Watch a Full Episode of HBO’s GIRLS Online

By Jacob Klein on Apr 16, 2012 to Girls

HBO had promised us the first episodes of both Veep and Girls online and they have certainly delivered! Not only can you watch the entire episode on HBO Go as you would any other HBO program, you can actually view the episode here, on this page and you cna even share and embed the video elsewhere if you’d like! Here now is the entire pilot episode that aired last night. If you missed it, give this a watch and leave us a comment below with your thoughts on the new series.

Girls continues its maiden voyage Sunday nights a 10:30pm. We’d really like to hear from the fans out there. What did you think of the new HBO show?

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AGREE WITH OTHER COMMENTS. Love this show. Will not pay extra on Comcast. Put on itunes or another way to subscribe just for this show.

Lena Dunham is a genius. This is gonna be a great show! too bad HBO doesn’t have an solid web presence. Sadly I’m not going to suscribe to time warner just to get HBO Go and watch this. GET INTO THE 21ST CENTURY AND PUT THIS SHOW ON ITUNES!!

Quirky but interesting if not addicting. Excellent acting. Excellent writing. I may even subscribe to HBO to see more. Not sure yet.

Just wish it wasn’t playing in the summer days when TV is not high on the list.


it was okay. could be better. but i’m sure it will really pick up if given the chance

TERRIFIC! Wasn’t ready for it to end. A show I have been waiting for by an artist I respect and admire.


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