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Treme Renewed for Season 3!

By Jacob Klein on May 13, 2011 to Treme

HBO has confirmed via an email response to the Baltimore Sun that it’s New Orleans themed drama, Treme will be renewed for a third season.  Though ratings have been down compared to last season’s already modest audience, the show has garnered critical acclaim nevertheless and is moving confidently into a third season due next year.

HBO has tried hard to promote the exceptional music and artistic quality of Treme but even so the season two opener this spring had only 600,000 viewers.  If you love the show, we encourage you send HBO a tweet or short email telling them so.  It seems like they’re going out of their way to prop up a show that is worth more than most people are giving it credit for.  HBOWatch, for one, is glad the show is going to be on the air for another season.

We don’t yet know when Treme season 3 will actually premiere on HBO but we can guess that it will be alongside Boardwalk Empire this fall.  Check back regularly for updated air dates!

See you in NOLA!

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My husband and I downloaded the first two seasons of Treme and we can’t stop watching! Can’t wait for season 3!

I am ADDICTED to Treme!!!! I would watch for the rest of my life if it continued that long! I love the scenes of NOLA, the characters, the stories! It is so original and fresh. Keep making Treme!

I am so pleased that Treme is returning! I was astounded that the show received no recognition @ the Emmy’s last season. Wendall Pierce and the entire cast is absolutely amazing!
I hope more people tune in and discover what phenomenal television this is!

I LOVE TREME! The music, the actors, and the fact that for a season I get to take a trip to New Orleans. Please keep it coming. We may not be as popular as True Blood, but we’ll keep watching! Thank you so much for bringing it back for another season! THIS STORY DESERVES TO BE TOLD!!!!!!!

Love, love, love Treme. I am not an “American” by birth but I absolutely love that HBO has renewed this series that showcases NOLA and brings some insight into the culture. I was fortunate enough to attend a couple of the research events for this show back in 2009, and was enlightened to learn some of the history behind Mardi Gras and compare how it relates to Carnival. HBO 90% of the time you hit a home run with your series. Hats of to you. PLEASE give Treme a chance and don’t be too rash in cancelling. Some faithful viewers… Read more »

Treme – awesome, please bring on the next season asap. Love the music, directing, characters, location(s) . . . . in short, it has no comparison and stands head and shoulders above the non-competition – can’t wait for more.

TREME is a wonderfuo and captivating series that I hope to catch up with soon!

Hopefully for many more seasons!

I love the show! I watch faithfully ,very realistic and great way to explore the heritage and history that created such a magical place. NO has had their share of heartache and I think this show helps everyone to remember that even though the news cameras are gone does not mean that all is back to normal for the people of NOLA. Can’t wait for the new season (it is the reason that I keep HBO)

I can’t wait for Treme! The show has NOLA down to a tee. And the music, it’s just fantastic! Come back soon Treme!

I love this show. I will be glad when the shows premire there nothing better on then this and other hbo series i love like true blood boardwalk empire cant get enough of that show. good job best thing on tv

I was really about to cancel my HBO if I didn’t hear something soon about Treme. I am watching an old episode of it now and I was wondering why Trueblood and all of these other shows are getting grand attention and Treme isn’t. So glad it will be returning, it is the best part of HBO.

My wife is from NOLA. I’ve been there twice. I’m a federal employee looking to transfer to NOLA. That’s how AMAZING NOLA is. The food. The music. The people. The culture. I love NOLA.
The first time I went to NOLA, I stepped out of the airport, and it hit me. “Something” grabbed me. “Something” got inside of me.
“Something” got a hold of me……

I always tell people that NOLA is the most different & amazing place you can got to….and not need a passport…..

I agree with Carol Russell Treme is the only reason I subscribe to HBO. The music is awesome. I truly look forward to each show.

We also subscribed to HBO specifically to watch Treme. Honestly, we never watch HBO otherwise.

TREME is the only reason I subscribe to HBO. It has totally captivated me in its “trueness” to the culture of NOLA. I sincerely hope the network will continue this wonderful series.

I am extremely excited that Treme will be on for a third season. I am from New Orleans and being 59 years old have seen many movies and such portraying New Orleans and the native New Orleanians in ways that are not even close to being an authentic portrayal of their ways, means and accents, however, Treme has it right on the money. It seems that the producers, directors and actors have gone to the right lengths to get it right. Thanks for another season. Can’t wait!!! Where ya at cher!!!

Absolutely love this show. The emphasis on history of NOLA and food and music is awesome. Acting is impeccable.

I love Treme!!! Treme has given me the opportunity to really see New Orleans in a new light. Please bring Treme back for another season. I can’t wait until the season premier. Please, please don’t cancel this show HBO.

I love Treme! Treme actually has taught me alot about New Orleans that I never knew or understood. I can’t wait until the season premier.


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