True Detective Finale Extended to 90 Minutes

By Jacob Klein on Aug 4, 2015 to True Detective

True-Detective-FinaleThe second season of HBO’s True Detective may have been a victim of high expectations. The first season was an overnight success breaking several “first season of a series” records for the Home Box Office. How could season 2 possibly live up to that? Well, in many critics opinions it hasn’t but HBO’s president cautions us to wait for the finale before passing final judgement:

“I think you need to watch the entirety of it…I think the season’s ending is as satisfying as any series we’ve done.”

But here’s the kicker: True Detective season 2’s finale will run 87 minutes! We could hardly believe it when we heard so we took a look at HBO’s schedule page for direct evidence:


That should be enough time to wrap everything up with a nice, neat bow.  Will you be watching?  Here’s the final trailer for TD2:

Still no word on a possible True Detective season 3 but we hope this extended finale makes up for some of what critics think has been missing with this latest installment so that a third season actually materializes. For what it’s worth, HBO is open to the concept:

“If [‘True Detective’ creator Nic Pizzolatto] wants to do another season, I said the door is open, we’d like to do another season of it,” HBO exec, Lombardo said.

Make sure your DVRs are set to record the extra 90 minutes of True Detective this Sunday, August 9th. If you’re watching True Detective online with HBO Go or HBO Now, of course you won’t have to worry.


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I never approached this season expecting it to “measure up” to the first. Besides since “True Detective” has been conceived as an anthology series, it was a given that a second season would have an entirely new cast, new storyline, plot etc. So I am judging it on its own terms and trying no to compare it to first. Yes, this season started sluggish and muddled in the first two episodes, but that was largely in part due to Justin Lin’s subpar and mediocre direction, actually, he should never have been hired in the first place! But after the second… Read more »
No matter how good this finale is, or how good this last episode was, it doesn’t make up for the 5/6 awful episodes before it. I have no problem with a slow pace, in fact I welcome it. A payoff after a slow build up is so much more satisfying. But not only was this season too slow, but neither the plot or the character are interesting. The mediocre direction doesn’t help either. Last season was half carried by its direction and cinematography, and it’s just so bad this season. the cinematography is flat and boring, and the highway shots… Read more »

You people are delusional. I have zero investment in the plot and barely any in the characters.

I really like this season. I like the different locale, the different characters and have to say that I am very impressed with Vince Vaughn. I like all the actors/actresses in this series. I know there’s more people to follow and find out about their respective pasts, etc. I’m looking forward to the season finale and hope that a third season is in the works. Nic Pizzolato has covered the south (Louisiana) and the west coast (California). I wonder…if season 3 is green lit, where would it take place? New Jersey? New York? Massachusetts?

Gotta say I am seriously impressed with season 2. I loved the first season, and didn’t think Vaughn could pull off a tough guy gangster or Rachel McAdams, Ms. romantic comedy, could pull off her alcoholic bad ass cop role either- both are killing it in my opinion. And Colin Ferrell as Velcorro is great.
I’m a big fan of the 2nd season and not looking forward to its end.

The formula was so simple in the first season. Use a grim and true story about an american crime. Use some great actors and make it thrillin and engaging. HBO just never gets that hint. They just cant make great shows back to back. They make great shows like entourage, sopranos, GoT. Then they tank it by making hipster weird abstract shit like bored to death, and leftovers and shit. They took the Hollywood Noir feel too far and it made season two boring as fuck. It wasnt the noir that made the first season a hit it was the… Read more »
Season 1 was more Southern Gothic. This season is more Noir. I find it very hard to take your opinion serious in the slightest when you boast bullshit like Entourage, where nothing ever happened and was just a boring story of 4 characters getting stoned and trying to get laid. Then referring to Bored to Death as “hipster weird abstract shit”. It seems to me like you don’t enjoy a show unless it is spoon-fed to you with simple dialogue and round characters. Sorry this season wasn’t simple enough for you. Maybe they’ll dumb season 3 down and you can… Read more »

Entourage.. bullshit? Rated way higher than bored to death and this dumb ass season. And you are the hipster viewer who will continue to help perpetuate shitty HBO shows.

Rated high by whom?
Entourage has terrible ratings on RottenTomatoes where Bored to Death is acting rated fresh. You just don’t seem to get noir. It’s obviously over your head.

I agree with you on Entourage. It is/was a terrible show. It went absolutely nowhere, ever. It had literally no plot. Terrible writing. The actors’ characters are not people I’d want to hang out with even if I was a millionaire. They all came off as kind of loser douches.


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