True Blood Season 6 is Green

By Jacob Klein on Jul 2, 2012 to True Blood

HBO has just issued a press release indicating that True Blood will be renewed for an sixth season!  We’d predicted as much earlier this year but this is now the official word from the Premium Cable Network itself.  This will be the first season without the show’s longtime producer, Allan Ball so it will be interesting to see how the story evolves (devolves?) from here.  Season 5 is in full swing and we have no idea where that will take us so speculation about plot is out of the question this early on.

True Blood Season 6 (it’s safe to say) will air next summer starting in June.  Could you imagine a summer without True Blood?  We couldn’t.  No news on the cast or the exact air date just yet but stay tuned to HBO Watch as always for all of the latest on that front.  Drink up– True Blood isn’t going anywhere.

We’re not sure when the True Blood train is going to stop so tune in next summer for what will surely be one of the final seasons of this beloved HBO series.

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plz say it aint so that season 6 could very well be the last season of beloved hbo series it has so many true blood fans dont do this to us plz!

I’m excited to see what had become of Bill, will he play the bad guy ?

omg…cant wait for june to b here so i can see it all…lol

cant wait for season 6, but i’m bad as i have never read the books :(

I have watched since the very first air date season 1 and have been a serious “Truebie” since! Alcide is BEAUTIFUL! LOL I tried really hard to read the books but lost interest for some reason but Iplan to read them ALL after the show ends (which hopefully will not be for a looong time! I just wish it was on like daytime soap operas! An hour a day…OMG could you imagine????

Eric aka Alexander Skarsgard is my pick as Christian Grey

One of the very few shows I Love! Hope it continues for many more seasons! I feel I have waited way too long for this one!!!

I’m counting down can’t wait!!!

hek yay

cant wate to 7/9/13

One of the final seasons? What! No!! It can’t end. I’ll die if it ends! Im addicted to it!

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I love this show. I started to watch it 3 weeks ago starting from season 1 Episode 1. Now I just finished watching the end of season 5. I cant wait till the new season comes out. Does anyone have any ideas on what would be another good show to get hooked on until this one comes out please let me know…..Im getting tired of waiting for a new episode to come out of True Blood. This was the first show that I ever watch and got hooked to very quickly.

The Vampire Diaries. Thurs nights at 8 CW. This is season 3 so.ull have to catch up! Hope you enjoy as much as I do

The Walking Dead. Breathtaking.

I will have to say that this is by far my favorite show. Never have I ever turned down appointments and or requested time off work to watch a show until True Blood. Even though I am super bummed it doesn’t come out for another 90 something days. If it didnt air in the summer time I would probably fail college or get fired. Love it and can not wait to see what happens with Phyco Bill

I love true blood! but it’s too long to wait for season 6, they are cutting it down to 10 episodes. It already seems to end too soon for my liking.

So, who’s Warlow?

Don’t mind waiting, just don’t understand why they would even thinking about ending the series..more viewers more money for HBO..or maybe they don’t want or need anymore..sure wish they would give me the money they don’t need.

am a real true blood fan love true blood

boy i cant wait to the next season its a bout to be off the hook

it take a lot for them to make this show so thats why it take all the way in June summer 2013


seriously 108 days fml

which book from the charlines harris’s books is supposed to be the story from season 6. i want to see whot happes in the book instead of waiting ehehe

I love this show! The drama is intriguing and the characters fit. It sucked me in after the first episode. I’m very sad that I have to wait so long to see it!

I love this show, and now they are cutting it down again to only 10 episodes- that is not enough. We need a full season of at least 15. I can’t wait, and I am glad that they don’t follow the books closely, it makes the show different. I LOVE this SHOW, can’t wait but will have to.

Ok, yes it seems like a long wait but it is the same way with the fall shows…I didn’t get into True Blood until last summer, I caught up all 4 season a couple weeks prior too season 5 & I’m addicted but I’ve got my fall shows to get me through. I do hope this isn’t the last season though

Me too! I saw the first episodes last fall and watched all the seasons in the matter of days..I am hooked

why are y’all making us wait till summer to see True blood i mean would y’all deprive the vampires of True Blood for a whole year they would start to become decrepit. STOP This MADNESSS and bring it back NOW!!!!!

I really love this show but if I have to wait this long every time to watch it i think im gonna stop!

that is way too long

True blood has got to be one of the most awesome vampire series I have ever watched, to bad we have to wait until the summer of 2013.

please lets keep this going all the way thru season 10 at the least, then make some movies… best show in the world my favorite…


Anthony Andrew Gillespie

june 2013 is a long while of a wait for fans

Can’t wait to see season 6 it gets better every season

omg season 6 hopefully should be theeee sh*t :D

I can NOT wait!

true blood is marvellous show,cant wait till june for s06

True blood is my favorite serial. I can’t wait to see the 6-th apart.

OMG..I love this show…the actors are stellar. How long can this go on before yet another fantastic show receives the “true death”…NOOOOOO

True blood wow what can I say yes I read the books they rocked but just how far. A persons imagination can take them to bring this mythical magic into my life is extreme I love the show it always saddens me when I have to wait for new seasons hope this fantasy of fun blood mayhem and magic never ends

noooooooooo 2013!!!!!!!!!!

i hate that we have to wait so long for the next season! D: oh and Pam and Tara! wow!!

Waiting Sucks!

i’m waiting to watch true blood season 6….

2013? Really, we have to wait that long, Eric should be Christian in fifty shades

oh yeah, totally agree

i did not read Fifty shades but i have heard a lot about it and i will second this motion that Alex should play Christian yes yes all for it!!!

i dont think he should be christia because he has blonde hair and christia has black hair

Thats the wonders of tv they can make him have black hair!

God, I can’t live nearly a hole year without new true blood episodes. The final episode of season 5 and the ending itself was not as I thought and that’s the thing why I want to have the next season very soon. I think true blood (especially the books but also the series) is so good that another producer can make them as good as Alan Bell did it. But we will see next summer.

I love True Blood! I have all of the seasons that are available on BluRay. I can’t wait for Season 6 to start airing. Next Summer is just too long to wait. I don’t know what I will watch now lol. Love it Thanks for giving us a great show to watch <3

True Blood and Dexter are the greatest show’s ever to hit the air..I will never grow sick of these two hit television shows…They should have more episodes…

I love true blood that’s my favorite show so far I watch that. Shit every day and I ducking love it I love the cast memebers and everything about the show but the cast did that I can’t wait for season 6 have a lot of shit to find out and I wonder is Tera gonna for give sokkie ill find out on that season

True Blood has never had a disappointing season…or episode for that matter. Love it!

True blood is like a drug to me. I watched the entire seasons from the beginning to the end. I took me 3 weeks to watch. I am hooked. I am still upset that they took the gates off the air. This is another program that would have taken off if they had a better time slot and may day. 10pm was too late on a week day, people have to go to work or school.

well whoever comes after Alan Ball, he is highly unlikely to fuck it up more than Alan already did…Long live the books. The show deviated too far from the books to be interesting any more…this is my second summer without true blood and I’m doing just fine living for May and Charlaine’s amazing books!

im perfectly fine with both. im catching up on the books while the wait and i just finished ‘dead as a doornail’ eric’s concern is so charming. cant wait to see what happens with quinn. and i enjoyed eric and sookie’s sex scene in the books better.


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