True Detective Season Finale Teaser

By Cian Gaffney on Mar 9, 2014 to True Detective


HBO has just uploaded a short teaser for TONIGHT’s season finale on the official True Detective Instagram account. While it doesn’t give away any plot details, it is very creepy nonetheless.

Also, just in case you haven’t already seen it, here’s the episode preview for the finale:

We look forward to sharing our thoughts with you once the episode airs. Keep your devil nets close.

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I loved the season finale and it was poignant, stressful and bittersweet. I hope that Nic P and company can find another dynamic duo if Season II is greenlit!

This series was fabulous. Matthew and Woody have terrific chemistry and their pairing was inspirational. Congrats to HBO, the producers, writers, cast, crew and all involved in this wonderful experience. It was great to watch an adult TV show at home for a change. Simply stunning!

You’ve said it all. It was an incredible season and a pleasure to watch. Glad you enjoyed it!

I can’t see either of them doing the series again – wouldn’t have the same drama. I think it’ll be real interesting for 2 new actors to take over

Can’t believe Matthew is not coming back for season two. When you do a major change like that it throws the show in a tailspin. WHO can replace Matthew?????


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