True Detective Season 2 Air Date Window Shifts

By Jacob Klein on Aug 30, 2014 to True Detective


Many of you have been patiently waiting for news about the HBO 2014 sleeper hit True Detective. Ever since season 1 panned up into the stars and faded to black the biggest question on all of our minds has been “when will True Detective season 2 air?”

Normally HBO is very consistent with their premiere dates. A series that premieres in the spring such as Game of Thrones will continue to air in subsequent springs each and every year. Many times we’ve even been able to predict the exact Sunday that an HBO series would premiere on well before they’ve made it official.  It’s like clockwork, in a way.

But True Detective seems to be different and it appears casting has been a challenge for Nic Pizzolato. There has been a ton of interest from stars of all kinds wanting to join the program but for some reason we still have not gotten final word on who will play the police officers, spouses and villains of True Detective season 2. Though recently the cast has seemed a bit more concrete than the initial rumors felt but still no official names have been dropped even after a promise to do so earlier this summer.

But at the Guardian International Television Festival in Edinburgh HBO’s head of programming Mike Lombardo dropped this bomb:

“We’re going to start shooting [True Detective Season 2] in September…

HBOWatch: Oh, great!  Sounds good. The cast must be in place and the scripts almost finalized…

…for it to air next summer.”

Damn.  True Detective season 1 aired in January of 2014. We were expecting True Detective season 2 to premiere in January or February of 2015. This means the window has been pushed back six months or so. Not the news we know True Detective fans were looking for.

If we were to guess we’d put True Detective into True Blood’s old summer air slot. That would mean TD:S2 would premiere sometime in late June, a week or two after whenever Game of Thrones season 5 ends.  Analyzing the calendar: June 21st, 2015, plus or minus a week is our long-shot guess at a premiere date for True Detective season 2.

So what do you think, True Detective fans? Are you upset? Can you make it until next summer? Will it be worth the wait?  One silver lining is that HBO has already released the DVD and Blu-Ray for season 1. You won’t have to wait until the new season for those as is normally HBO’s habit.

We’ll keep reporting on all of the True Detective news we get because we know the fan base is growing every day. The mystery continues to swirl around this show but perhaps the fog will clear as the show begins filming this fall.

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as long as Nic stays with the show I’ll wait

Bill S. Preston (esquire)

I don’t mind the move, though I prioritized True Detective above it, both it and Walking Dead n Sunday was a little much for me.

I loved True Detective, but speaking as a “Sherlock” fan having to wait 2 years for each new season: You guys are so cute :P

I wonder why they would say who plays the villain? One of the things making TD S1 so interesting was that you didn’t know who was behind it.

Susie Lee Perry Samuels

can’t wait for it to start i wish joaquin would be a actor in the season.

So, as far as dramas in 2015 are concerned we have:
Winter: Nothing?
Spring: Game of Thrones
Summer: True Detective
Autumn: The Leftovers? (I’m assuming they may shift it back to fill Boardwalk Empire’s timeslot)

HBO has quite a few gaps to fill…

As for True Detective’s move, I’m actually happy with it. Given that they have so much to do before it is ready (like find directors and actors), I was prepared for it to air in Autumn of 2015, or even as late as the start of 2016.

Winter just might be a Comedy block for a change.

Somewhere in the offing should be Scorsese’s Music History work ( I’d wish they would title that project) and WESTWORLD.

There are plenty of concepts we have not heard about in a while, so we don’t know whether they are dead or not; just a few are BORGEN, LAUGHS UNLIMITED, CARTHAGE and THE SPARK.

Now we get Boardwalk Empire. With only 8 episodes it won’t fill the winter, so yes on HBO only their will be not much in winter.

Luckily, other networks have a few good shows, too..
Person of Interest has made a quite nice development, S1 looked like a procedural.. However, S3 was off the charts!

Of course, no HBO material…
Just throw your all-time greatest writers a bone! David Chase, David Simon, Terrence Winter, Matt Weiner (who you already let to amc..), then you could fill the whole year with quality again.
And thank you HBO for giving me the best shows in history!

I loved what Alan Ball was able to create with TrueBlood, you saw in Six Feet Under that it wasn’t a one hit wonder show and I have the same opinion about the other guys – Simon proved it already, even more than once.

Gotta fill the gap left by True Blood.

“We were expecting True Detective season 2 to premiere in January or February of 2015.” Really? I think nobody serious could expect that. They dont have actors, directors, places to film, script,.. in new season of regular show, you have all that from previous season, so it takes only year to film. But TD 2 is different case. Summer 2015 was earliest date I was expecting.

Really Upset we are looking at next summer for True Detective 2!!!! First one was GREAT and when there was talk of 2nd, WOW can’t wait!!! Hurry it up!!

True Detective is a different type of show than HBO has ever seen. They have an A List director and A List movie stars that are willing to give up 6 months of their yearly income to produce a masterpiece. Congrats on the Emmy! This show may also lose the director to bigger projects. If this show was released every two years it would be just as satisfying to the viewers.

So upset!

Man, people are so impatient. I prefer that this show takes its time. I’d rather concentration be spent over the best quality script and then just the right footage possible. If it were rushed just to appease fan frenzy it could crash as a horrible mess. TRUE DETECTIVE, take all the time you want. Quality always trumps a rushed job.

This is a huge disappointment to me. The first season of “True Detective” was one of the greatest HBO show’s that I have ever seen. I was first disappointed when it was announced that Mr. McConaughey and Mr. Harrelson would not be in the second season, but I managed to overcome that. Now the second season is being pushed? HBO truly upset me when they stopped production of “Deadwood” due to the lack of funds being poured into “The Sopranos” and worse…the rumor that a movie would be made to fill in the final episodes. I am a writer, but… Read more »

I’m sorry, but what would you expect the second season to be about if woody and matt were in it again? The first season pretty much covered everything about them. I am personally thrilled woth this concept of a different story and characters each season. And although a year and a half gap is a long time, i would rather wait if that means high quality.

Sarah, I was just doing some wishful thinking when I stated that. Although, being a writer myself, I could come up with all kinds of ideas to keep Matt and Woody in all of the seasons. I am happy that they are experimenting with different ideas, and I’ll admit that the concept of different leads in each new season is a great idea. I also knew that they wouldn’t be in the second season, as it was announced in the beginning. Cool show! I just hate waiting…but on the positive side of it, I can spend more time writing instead… Read more »

Deadwood was a period piece that had actual historical facts that were starting to run their course though. TD can be with any actors, any stories and span decades. It should be produced to the finest extent and take their time with it. The production of the first season took over 6 months of the directors and actors time. That is a lot of lost money for them. Just be glad that they showed Hollywood what real directing can bring you.

I am completely grateful for what HBO has done with True Detective, and am really looking forward to the upcoming seasons. I hope indeed that they span over the decades. My complaint about Deadwood is that it was stopped mid-season. It was announced by HBO that they had to stop production due to funds being poured into The Sopranos. All I was wishing for is HBO finish Deadwood. Weather it be just one more season, or creating a movie. Just my thoughts, as I stated before.

Yes, mid-season cancelling of an all-time great show never made sense to me..!
Even as a huge Sopranos fan.

THE LEFTOVERS has not been dropped. Season Two has been confirmed.

I didn’t say dropped, if you are referring to my post. I said pushed.

Oh, please. Stop with this ‘HBO is evil and cancels good shows’. Yes, they cancelled Deadwood, Rome and Carnivale but it’s obvious they moved on from that mindset in the following years. Take Treme, for example. A show that had constantly about 500,000 viewers per episode and managed to reach 4 seasons. Now compare it to the ratings The Leftovers has: about 1,7 – 1,8 million viewers / episode. I’d say the chances are totally in favor of many more seasons.

Please don’t “Oh Please” me, and don’t post a comment that I have never said. I do not think that HBO is evil because some shows get cancelled. That’s the business of show business. To be honest, I only followed one show of the three that you mentioned, which is Deadwood. I understand why they canceled it and I accepted it. Like I said in my earlier post. I was being a little sarcastic with my speculation. I still wish that they would at least finish Deadwood as opposed to just stopping it mid-season. Just a wish. I really enjoyed… Read more »

You have to be kidding me. I have to wait until June 2015 for True Detectives!!! Come on HBO. It’s bad enough tha Game of Thrones is only 10 episodes long!! Give me some quality TV here!!!!!!

Exactly – quality TV takes time!

Complaining about ten episodes and then wanting quality TV? Seems you want more quantity than quality.

why s matthew not coming back, he was terrific, why is woody not coming back, this was a great show,i mean I could hardly wait for the next week. why bust up a good acting team?

Because they’ve finished their story… Now we will get a completely different story, much like American Horror Story.

I’m more concerned about casting. Can’t top S1. And why is Newsroom going to be the final season?

You know, I keep hearing this argument: ‘they can’t top last season’s casting’. Why not? Are McConaughey and Harrelson the only great actors in Hollywood? Hell, this time last year many were concerened about ‘that guy who only does rom-coms’ being in a dark, detective show for HBO. Look how that turned out.

Exactly, thanks!
And Newsroom comes to an end because its creator and showrunner Sorkin thinks the story is over after this season, not HBO – at least that’s what I remember. Love this show, but hey a show has to end when the story has finished – and HBO usually gives us the end at the right time and most of the time an appropriate closing when they don’t have to – thank you again for Treme S4, HBO ;)

For me this was good news because when I read “winter of 2015” I immediately thought December- so June of 2015 is 6 months EARLIER than I expected!!! :)

same with me!

Definitely f*cking upset. But I know it will be quality TV. True Detective is worth the wait.

why upset? summer 2015 is fine. Its less than year.

I don’t care how long but please have a better storyline that’s more thought out with a solid plot instead of dead ends like “the yellow king” where fans have to debate endlessly what it means. The acting by woody and Matt was better than any other show on television so if they just fix the story and maintain excellent actors then no doubt it’ll be one of the best shows on tv.

The focus on season one was on the characters, not the case. “The Yellow King” was an ancillary plot line. Why do you think it took us seven episodes to find out who he was?

Though it already is one of the best shows on television.

And if they just worked a little more on the story line it would undisputedly be the best. I loved the focus on the characters but hopefully they develop the case just as well. I’m a big fan of Farrell but never been too big on Vince Vaughn. Let’s see how he does.


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