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UPDATED: The First Game of Thrones Season 5 Teaser Trailers

By Rhiannon Kavity on Dec 16, 2014 to Game of Thrones Trailers

The Three Eyed Raven has been very shifty lately. HBO sent out a special message that disintegrated into nothingness to a few lucky people.  Did you miss it?  Well all we have is this screen grab that someone took.  Take a look and see what you can see:

We’ll post the official version once it’s live but we figured you’d want anything you can get!


This is obviously the happiest time of year but Game of Thrones fans across the world might be arguing the reason why. With very little warning, the official Game of Thrones twitter released our first teaser trailer of Season 5.  It’s only ten seconds long but it’s ten seconds long enough to inspire countless theories and expectations for the upcoming season.

The teaser focuses on Arya, who we know is going through some big changes this coming season, as discussed by one of our writers here. Be mindful of possible spoilers though!  The trailer itself barely gives anything away but it’s easy to see that it definitely hints at a darker storyline for our favorite little wolf.

Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Game of Thrones begins in Spring of 2015. We should have an exact air date this winter for you. The new season may diverge more than ever from the original text. Are you okay with that? This trailer doesn’t reveal much but some book readers will probably know what’s coming based on these few images.

Arya ready?


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Good god let me try this again: I just started watching it I have season 1-4 on DVD, so if I get HBO to watch season 5 how long do I have to wait in between episodes?

One week. Each episode premieres Sunday at 9:00pm ET. You can either watch it on HBO or streaming on HBOGo.

The longest wait is between seasons. There is a 12 month wait between Season 4 and 5 and there will be another 12 months between Season 5 and 6.

Jeff I only have HBO 2 hd on my satellite does it broadcast GOT ?

Yes, on HBO2 is debuts Monday nights at 9:00pm ET. So on that channel instead of the 12 th catch the premiere on the 13th.


12 Months between seasons? If that were the case then this season would begin in June no? Don’t you mean, every 12 months a new season begins since they usually start in April every year?

okay so I just started watching this I have the seasons on DVD, are you telling me that if I get HBO to watch season I have to wait how long to see the next episode?

The scene where Aria is grasping the sword is the scene where she and the hound are in the tavern.

I think they should just call the year finales…. It seems to take so long in between seasons… In my world we have 4 seasons… Winter, spring, summer and fall…. each supposedly to be 3 months… They shouldn’t call it a ‘season finale’ if it’s going to be 6 months or more… Thrones is an awe inspiring show.. I absolutely love it… but i think many of the cable shows lose viewers at times because they either move on after so long or just lose interest…. Sad but true..

Drew Confident Fisher

What I do is space out my episodes so that by the time I’ve seen them all, the next season starts. Kind of like a movie franchise :)

I agree tj. I started it because I got free HBO for a year. Got the books which Is different but the long breaks in between I lost interest. Dont get me wrong its a good show but even killing of some of my fav I stilled watch. But im going to wait till it goes off the air than watch the rest. I got hook on the lower channels like scandal and how to get away with murder

??? The show has increased viewers not lost them. if you know anything about the show or the books, the seasons in the show last years and winters last from weeks to a year.. The show isn’t in OUR world. It is a fantasy show. Know your shit before going online and writing about stuff you don’t know or think you know.’re sad but true

TJ is referring to how long the wait is between season.. as in the length of time we have to wait to see the next episode…as in the wait is so long you almost forget what was going on when you saw it last…as in dang could you make more episodes instead of having us wait months to find out what happened!!!

I bet you two would have great conversations together if you met in person. Probably even become friends. So it is silly to burn bridges with people you share common interest with. But, you might want to hurry up because winter is coming…

Roadhouse, your an idiot…. I never put the show down…. And I’m sure it did get many new viewers due to those watching the recent replays… But it also loses many viewers with the long wait in between…. I know this to be true because many: MANY people I know quit watching and prefer to wait for series release to watch at their own pace…. There was no reason for you to get so cruel and defensive… It is just a tv show…. I’m guessing your life revolves around tv… Mine doesn’t… And in my world (yes, I said it… Read more »

I really don’t have a say in this, or care about the argument you two are having but you just said “people are entitled to their opinions about movies, books and more without opinionated jerks judging them”. This is wrong. The same right you have to express your opinion about those books, allows the “opinionated jerks” to “judge” it. As long as you have the right to speak your mind, he has the right to criticize it…

eat my freakin’ bootyhole, bro!!

No Winter can last from months to YEARS in soiaf

I’m stationed in Antartica & it seems like 1 long damn winter here! Why are we even here anyways…Rusians are in the horizon, that’s all we know!

On season 3 episode 4. Will be painful when I catch up because the show will go by so slow and I’ll lose my hype for it :/.

Yea no waay you’ll loose your hype, they keep things very exiting lol it is agonizing to wait for each episode to air tho lmao

Trust me you wont lose your hype.I started watching the show when it was halfway through it 3rd season and when i finished it i couldnt wait for season 4 for a whole year. It get incredibly good in season 3 and 4

Yeah I finished it about a day in half ago. Lol. Now im caught up. But what I meant is the patience game waiting for the next ep. Each week. Will kill me with pain waiting to see everything when I watch all the seasons I’m a marathon.

The reason you here them say winter is coming all the time is those are the words of house Stark. It is coming just give it time. The story is the most amazing story i have seen unravel in a TV series in a while. If you are bored with winter not being here yet i recommend you read the books. And maybe even get the book the Untold History of Westeros. I haven’t read it yet but just ordered from Barns and Noble and cant wait. It supposedly goes into detailed history leading up to this story where the… Read more »

The words of house Stark are family, duty and honour

thats house tullys words please do your research before posting

No that is Catelyn’s house words. House Tully.

No that is Godri’s house words. House Gryffindor.

No that’s Ramsay’s house words. House Snow.

Snows are just what basdards from the north are called. lol


Bad auto correct choice. My bad.

I loved Game of Thrones, then it started to Drag and Drag and then painfully Drag! A season would pass and it seemed as though the story never really progressed! At this point I wish I had never started watching it and had just waited for it to conclude so I could buy the box set and watch them at my own accelerated pace. Don’t get me wrong, the stories and characters have always been great, but the rate the story moves at is just painful. They said Winter was coming in season 1 and now season 4 is finished… Read more »

Never progressed? So many plots were reveled and so many characters got killed.

In the GoT world season last a longer time than in real life. A season in Westeros could last from anywhere to 6 months to 3 years

Stop whining please

Stop blaming others because you licked sh!t covered peenus and got AIDS

Don’t worry. This is where it starts to pick up pace. Arya and Tyrion are both heading toward the Free Cities. Their stories are about to get very interesting.Valar Morghulis!

you do know that the seasons last for years in westoros?

That’s because it’s coming.

I can’t wait :O

I am smelling tulips!

I do not smell tulips in the winter. I smell victory.

OMG, Spring is taking way too long to get here.

Valar morghulis

Valor dohaeres!

The new season should be starting now in the winter!! The show is about, winter is coming, not spring!! Sigh…

In south america (and south of the world) winter will be coming hahaha

Hi! You’re not by any chance the same Fran I use to know from HP are you? (Never know unless ya ask :-))

Can I get a 3 hour movie please!!

Thank you HBO…..

I see what you did there. Makes no sansa! Ba ha ha!

“Arya you ready” :/ “Arya Ready?” Would be funnier,and it would be correct

I Don’t care what anybody says I absolutely LOve this show will watch ask seasons no matter how long best ever never been so excited about a tv series ever I just record the season and watch over and over till new season starts

To Theonest with you… you’re right.



But but but…I don’t want to wait!

UGH!!!! When it takes this long some things get forgotten :(
thanx :-)

I really waiting

I am waiting also it is the suspense of it all. I love Game of Thrones


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