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The Sopranos Now Available On Demand

By Jacob Klein on Jul 1, 2013 to The Sopranos


HBO has announced that The Sopranos will be available On Demand starting today with the first season.  Season 2 will be available in August with seasons 3-6 ready to watch in subsequent months.  You’ll get to watch them on your HD flat-screen as they were originally aired.. straight from HBO!  The series is and has been available in its entirety via HBOGo.

If you don’t want to wait for the later seasons to come to On Demand the DVD box-set is highly rated and is available right now.  No word on a Blu-Ray gift set of the same magnitude but you can grab the Blu-Rays as well, season by season.

HBO made no comment about this release being connected with the sudden and tragic death last month of the actor who portrayed Tony Soprano: James Gandolfini.  Regardless, we know that millions of fans want to relive those moments again right now and HBO is gracious enough to offer that to you this month and through the rest of the year.  Give it a re-watch or experience it for the first time to find out what everybody else already knows:  The Sopranos was and is one of the crown jewels of the HBO legacy.

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