This Just In: DeWitt and Rannells exit their HBO series.

By Jef Dinsmore on Jan 18, 2013 to Girls, The Newsroom

Rosemarie Dewitt and Andrew Rannells are each unable to continue their roles in two different HBO series.

Dewitt_NewsroomBack in an 11.12 post  an HBOWatch reported that two new cast members were assigned to recurring roles on THE NEWSROOM. Patton Oswalt is still on-board but it has been reported that Rosemarie DeWitt has fell away from the series.

HBO released in a statement that due to a shift in the production schedule DeWitt had conflicts with other projects that took precedent and will no longer be able to continue in her role. She was to play Rebecca Halliday, a litigator defending ACN in a suit brought against the network. Since it is a major plot thread in Season Two the role is being recast. Hopefully, this change-up will not cause further delays in getting Season Two to air.

UPDATE: (as of 01.22.13)  – We have learned that it won’t cause any feared delays as Marcia Gay Harden steps into the role of Miss Halliday, defense attorney.

Rannells_GirlsAndrew Rannells, who plays Hannah Horvath’s current roommate Elijah on GIRLS, will be leaving the show. He appears in only the first four episodes of the current season but dropped a quote that “his character will not exit quietly.”

His exit is also due to scheduling issues. Since he is listed as a recurring character if any production he is involved in takes precedent over his GIRLS gig he is not contractually bound to the lesser part; Rannells also has star billing in NBC’s “The New Normal.” Since NBC’s series films in Los Angeles the actor was hard pressed to keep commuting to New York to shoot GIRLS, thus the lesser role has ended. Such is the nature of the Biz. I guess we know that Hannah’s living arrangements will change in some way.

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