Two New Characters for The Newsroom Season 2

By Jacob Klein on Nov 11, 2012 to Featured Post, The Newsroom

Filming of The Newsroom season 2 is about to begin and HBO Watch can now confirm that the cast will expand by at least two when the show returns in Summer of 2013.   Patton Oswalt and Rosemarie DeWitt  are joining Will McAvoy on the set of The Newsroom.

The two have already worked together on United States of Tara (image right).

Ms. Oswalt’s character is described as:

Jonas Pfeiffer, the new vice president of human resources at the cable network Atlantic Cable News.

While Rosemarie will portray:

Rebecca Halliday, a litigator brought in to defend the network in a wrongful termination suit.

We’re excited to see what they bring to the show! We expect more news from the now filming Newsroom season two and we’ll bring it to you when we have it. The second season is due to premiere in Spring/Summer 2013.

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14 Comments on "Two New Characters for The Newsroom Season 2"

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I adore the show, and I can honestly say it gets better 2nd time round, can’t wait for season 2, I feel like I’ve been waiting a little too long, I just hope first time watches will remember the show! I hope it goes onto do more seasons in the future. =)


As a former newsperson, I adored this show, Couldn’t wait for each new segment. I loved the sterling ethics of the lead characters, and was horrified at the New Yorker’s idiotic trashing of the show. Sorkin is saying something deeply valid in these days of “Press Release Journalism,” and the all too apparent sellouts to the advertisers and poilitical power players, such as Hedge Fund CEO’s., and Washington’s power elite.

Suzanne Stephan

LOVE The Newsroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Lee

As far as I and my family this is great show and only gets better. Mr Sorkin hits every story right on the head. I would also like the West Wing continued with other Presidents, every story the West Wing came true in one way or another.


I love love love this show!! Can’t wait for June


I just discovered the show. Watched the whole season. It is great and we are looking forward to June also.

cindy beal

love the newsroom.especially sam waterston as charlie skinner.

Inna desilva

Newsroom women characters are extremely typical of what sorkin feels about women. Messes always, no matter how successful. And his sanctimonious politicking would be taken slightly more serious if he fired at the left once in a blue moon. One mention of george sorros, might make me take his rantings more serious. Of course he is still a great writer,even with his punditry

millie langer

love boardwalk. now season 4. WOW. i’m 88 and will try to stay put. of course in the scheme of things i’m sure heaven has HBO. millie langer

Jacob Klein

I love this comment. Hope you’re enjoying The Newsroom as well! :)

David Pergolini

I’m relieved that Sorkin added two new additional characters to further expand the main plot. Hopefully this will take some screen time away from all the annoying office romances!

Jacob Klein

Haha.. yeah I don’t really mind any of the romances on their own. But the fact that there are no less than THREE (four?!) going on at all times… yeah that’s a few too many and just a bit too one dimensional for me. The characters should have various personal problems other than who they’re going to date next.


I know you guys hate talking about everything outside HBO, for what i get an feeling of at least. But they where great together in United States of Tara. One of those shows who found their strenghts to late, before they got cancelled.

Jacob Klein

Don’t mind talking about this at all. It’s 100% relevant. Glad they have talent! Welcome to HBO, you two.


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