This Just In: Jeff Garlin mentions CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM

By Jef Dinsmore on Jan 9, 2013 to Curb Your Enthusiasm

There is not a whole lot of news in the following but since many a visitor to HBOWatch leave comments about CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM around here I Jeff_Garlinthought it best to get this to the masses.

Jeff Garlin has dropped a quote about the Larry David comedy CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM in an Entertainment Weekly chat this week. Of course, the actor/comedian plays Jeff Green on eight seasons of the show. Jeff is one of Larry’s best friends and rather sympathetic to Larry David’s dithering and just the opposite with his snarky wife Susie (Susie Essman). Of his character he has said that he truly does not empathize with his character at all and has described him as a “pretty evil guy” who has “no morals, no scruples”. Despite all that Garlin still hopes for more CURB…

The simple quote is stated here:

“I’d say it looks good but it won’t be any time soon [and that is] “Because I just finished my movie and [Larry’s] finishing a movie that he did for HBO. So by the time he writes some more and says, “Do you want to do them?” the earliest we’d start filming, if we did, would be the fall. We’ll see. But I think it’s pretty good.”

The movie Garlin refers to is CLEAR HISTORY which Larry David is directing and acting in. It has been in production for a while now. So, maybe, if all the stars are aligned, as it were, Season 9 could surface in late 2014?  That is just a dangerous speculation of course. I know it is not much to go on but it is a bit of hope. At least we will have CLEAR HISTORY on the HBO’s schedule. Hang in there fans!

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Yes, I am looking and longing for more enthusiasm! !!!

… im loosing it man…. come on!! MORE CURB!! IM FREAKING WARNING EVERYBODY lol

I will post 1000 comments if it gets Curb back soon!

The Office gave a shout out to Curb! I can’t wait that long, I need me some Larry David! Oh and a lot of Leon as well! My Sundays have been empty without them. Please LD you are a genius keep MANY more seasons coming! I will watch this other movie because if Larry is a driving force behind it you know it will be great. But please please more Curb, lots more Curb!

I am sure that CLEAR HISTORY will tide us over for it will be the same biting wit behind it as well. Hopefully we will see it in late 2013.

i’m here, this is great news, can’t wait

As much as everyone says they cannot wait for more Larry David I’m surprised this post didn’t get any comments. Now I am resorted to commenting on my own post!


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