War is Coming… to West Hollywood

By Jacob Klein on Mar 9, 2012 to Game of Thrones

If you’re driving down the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood do not be alarmed!  No, war is not coming to sunny California, but it is coming to HBO on April 1st when HBO premires the second season of Game of Thrones at 9PM.  This full building ad was spotted by a Game of Thrones fan and fellow patron of the r/GameofThrones subreddit.  We at HBOWatch just waned to highlight this epic piece of advertising from HBO and marvel in its presence foreboding looming over West Hollywood.

Game of Thrones Season 2 premieres at 9PM on April first.  No, this is not an April fool’s joke, just an unfortunate coincidence!  War really might be coming if HBO decides to dupe us all on that level.  You wouldn’t do that to us, HBO… would you?  Just like they’d never behead… oh crap.   A mummar’s farce on that level… seven save you all!  See you in April, thronies!

  • Jefd

    Here is a question I’d htrow to the forum if I thought people would comment. — It doesn’t really warrant its own post does it?

    What is the offical term for fans of GAME OF THRONES? You know that there are Trekkies, “Scapers, Twihards etc. Jacob just used the word “thronies.” Is that the term we are using.? Just asking.

    • I vote for the “death to Joffreys”.

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