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Treme on DVD & Blu-Ray Release Dates

September 26th 2017

Here are the release dates for each of the available seasons of HBO’s Treme on Blu-Ray and DVD.  We’ve also included links to the incredible and expansive soundtracks featuring music from Treme as well.  The much-loved New Orleans series from HBO is finally available on DVD and Blu-Ray to relive the magical, musical moments any time on your home entertainment system. The music is the star of the show in this HBO classic. Give the gift of music and real-world love to your favorite person. Information on the box sets and links to reputable retailers are below.

Season Release Date Buy
Treme Season 1 Available Now DVD: Amazon | Blu-Ray: Amazon
Treme Season 2 Available Now DVD: Amazon | Blu-Ray: Amazon
Treme Season 3 Available Now Order on Amazon
Treme Season 4 Available Now Order on Amazon
Treme Complete Series Available Now Order on Amazon
Treme Soundtrack Vol 1 Available Now  OST on MP3: Amazon CD: Amazon
Treme Soundtrack Vol 2 Available Now  OST on MP3: Amazon CD: Amazon


  1. tangcameo /

    Now what about Season 3?

    • Just added a pre-order. Fall 2013 is our guess because they usually come out right before the new season airs.

      • tangcameo /

        Thanks! I eventually figured this out on my own, but not before emailing Amazon, HBO, AICN, and David Simon’s website (no answers from any of them – but no restraining orders either haha). It really is a great show! Every time I’ve watched it it sends me in search of some piece of New Orleans; music, food, history, literature, etc. And when I come back to it after I understand another layer of it. Take THAT, Game Of Thrones! haha

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