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This just In: John Leguizamo Slates Fifth Special for HBO

By Jef Dinsmore on Oct 19, 2013 to HBO Specials

Comedian and actor John Leguizamo is no stranger to HBO, though he hasn’t appeared in a while. But he is planning to return with a comedmannythe fannyy special in 2014. HBO will tape a performance of his style of comedy mayhem entitled GHETTO KLOWN on November 16th and get that all packaged up for our viewing in the next year. No air date is set.

 GHETTO KLOWN is billed as a semi-autobiographical show about Leguizamo’s path to stardom based on his memoir Pimps, Hos, Playa Hatas, And All The Rest Of My Hollywood Friends. It is a work that was a well received Broadway hit as were a number of other shows of his. Most of his previous works have also been turned into made for HBO specials. Here is a quick look at each one.

  • MAMBO MOUTH of 1991 – Mr. L. wrote the work and personified seven different characters including Manny the Fanny (pictured).
  •  SPIC-O-RAMA of 1993 – Addressed the stereotypes that Latinos have in this country. Check out this clip.

  •  FREAK of 1998 – HBO’s filming play of this play got John an Emmy. It focused more on John’s family and was directed by Spike Lee.
  • SEXAHOLIC…A LOVE STORY of 2002 – This routine focused on John L.’s love life and eventually his starting a family.

Indulge me in one more clip; this is of the NSFW variety.   


There are plenty of videos on YouTube if you want more. We will let you know when GHETTO KLOWN has an airdate and if you are like me you won’t miss it.

  • Nicole SistahSexySoul

    These HBO specials are when I first fell in love with John Leguizamo and I can’t wait for the new one!

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