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Universal Studios and HBO Sign 10 Year Contract

By Matt Weese on Jan 8, 2013 to HBO News


Another decade, another check. I’m guessing Netflix and Starz weren’t too happy yesterday when they found out that Universal Studios, home to movies from 2012 such as Zero Dark ThirtyLes Miserables, and Snow White & The Huntsman, signed a 10 year contract with HBO. What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re subscribed to HBO, then you’ll continue to get movies that are made by Universal Studios, for the next 10 years. What does this mean for HBO? Money. If people see big name movies that HBO is featuring, then they are more likely to jump on ship, rather than pay for another channel with lesser known movies. With big hit’s like Ted, The Bourne Legacy, and Snow White, as well as critically acclaimed movies such as Zero Dark Thirty, and Les Miserables, you’re definitely getting variety.

What this means for the competition? Well, it’s definitely not good. Competitors definitely wanted this contract. Namely, Netflix. Starz is known for having the most popular movies, so it has it’s audience. Showtime has a hit series, but not very many known movies, so they could have definitely used a Universal contract. Netflix, on the other hand, is doing pretty good. It has a wide variety of TV shows, and movies from multiple studios. “So why would you say Netflix wanted this contract?” you might ask. To that, I reply, HBO and Netflix haven’t been on very friendly terms. Netflix wanted to put HBO shows on their streaming services, the head of HBO said no, in short. If Netflix had came up from underneath and took this away from HBO, that would’ve  more than likely, made an impact on HBO’s revenue. People like having great shows AND good movies to accompany them.


So what was your favorite movie from Universal this year? Are you glad HBO pulled in a 10 year contract? What movie are you most looking forward to see coming to HBO in the future? Let me know in the comments below!

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It is one big convoluted business game folks.
HBO is owned by Time Warner and in the same week (if not the same day) the Universal deal went through the Warner Bros. division of the company signed a long -term agreement with Netflix. Such shows as “Chuck” & “Fringe” among others will be steaming content on the ‘rival’ format soon.
I was going to report on that but, we have to let the Guest Writer get his first post in. And we thank him for doing so.

Anything beneficial to HBO is beneficial to me, especially in terms of funding for shows. Too many great shows have been cancelled due to massive budget sizes!

Yeah. GoT especially will need the money in upcoming seasons, as I hear the magic will be jacked through the rough, requiring special effects, etc etc.

Definitely…with GoT especially, it’s only going to get bigger in every way, I sincerely hope it’s never cancelled/cut short. It’d be a massive loss, just like Luck, Rome and Deadwood.

Not to mention, Game of Thrones is probably HBO’s most popular TV show. It would be a bigger loss than Luck, Rome, and Deadwood combined, in terms of numbers.

Good point, it would be disastrous for the fans. I’ve never seen a fandom like this before, it really is amazing!


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