VEEP Will Return for a Fourth Season

By Jef Dinsmore on Apr 23, 2014 to Veep

We have already made it clear that both GAME OF THRONES and SILICON VALLEY will return to the schedule in the Spring of 2015, but we VEEP_Season3Posterforgot to mention that VEEP will also be joining them. This little oversight is not really surprising as Selina Meyer always seems to be behind the 8-ball as it were.

Of course, we have the rest of Season Three to enjoy first. We have only seen the first three episodes and find that the vice-President (Julia Louise-Dreyfus) is about to officially announce her run for the POTUS position. Now that a Season Four is a certainty maybe, the show will slow down the campaign and stretch it out into the next season. I would rather that than quickly wrap up the campaign and election in one short season and then find some other story angle for the 2015 storyline. Surely, there is a lot of comedic ground to cover in the campaigning and election process that they can let this plot play out. I am hoping that is the case. I am also counting on Meyer’s staff to get enormously swelled heads and for Selina to fumble every step of the way through the political process as it unfolds.

Who knows, though I am not wishing it to end anytime soon, we might see Selina Meyer achieve the top political position by series end or maybe, they’ll end up changing the title of the show to POTUS?  What do you think?  

Season 4 of Veep is happening and the official twitter account had this to say:

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