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This Just In About..TREME’s Shortened 4th and Final Season!

By Jef Dinsmore on Sep 23, 2012 to Treme

As of this writing most HBO fans are either watching the Emmy Awards to see if their HBO favorites are lucky recipients or perhaps watching football before BOARDWALK EMIPRE and/or the Season Three premiere of TREME airs. Me, I’m writing this quick post for HBOWatch. What follows is what I have learned regarding TREME.

At a special viewing party of the Season 3 premiere of the post-Katrina NOLA series co-creators David Simon and Eric Overmyer made the announcement that HBO has awarded them a lump sum of money to wrap up the TREME story in a fourth and final season. Mr. Simon said at the screening that “We are going to be back for a season 3.5.HBO, upon viewing the 10 that we gave them [for Season 3] and what we’ve done, they want to see the end of the story.“

David Simon was more concise when later stated that “HBO has offered us a lump sum to budget a conclusion to TREME and we are trying to figure out how to stretch that amount in the best possible way. Right now, we are tentatively looking at anywhere between four and six hours of programming, depending on a variety of things. We’ll do the best we can with the story arcs and try to conclude TREME in a resonant way.”

It is no surprise to the production company cast and crew of TREME that the show would conclude with a fourth season despite the low ratings the show has received. Season One showed 3.2 million viewers that decreased to 2.2 for last season. Simply putting it in perspective Simon said at one time, ““The improbability of making a show about ordinary people in an idiosyncratic place and trusting that it will mean something larger once you’re finished, and that you’ll get a chance to finish? I get that. We knew that going in.”

Simon said the past week was spent securing the participating of all the series’ main cast members, a complicated contractual task given the shorter season. “To a person, they all came back,” he said. “We’re happy for a chance to finish the story on our own terms.”

The exact number of Season 4 is not determined but it will be less than the usual ten episodes; it depends on how well the production company can stretch the funds. Also there is no clear decision when the final season will air. TREME’s first two seasons premiered in the April time frame and just this third season moved to the September slot. And, of course there are no clear plotlines for that final season as the third season just gets underway.

TREME Season Three airs beginning September 23rd with the episode “Knock With Me – Rock With Me” and goes until November 25th with “You’ve Gotta to Be Crazy to Live In The Town.”  For more HBOWatch coverage of TREME check out Jason Weaver’s  Treme Season 3 Predictions & Preview and upcoming episode reviews.


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17 Comments on "This Just In About..TREME’s Shortened 4th and Final Season!"

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I am 67 years old white and have never seen a show I like more its writing is right up there with northern exposure. you people need to realize their are a grope of people out here who enjoy being drawn into the story and not have to be lead there. I made a trip to New Orleans because of this series a place I had never been but all of a sudden I felt I needed to know more about this city. Why cancel the best you have and leave the crap?

Jacob Klein

I’m confident you’re not alone! Awesome to hear about your trip because of the show. David Simon is amazing. I’m sure he’ll do something else soon.

Fan fair

I love this show! I am so sad it is concluding in a short season. Hopefully HBO recognizes the audience for smart accurate and relevant programming. This and The Newsroom are the best, but I also like Boardwalk Empire, the acting and writing make it great. Listen to us HBO show time is on your heals!

Patrice Boyd

Re: Treme

I can’t believe the American public is more interested in vampires, dracula, space odyssey, house wives and other such nonsense. This show should be submitted to the national archives as historical content and value. I’m sure if this show was given the same attention as boardwalk empires (dead mobsters) it would be more revered than say, dancing with the stars and the bachelor. I’m certain that if there was a show produced about the survivors of hurricane sandy, we’d be forced to watch if for 10+ years same as house wives and dancing.

Robbie Moraes

Submitted to the National Archives. Hardly. I would not even air it on MTV. This is nothing but Explotationism.

Jayson C Williams

I lived in New Orleans from 2001-2009 displaced in Houston during Katrina and I’m absolutely saddened at this news. The storyline and characters can easily transcend into what the wire was during its reign. Having lived through this, I really believe there’s so much more to ell and it shouldn’t end hear. There’s so much more to tell about the city post Katrina


Cant believe Treme is going…all the smart, clever shows have gone. Treme will be missed greatly. There is such a void in HBO now ive switched to watching showtime and starz for their series-even going mainstream series. I miss Bored to Death, how to make it in America and Hung not to mention Rome…All ive got left is Boardwalk, Girls and GOT-watching True Blood but its getting crazy, not as good as the first two seasons. HBO you need rethink letting these go…change days, times something but I know they were loved.


and we should be sorry for this why?! This show was a thinly disguised Reality TV show only.

Jef Dinsmore

Jeesh, are not all shows based in some semblence of “reality”?


I’m from Australia. I absolutely loooove TREME! I wish it would just keep continuing – all the characters are so compelling. When I went to New Orleans I saw all the good work Brad Pitt and Ange Jolie are doing. I’ll be back one day…


And great show and even with a short season I’m happy there will be a conclusion to the series. Thank you

Barbara A. Yates

Hey we’re used to Treme and New Orleans being played down, it’s always been that way. And, who knows, maybe that’s a good thing, keeps a lot of creeps out of here…LOL. So, bring back Treme now, I cannot wait any longer….


Sorry to hear that Treme is going to come to an end – love the show, the characters and especially the music!

Treme was one of the greatest series EVER as far as I’m concerned. Just a story cut way too short. I cared about each character from the first night’s airing. It was a mini history lesson in the tragedy of Katrina bringing desperation to the many, especially the poor – but also to those who stayed to fight for the city no matter their color or income. It showed the humanity of those who will always valiantly hope for better days as well as the greed of those who still call the shots. Treme truthfully conveyed the spirit of the… Read more »
Barbara A. Yates

No actually they did not. If it were not for people like Brad Pitt, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, this city would still be underwater. The US govt totally betrayed anyone and everyone in New Orleans, but remember, Bush was in office and his racist attitudes condemned this city to die. But, all dem musicians and all got together and with Pitt’s and Clinton’s help, we fixed our city, but please, no help or applause from the US govt, they did everything they could to prevent New Orleans from succeeding, but we showed them!


Wow that is surprising but I had bad feeling they would pull the plug after a lackluster 2nd season. Sad but I will elaborate more in my recaps about the state of Treme.

The post-Sopranos and Wire HBO has been suffering from a particularly nasty and despicable disease called populism. Its obsession with the massive, tasteless and horny teen audience with shows like True Blood, GoT, & Girls is suffocating quality programming it has once been known for and beloved dearly by me. Treme has been incredibly underappreciated and played down almost as the runt of the litter of the network’s lineup. The fact that David Simon, of all people, has to practically beg for money to make compelling, honest, provoking and culture-celebrating television which supports unknown NOLA (and not only) artists and… Read more »

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