True Crime Returns to HBO With BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN

By Jef Dinsmore on Mar 14, 2016 to Documentaries

Doc_HeaderSince true crime stories have been popular as of late with the likes of HBO’s THE JINX and Netflix’s Making A Murderer, the hunt is on for the next sensationalistic crime story. HBO is going to pick the
SXSW premiere BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN has its next foray into the madness. It will offer something unique to the crime scene to be sure.

 The film, by Academy Award nominated director Irene Taylor Brodsky, offers a tale hard to define. First, you got to understand Slenderman which is something we will delve into closer to HBO’s as yet unannounced airdate. He is a villain that does not exist; he is an urban legend or, as a site somewhere labeled it, digital folklore. He is a meme totally fabricated as a creepy demon that lures children away, yet in 2014 a crime was committed in his name.  

 The documentSlenderman-229x300ary follows the story of Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser for 18 months, beginning with their arrests in May of 2014. The 12-year-old girls were charged with first degree attempted murder after they conspired to kill one of their friends, Payton Lautner, in the woods near Geyser’s house. Geyser, egged on by Weier, stabbed Lautner 19 times. The pair then left her for dead, wandering off to find the mythical mansion of Slenderman, the nightmarish character from the internet who “told them to do it.”

 How creepy and sad is that? The tall, lean faceless being is only a construct of the internet and online culture and yet it has manifested in the real world. Not only is the film then a look at the crime and the participants involved in it but also a discussion of the power and influence the internet holds on those (granted in this case they are impressionable teens) caught up in it.

 Again, by its very nature, this is not a conventional murder investigation as the attackers are known; it is the motives for that crime that are fuzzy. Also unclear is the premiere date for BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN. We will update when we know it.    

(Source: The Verge

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