True Blood Season 6 Showrunner Steps Down

By Jacob Klein on Mar 8, 2013 to True Blood

True-Blood-S6Alan Ball, the original creator and showrunner of True Blood stepped down at the end of last season.  In his place came another producer:  Mark Hudis.  But today we’re hearing that Mr. Hudis has now decided to step down as well and in his place, Brian Buckner, a producer who has been with True Blood since the first season.  Said a spokesperson for HBO in a statement:

“Mark Hudis has stepped down as showrunner of True Blood to focus on development under his overall deal with the network.”

We don’t have any more details on how or why Hudis stepped down. The sixth season has already been cut to 10 episodes and fans are already wondering whether this one will be the last. This change at the helm half-way through filming doesn’t bode well for the show’s ultimate fate.

But we’ll keep our stakes crossed that the show returns for a seventh, eighth and ninth…  (okay, maybe that’d be a little much) season.  In the meantime filming continues on season 6.

Alas, we’ll all be sucking on at least one more season this Spring/Early Summer.
We’ll keep you updated, Trubies.

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If I remember correctly they cut the seasons episodes down to 10 because of Anna and Stephen having their twins! Hopefully this last minute change of Producers will not have a negative effect on the show! I dare say Alan Ball will still have some input into Trueblood as it is his “baby”!

True Blood is one of my absolute favorites. I hope HBO will listen to the fans, figure out what the issue is and fix it. Happy people don’t up and leave a job. So the administration needs to figure out the problem, pull their heads out of their posteriors and give us our True Blood fix!

I love True Blook and all these people who decide NOT to be the show runner are very worrisome. Sounds like a death nell for my favorite show. It already seems as if it’s been two years since the last season. Now 10 episodes are cut? What is it? Just because the self-congratulatory awards show passed it over? They don’t have any connection to what people really like anyway…Big Bang is always skipped for those shows…best sit com on the big 3 mainstream channels and True Blood is one of the best on pay channels…

Though I have not done any concise study I can reflect on series I have watched over the years and say that quick changes in showrunners does not often bode well for a series. Brian Bucker may not have much influence on the show for we don’t know how many of the ten episodes were already in post-production or completed before he assume the day to day duties. I think this situation with TRUE BLOOD will cause us to keep a closer eye on the show and its numbers to see if it can suvive this transition or should survive… Read more »

I am I faithful watcher of Trueblood since season one. And I don’t think its fair to cut the episodes down to 10 do know how long we have waited? I things can’t be done done overnight but, geesh give us a little more.

Yeah, that’s the thing though the numbers are always awesome. HBO’s 2nd best performing show and the DVDs/Blu-Rays are crazy-good too. I think HBO will keep this going as long as they can keep their integrity. Lots of fans out there.


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