TRUE. You first have to paying through the nose with a monthly cable plan PLUS around $25 ON TOP OF THAT to get HBO. I cut my cable due to economic downturn. I’m willing to pay $20-$25 per mos. for just ONLINE HBO but of course, the cable companies are in bed with HBO execs and taking us all to the cleaners so who knows how long it will take for that to happen if at all…

    • feduppianoman /

      I’m thinking about doing the comcast digital plus for $70 a month with an extra $10 a month for the hd convertor. It comes with internet, hbo, streampixonline, and local channels. I’d probably get either the hd homerun prime which takes a cable card and lets you record up to 3 channels at once, but you need a win 7 computer with windows media center to record the shows, or tivo roamio which doesn’t require a computer but is $15 a month with a one year contract. If you get the cheapest one you can just hook it up to an ota antenna and get better reception than cable for $15 a month. Still deciding whether I want to give comcast an extra $25 a month. I’ve been a cord cutter for over a year now and haven’t missed it with an apple tv, and a roku with netflix, amazon prime, and hulu+. I will never pay for an outrageously over priced cable package again. I was paying comcast $250 a month for everything, and reduced it to $66 a month for internet, and phone only. It just wasn’t worth what they were asking.

  86. Giovanna /

    Will HBOGO be available in Europe (France). Could one just do an online subscription to watch it? Thanks

  87. I sure hope they allow HBO lovers to download or pay an online subscription to watch HBO shows. I am a huge HBO fan and loved HBO GO but when I can get everything else online now and cut that HUGE satellite TV deal – HBO won’t keep me with my satellite provider. HBO just ends up losing me as a customer completely. They need to evolve. HBO is known for their innovative programming and the new HBO GO answered to so many of their customers wants and needs – but they need to go one step further or sadly – they will continue to lose their base. Sorry HBO – that’s the only reason why you lost me. I would gladly pay just to have you back on my TV or computer but I only want to pay YOU. Not someone else.

    • feduppianoman /

      Won’t happen until there is a critical mass of cord cutters. They have no intention of giving up the cable/hbo cash cow until they are forced to. Hbo is owned by time warner, and they want you to pay for their outrageously overpriced cable package just to get hbo. They will have to be financially forced through lost revenue from cord cutters to make this change. Unfortunately while there are more, and more people cutting the cord, there are nowhere enough to force them into the ala carte that we all want. In the meantime netflix is making some great original series, and itunes works for game of thrones.

  88. can you download hbo go on your laptop? how?

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      No, it is not a downloadable app. First, you must be a subscriber to HBO. then go to and login via the cable company you subscribe to to open open the viseo player. then you can watch anything in HBO’s klibrary.

  89. This is the only channel I would buy. Can’t wait for HBO Online! We only have one subscriber for cable, and they are terrible.

  90. I was completely hooked on the Newsroom, and catching up On Demand. They removed the 2nd half of the first season WTF? It now only has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 – 6 is gone and 8-12 are gone. They were there before, gone now. Who do I complain to – Verizon Fios?

  91. interd0g /

    You can stream this stuff but NOT download , as in Netflix. A pity because HBO streaming is terrible compared to Netflix unless your bandwidth is terrific.

    e.g. if you buy a movie from Apple in HD you can download then play it in HD even if you have limited bandwidth and the download takes 3 hours.

  92. JoeCash /

    Watch ALL your favorite HBO, SHO, CINE, Series HERE!:

  93. What if you don’t have HBO subscription… can you still get the app and if so, how much $

    • Unfortunately no. But this may happen in the future. You’ll need a subscription to a cable company for now.

      • Bigtony /

        As soon as HBO Go is available for purchase without a Cable subscription count me in. Cable right now costs approx. $720 per year where I live. I cancelled cable and got Netflix ($82 / year) , Amazon Prime ($75 / year), MLB.TV ($125 per year) and I also buy TV series on Amazon such as AMC’s Walking Dead ($1.99 per episode). AS it stands I spend about $300 per year and watch whatever I want hwne I want it. I’m saving $420 over cable right now. The problem with cable is your paying for content and channels you don’t want to see.

        • I pay $35 a month for internet and pay only that to watch tv -I assume you pay for your internet connection to connect to netflix, amazon, hulu ect. on top of what you pay to watch tv/movies.I can watch any movie, tv episode or any music/episodes all from my computer hooked to my tv for free. No need to pay netflix, amazon or anyone to watch tv, all you need is to pay for an internet connection and know the sites to go to. It’s taken me years to find the best free tv episodes/movie sites & players that are compatible with my computer but its been worth the while.=)

          • Steve /

            And what site may they be please???????????????? :)

          • annon /

            he illegally downloads them.

          • superherosaves /

            No, there are many popular streaming sites: But a fair warning! They are dipped in infectious ads (more than porn). Before you visit those sites, download the Adblock and WOT extensions for Chrome. As a added measure of safety, download Sandboxie and open your browser in it.

            Stream sites I use for HD content is and Use the links to PutLocker or SockShare. YOU’RE WELCOME! Thumbs up please!

      • AYomma Crazygirl /

        What a pity! HBO your losing out on a lot of online customers. Shame your still in the dark ages. Get with it already.

    • Sophia Low /

      better to watch on accesstv info

    • Sophia Low /

      better to watch on accesstv info

    • Ben the Cable Guy /

      HBO Now, my good man!

  94. Damon /

    Does. Not work for me because wave broadband is not a part of HBOGo

  95. daniel w /

    i download to watch Game of country HBO sucks(Malaysia)…they censored too much especially the naked and sex scene where scripts content till i don’t know what’s the story line was..WTF Malaysia..

    • Yeah, not sure about international stuff, Daniel. I hope it can become available in your county and everywhere at some point!

  96. Keith R Meeks /

    HBO Go wont work on my Toshiba Thrive Tablet. But your website says that it works withall Android devices please fix.

    • Not sure about that Keith. Try this:

      “HBOGO works in the broswer by setting user agent to desktop.”

      I know HBO (we aren’t affiliated– we’re just fans!) is trying hard to make it work on all platforms. Just a lot of devices out there to work with, ya know? Try the above and hold tight! I’m sure they’re working on it.

  97. Sandra MacRae /

    thank you

  98. Sandra MacRae /

    This is so cool I love HBO and my cable company will not let me have just HBO without 18 other channels I do not want

    • Bigtony /

      That’s exactly why I dropped cable. I didn’t feel like paying for channels I don’t want.

  99. How many of you use HBO Go to watch HBO online?

    • Johnny5 /

      Cable television is dead bro… HBO better start thinking about offering their subscription for the large amount of us going Zero TV. No one wants to pay a small car payment each month to watch mega reruns of the same shows and movies over and over.

    • Bryony /

      Hi. I don’t own a TV (no one I know does), I stream Netflix and watch shows online. I don’t have cable. HBO should just let viewers purchase single episodes (at iTunes prices, not more!) – they would please many viewers and have way more customers! Or let us buy a streaming deal (like 1 month for $18 or something). UGH. I want to watch the new season of Girls and not wait for it to get on Netflix!

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