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VICE Season 3 Will Feature Ferguson Protests

By Jef Dinsmore on Nov 30, 2014 to Vice

VICE_TitleOne thing HBOWatch is doing as the end of the year approaches is looking ahead at what HBO has to offer in 2015. Since a number of shows have aired their final seasons, with THE NEWSROOM at the end of the pack, there are a number of new shows and new seasons of existing shows to watch for over the next year. One such show is VICE.

We know, it is not a show for everyone, but HBOWatch keeps a track of it. We have reviewed every episode of the first and second season and are well aware that a third and fourth seasons are on the way; VICE’s Season Three will be 14 episodes long. If it returns at the same time as its previous seasons did than we should see new installments from late March through June 2015.

What we don’t know, as of yet, is even a hint of what topics will be broached…until now. Shane Smith has sent us a tweet that confirms one hot topic for sure —

Now there are many amazing and terrifying stories from around the world that VICE has brought our way. They have told us about militants, suicide bombers, and of the impoverished and the drugged up. They have also showed us what life is like in deepest Africa and Russia alike and so many more locales. But, nothing may grip you more than what happens right here in our home country. The story unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri is a perfect place for VICE to report from. Exactly which reporter gets the story and at what point in the ongoing story VICE_Fergusonthey arrived in unclear. I suspect that regardless of whether it is Tom Morton, David Choe or Shane Smith, that the reporter is going to be right in the heart of the protesting. VICE’s perspective on the volatile situation is a must-have for us and we hope for you as well.    

We hope to hear more details from VICE soon, maybe not via a tweet, but a Press Release will surface at some point and there is always a glimpse via the Year Ender reel that we always eagerly await. VICE is on its way in 2015 including reports from our own back yard. We are looking forward to it, are you?


  • Andrew Wink

    I’m excited to see what they can come up with. Vice usually is not afraid to daringly jump right into the action, and I’m sure their coverage will be super thrilling and informative.

  • Awesome news! I suppose we could have guessed Vice would visit Ferguson but it’s good to know it will be covered into 2015 even if the hype has died down by then.

  • VICE has always been a highly intelligent and viscerally intense series. Everything they’ve tackled has ranged from intriguing to heart-wrenching. Happy to hear there’s two more seasons confirmed and the third can’t get here soon enough! I can already feel the Ferguson episode shredding my heart.

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