True Blood’s Top 5 Hottest Guys and Gals

By Brandi McCormick on Apr 24, 2012 to True Blood

It’s no secret that HBO’s True Blood is one supernatural haven with quite a bevy of beautiful creatures–living or otherwise. As a faithful fangbanger myself, I thought I’d take a moment to run through the top 5 hottest guys and gals inhabiting our favorite Louisiana town. What makes them tick? What makes them so hot (figuratively for some, literally for others)? Why do we find ourselves longing for the gift of eternal life from Eric? A warm embrace from Alcide? What makes them so damn irresistible?

Top 5 Hottest Men of Bon Temps

1- Alcide Herveaux

Alcide Herveaux is a hardworking son by day, full-blooded Alpha male werewolf by night. His weaknesses include having too big a heart, trusting the wrong women, and resisting saving the day. He’s constantly saving Sookie Stackhouse from danger and swears the two would make the perfect match. (We agree, no?)

Sexy facts:
– Loves saving the women he cares about
– Looks good in flannel
– Willing to stand up for what’s right
– Warm-blooded

Turn ons: Being a damsel in distress, being a mindreader, loyalty
Turn offs: Cheating, insanity, attempted muder, Vampires

2- Eric Northman

Sheriff Northman is a stud through and through. He wields his power over any who try to threaten him, while also running the wildly popular vampire nightclub, Fangtasia. Some may see him as cold and heartless, others fall madly under his charm (memory loss non-withstanding).

Sexy facts:
– Can rock both short and long hair
– Knows how to dress
– Can fly
– Has a soft spot for family

Turn ons: Fairy blood, being a waitress, foreign women, his caretakers
Turn offs: Lying, the Authority, humans

3- Sam Merlotte

Few folks have had as rough a life as one Same Merlotte. Though it appears he’s got his life together now, growing up with a no-good, rotten family and trying to hide his true Shifter self was hard on his sensitive soul. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he doesn’t care who knows it.

Sexy facts:
– Is fiercely loyal
– Flexible boss
– Will sacrifice himself for the greater good
– Adorable as human or dog

Turn ons: Shifters, blonde waitresses, money
Turn offs: Vampires, werewolves, shitty parents, dog fights

4- Jason Stackhouse

It’s a good thing Jason Stackhouse has that pretty little face of his. Though the brother of a fairy, Jason’s only real power is his ability to seduce just about anything with a pulse. He’s currently wrestling with the possible idea that he might be a were-panther, and the repercussions of sleeping with his best friend’s girl.

Sexy facts:
– Washboard abs
– Cares about his family
– Will inevitably seduce you
– Adorably gullible

Turn ons: Everything
Turn offs: Panther rape

5- Jesus Velasquez

The beau of sassy short-order cook Lafayette Reynolds, Jesus Velasquez is one special nurse. Blessed with the dark magic from an early age, Jesus finally found happiness with Lafayette. Unfortunately, he met his untimely death at the hands of said dark magic, leaving Lafayette to grieve over him for the foreseeable future.

Sexy facts:
– Nurse
– Fluent in Spanish
– Caring boyfriend
– Is a Brujo

Turn ons: Lafayette Reynolds, scrubs, being a short-order cook
Turn offs: Crazy grandfathers, Marnie, being stabbed

Top 5 Hottest Women of Bon Temps

1- Jessica Hamby

Once the elder sister in a dismally strict Christian home, Jessica found new (eternal) life at the hands of her maker, Bill Compton. She’s since come into her own as a young baby vampire learning the ropes of feeding and killing, all the while trying hard to maintain a somewhat normal existence with human (ex) boyfriend Hoyt Fortenberry.

Sexy facts:
– Redhead
– Independent
– Goes after what she wants
– Loyal daughter to Bill

Turn ons: innocent men, Taylor Swift, truckers
Turn offs: Tru Blood, bad tippers, Ms. Fortenberry

2- Sookie Stackhouse

Bon Temps resident damsel in distress, Sookie Stackhouse is constantly finding herself in trouble. Torn between two vampires, reading people’s minds, and saving those she loves are all in a day’s work for this young fairy–that is when she’s not waiting table at Merlotte’s, anyway.

Sexy facts:
– Mindreader
– Can harness magic
– Loyal
– Fairy

Turn ons: Vampires, Werewolves, memory loss, near-death experiences
Turn offs: Having to choose between two, using her house without permission, lying, Debbie Pelt

3 -Tara Thornton

Undoubtedly Bon Temps’ most fiery lady, Tara Thornton makes no apologies for speaking her mind. She’s gotten the short end of the stick more times than not–a drunk mother, a sadistic vampire lover, a murdered boyfriend–she’s still willing to stick her neck out (figuratively) for those she cares most for.

Sexy facts:
– Opinionated
– Would take a bullet for her friends
– Swings both ways
– Cage fighter physique

Turn ons: Being named after a breakfast food, Shifters, Jason Stackhouse
Turn offs: Fangs, drunks, hands like this

4-Pam De Beaufort

A fashionista she is, and shy about it she isn’t. Eric Northman’s progeny has a sharp tongue and even sharper teeth. She’ll put you in her place in a hot second if she thinks you’ve done her wrong. And don’t even think about hurting her maker–she’ll have your throat.

Sexy facts:
– Fashionable
– Good at snarky banter
– Plump lips
– Looks good in leather

Turn ons: Women, fairies, pink, designer shoes
Turn offs: Sookie Stackhouse, mud, witches, facial decomposition

5 – Sophie-Anne Leclerq

Another of our dearly departed residents of Louisiana, Queen Sophie-Anne was a grade A bitch. She acted tough, but in reality she was drowning in her own debt and weakening authority. After an unsuccessful run in the V black market, she met her end at the hands of one of her many enemies, Bill Compton.

Sexy facts:
– Knows how to wear pearls
– Queen of Louisiana
– Lesbian
– Entrepreneur

Turn ons: Board games, women, relatives of Sookie Stackhouse, black
Turn offs: The IRS, men, Bill Compton, Russell Edgington

So there you have it!  The ten hottest hotties on HBO’s True Blood.  What do you think, Trubies?  Agree?  Disagree?  Leave us a comment below with your own thoughts on this very serious matter.

True Blood Season 5 begins on June 10.

Brandi McCormick is an entertainment blogger, undeniable realist, and dinosaur connoisseur living in Austin, TX. She’s been called a ‘walking IMDB’ by those closest to her, and she often finds herself on the winning 16th place pub trivia team come Saturday nights. When she’s not coming up with a multitude of Sarcasm-based fonts, she can be found with her face buried in a book. Or a burger. It really just depends on the day. 

Follow her at @ReelSnarky and visit for balls to wall showbiz news, with all the bite and no BS. 
  • penelope

    eric you hot, boy

  • NancyJ

    LMAO!!! You Bill haters….are most of you in high school or college….really put a lot of time in to hating Bill don’t you? I mean, I don’t see any of the Bill/Stephen lovers saying mean hateful things about Eric/Alex. Can sure tell who the mature ones are.

    I can be immature too just to fit in…..WATCH THIS!! Eric is skinny and hairless and pale! He looks like a boy compared to Bill! And to who ever said “Bill has been a jerk the last 2 seasons…umm, well ERIC has been a jerk for 1000 years!! Even before he was a vamp! And he always will be. It’s his personality to be selfish and self-centured.

    There. Was that good and immature and childish enough? :D

    I won’t stoop so low as to cut down Alex because that’s just not nice to go after the actor themselves.

    • Sammi Hager

      “I won’t stoop so low as to cut down Alex because that’s just not nice to go after the actor themselves.”

      You won’t stoop to insulting actors, but you said this

      “Eric is skinny and hairless and pale! He looks like a boy compared to Bill!”

      You insulted the looks of the actor

  • Jenna

    Wtf?? Where’s Bill? This is a for shit site, Stephen Moyer is very sexy, oh well at least he made People’s list for hottest bodies and not some made up site!

    • LuckyCharms

      Then go to a Bill/stephen moyer site. Personally, I think Stephen Moyer is a dogface. So what? The OP is entitled to her opinion.

  • Sheldon

    Love your list HBO Watch. Its even sweeter that the lying liar who lies is not on the list. Eric is the hottest but I wouldn’t kick any of the others outta bed for dropping crumbs ;)

    And the comments from the BL’s? LMAO awesome. Thanks for the laugh ‘ladies’….heeheehee….

  • Margaux

    Awesome list!
    But Eric would be my number one and I agree with NJ, Eggs would be there too. He was one yummy piece of goodness!

    Thank Gawd, creeper didn’t make the list. Sulky, whining, and stalking are so unattractive!

  • Boob Ear

    Love the list!
    Eric is number one, of course. ;)

    Where is Bill?
    Well…Bill would be behind not only Eric, Alcide, Sam, Jesus and Jason, but also behind Hoyt, Tommy, Andy, Lafayette, Eggs, Mike, Bud, Steve, Rene, Terry, Kevin, Tom, Dick and Harry. :D

    • LOL.. really funny.
      Seriously though.. did a lot of you ladies have your first crush on Bill Compton or something? Is it the southern accent? Or the fact that he became a complete dick in the last 2 seasons? I just don’t get it. If I were into guys I’d go for the werewolf.. 100% good and not undead!

      • Boob Ear

        100% good? Nope.
        Not the sharpest tool in the shed? Yep.

        ‘Abcide’ took Debbie back after she tried to kill Sookie TWICE.
        Once at KRE’s mansion with the gun in the slave quarters, then again at Sookie’s house when they fought.
        Plus Debbie had been with Cooter – if that ain’t enough to turn a guy off I don’t know what is. lol
        Seeing her branded at Lou Pines? *Squicky and sleazy*

        THEN Abcide tells Debbie he loves her when he smells just like Sookie – in BED! *sniff*
        Abcide knew his V-addicted- alpha- female- Were girlfriend was jealous of Sookie and was UNSTABLE (read cray cray) – yet Alcide took no precautions, never warned Sookie and continued to sleep with Debbie all the while pining for Sookie.
        “do you love her?” asks Debbie and Abcide is all “What? Who me? Nawww.” Then when Alcide sees Sookie and Eric in the woods the look of disappointment and resentment is clear as day on his face – and Deb is standing RIGHT THERE.

        Alcide as a character is so underwhelming. IMO.

        • Boob Ear


          But…he’s still better than Beehl. ;)

      • zee

        Lol I don’t mind Alcide much,but he was a crappy boyfriend! No one should be attracted to guys who are such horrible boyfriends to the one they are currently going out with. I actually felt bad for Debbie. But yeah…still better than Billy boy :p

      • Sheldon

        LOL Jacob. Apparently allowing Sookie to get beaten within an inch of her life so you can get your blood into her for your secret mission is swoonsville for these people. Its one of the many mysteries of the universe; Is there life out there? Is there a creator? Bill Compton has fans???

      • NJ

        Warm and wiggling is appealing, Jacob, but Alcide will bore you to death. Not sure how TB managed to make a love scene with a Naked Alcide uneventful but they did.

        Into girls, are you? I’m sure you wouldn’t kick Jessica or Pam out of your bed, regardless of their vital signs or lack thereof. lol

        As you said, beehl’s a dick. Fans can forgive him and all of his vampire-y ways of the past but FUBARing the highly anticipated season 4, is beyond the pale. If only he had gone to Peru.

  • My Obsession

    What? Where is Stephen Moyer/Bill Compton?

    • LuckyCharms

      In the crapper where he belongs

  • This list is an epic fail without one William Compton!

  • Jena

    Love the Viking.

  • jayjay

    Where Bill Compton?????? He is a very very sexy member of the TB cast and should be on that list, and at number 1 IMO :D

  • Mar

    Alcide who? Actually, when i think about who’s the hottest guy in ‘True Blood’, Eric always comes to my mind first. He’s not only the most gorgeous but also has the ‘It’ factor that makes the other guys look pale in comparison to him. That’s why he’s so popular even beyond the ‘True Blood’ fandom.

  • Diane

    I think people are missing the point in that this is the OP’s opinion and the way she views things. I don’t understand why people are getting all up in arms about this and getting mad. It is trivial to get so upset over it that people threaten not to come here again. *rolls eyes*

  • zee

    Lol most of these comments are making me laugh,I don’t know how they have the energy to get worked up every single time Billy boy isn’t mentioned somewhere (cuz it happens a lot).

    Oh I do think Godric should have been on this too..but then everyone can’t be on a top five list I guess :)

    • hearts desire

      You’d think they’d be used to it by now. LOL.

  • kceniya

    ok. I can understand everything but Jesus and Sophie-Anna are already finally dead and I never could imagine any of them in the list of the hottest of the whole series! They are not even in the beginning of the list of supporting characters. Really Hoyt and Arlene are there from S1, why they are not in the list then? And who doesn’t love Godric? – where is he? Not hot enough after burning in the sun? Pay attention, I said nothing about Bill but we all understand that not mentioning the leading male character means prejudice attitude of the author.

  • Rowena

    Bill Compton is my main man. He’s hottest IMHO. He’s intelligent, sexy as h**l … the total package. It’s a travesty that he was left off the list.

  • True Blood

    I will never come back and read your blog again. . How in the name of the Lord, you can leave Bill Compton outside? The only intelligent among all these narcissistic immature males in TB. Is not intelligence hot ? Is it just muscles and no brains that counts for you?
    No, I’m here last time ..
    Bill Compron is a favorite among thinking people. But maybe that is foreign to you ..

    • Diane

      Well why don’t you tell us how you really feel? LOL! I can almost picture you stomping your foot a couple times before you threw this temper tantrum! It is her opinion and no big damn deal, it is not the end of the world. At the end of the day, I am sure they will not miss you!

    • Leif

      BuhBye ZT!!

      Eric wins every time of course! =)


      • True Blood

        Vultures starts to gather..

        • Leif

          Back so soon?


        • Diane

          I thought you were never coming back here again? This vulture was here before you showed up to add your crabby two cents! Rest assured had the author of this post, not included Eric in her opinion, I would not have thrown a temper tantrum about it.

    • hearts desire

      “In the name of the Lord” even. LOL! I guess in your world thinking people = infatuated fan girls. In the real world thinking people understand that taste is subjective & that fan blogs are harmless fun.

    • NJ

      I agree with True Blood. Intelligence IS very, very hot! Unfortunately, for you, beehl is not that guy, either. Use your superior intelligence to write your own article to the contrary instead of being disrespectful of the opinion of the author and others.

  • Leif

    Eric is my favorite character in the show and definitely the hottest!
    Nom nom nom. Swedish delish! ;)

    Pam, my second favorite character, is hot like her maker.

    Love me some Jason too, and Jesus has lovely eyes.

    Did I mention Eric is the hottest? ;)

  • Hey friends! Thanks so much for checking out my article! Wanted to say that I totally understand where you’re coming from wondering where Bill is! I thought about it for a long while before deciding on those top 5, and it was a tough decision. That being said, they are in no particular order, so they are all considered TOTALLY hot! :D Keep coming back here for more awesome TB stuff, and you never know–maybe come the start of Season 5, I might change my tune on Bill! :D Thanks again Truebies!

    • Diane

      Your opinion and your post so your decision!

    • zee

      I love this post :) it’s fun. I like fun posts even if the writers opinion may differ from mine :) so keep up the good work!

      I’m just glad Eric made it on the list! and Sam and QSA too. Love her!

  • Evie

    Eric should be number one. It’s just silly that Alcide is above him.

  • zee

    I have to agree with most of this,except QSA was way way way hotter than Sookie,and so was Pam. And Eric should have been number one! but I love this haha! great post!

  • Nina

    REally?? Jesus is not attractive! Where the heck is BILL! Stephen is 14091049x more yummy.

    • LuckyCharms

      Stephen Moyer is NOT attractive. Bleck!

  • NancyJ

    Um EXCUSE ME?! Where the hell is Bill Compton?!?! He is the star and sexier than any of the guys on the show! How hell can he not be on this list?! He is the only reason I keep coming back. You people are idiots.

    • I do declare! Bill Compton is getting some serious love around here. Always thought the girls loved Eric and the weres…

    • LuckyCharms

      Stephen Moyer is as ugly as the day is long and doesn’t deserve to be on ANY sexiest list. Period.

  • Val

    Glad to see Jesus on this list. He is fine!

    Eric is, and always will be my number 1.

    Love the article!!

  • Hearing a lot of love for Eric out there on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t blame me blame Brandi! :)

    • Diane

      There is a lot of love for Eric and it shows everywhere!

  • NJ

    Love the article. Very creative. I would’ve arranged them a little differently, myself and Eggs would’ve definitely been on my short list. Mehcad Brooks has an incredible body and is VERY hot.

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