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The Wire DVD & Bluray Release Dates

May 19, 2015 [Updated]


Here are the releases for each season of HBO’s hit-series The Wire on DVD. We now know about The Wire on Blu-Ray so check out the release date!  We’ll update this list if and when we know more.  We’ve also included links to the amazing soundtrack featuring music from the series as well.  The epic crime-series from HBO is also available as a complete series box set  to relive the magic anytime on your home entertainment system.  Information on the box sets and links to reputable retailers are below:

Season Release Date Find & Buy
The Wire Season 1 Available Now Buy-Amazon
The Wire Season 2 Available Now Buy-Amazon
The Wire Season 3 Available Now Buy-Amazon
The Wire Season 4 Available Now Buy-Amazon
The Wire Season 5 Available Now Buy-Amazon
The Wire
Soundtrack I
Available Now Buy-Amazon
The Wire
Complete DVD
Available Now Buy-Amazon
The Wire
Complete Blu-Ray
Our Review
June 2015


  1. Samala Ray /

    Any idea when Season 3 on DVD will be available again? Amazon and other outlets have been out of stock for several months now.

  2. Jason Wells /

    The Wire on blu-ray. YES! Thanks HBO!

  3. Dikan45 /

    omar comin yo!

  4. John Smith /

    HBO doesn’t like money? How is this not on Blu-Ray Yet? What am I missing? I already have it all on regular DVD. Blu-Ray please. Cyber Monday and still no Wire Blue Ray collection….better be good when it does come out. Gonna check for deadwood now…

  5. Yes bluray get that shhhhyyyyyyyttt on bluray….i wanna watch it over and over in the stunning quality of bluuuuurayyyy yaaaaaaahhh

  6. Emil Johansson /

    I would see it like 10+ more times if they released it on blu-ray!!!!!

  7. Batman /

    Blu-fucking-ray please!

  8. This and Six Feet Under needs to be on Blu Ray!

  9. ToKo1188 /

    Come on HBO! Release it on Blu-Ray already!!! How long do we have to wait?

  10. D.j. West /

    The Wire, Mr. Show, The Larry Sanders Show, Seinfeld, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, all great TV shows that need Blu-Ray re-releases.

  11. Matheus /

    That’s a shame. In Brazil there is no way to find The Wire, and if I buy those dvd’s there’s no subtitle in Portuguese. Oh god.

  12. nexg3nz /


  13. Batman /


  14. Where is the Bluray option?!?

    • I guess the title is a bit misleading. No blu-ray yet! HBO takes their time with these releases. Expect it at some point but as of now it isn’t available on DVD.

      • The Code /

        yea so this is for sure thing that The Wire is going to be released on Blu-ray right ? I just don’t see why it hasn’t been released already long time ago.. conspiracy to hold urban television back from sales to coming into the home of affluent white americans ? if not what other reason is there ? hbo puts their crapiest quality of work on blu-ray but can’t put award winning series like The Wire on Blu-ray… in the words of Clay Davis – ” Shiiiiieeet ” !

        • baron /

          Wearing a tinfoil hat are we?

        • Mohammed Farhat /

          The reason being is that the show is shot in 4:3 ration and there it is not worth the hassle of editing it for HD, it seems that this work of art will be forever under apprciated and that’s not a bad thing either.

          • MessyEater /

            4:3 doesn’t stop something from getting a Blu-ray release, there a good number of examples. The Wire was purposely never intended to be shown in HD, it was purposely shown originally in 4:3 SD, to drill home that it is a TV show & it isn’t trying to be a “hi-tech” feature film. it’s part of the broader by the The Wire to subvert the normal stylistic exposition & exploration in storytelling.

            Though it has aired in HD, so I’d suspect it will eventually come to Blu-ray.

          • It was also 2002 :)

      • I’m sure mentioning Blu-ray helps your SEO juice, but its really dishonest.

  15. Hello, is the wire ever going to be released in Bluray?

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