The Newsroom was Piers Morgan’s ‘Trigger Point’

By Jacob Klein on Oct 15, 2013 to The Newsroom

It’s often said that art imitates real life. But in the case of CNN’s Piers Morgan and The Newsroom’s Will McAvoy it seems that reality is taking notes from Aaron Sorkin’s HBO project.

In an interview with The Guardian Mr. Morgan said:

“Watching the first episode of Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom was the trigger point. Jeff Daniels’ character is bored in his job, ticking time, hasn’t got a clear voice, then he suddenly explodes about the state of America, and it transforms his show.
“I said to my producer it was really interesting because you can see the awakening of a passion and a voice. It made me think: what do I feel really strongly about, and it was guns. It all bubbled up very naturally.”

In case you’ve somehow missed it here is the speech Piers was referring to:

Sorkin no doubt took cues from programs such as Piers’ so I’m betting the inspiration was mutual. HBO programming has a way of striking chords with people in ways that regular television often doesn’t. Has an HBO show inspired you in such a profound way? Leave us a comment below and share your story.

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Real NEWS is a RIGHT

As if anything could make Piers Morgan think.

Real NEWS is a RIGHT

As if anything could make Piers Morgan think.


When I saw the first show on the first season, I was hooked. This video should be mandatory watching for all young adults. It was brilliantly written and skillfully delivered. A scene like this only comes along occasionally. Savor it.
Great show. I can’t wait until Season 3 begins. I don’t know how they can keep coming up with show ideas with current news. I believe they will have to have “flashbacks”. I’m ok with that. Just keep up the awesome storyline and the great actors involved.


When will HBO announce season 3? I read Aron Sorkin might not be up for it? Please say it isn’t so?

Paul Anderson

Believe it or not , this Video is exactly how most American’s think about this country , the baboons in Washington are the ones fucking it up, with greed power and money, and so do I echo it ,we all echo it..America is not the greatest country anymore , it use to be, and it can be., again ,if we all make a stand and have the balls to clean out Washington …

Robbie Moraes

Piers Morgan once worked for Rupert Murdoch and was named a witness in the phone hacking scandels. He clearly lied to the invetigators about it so I would not take anything he says other then it being lies and more lies.


Love the video !!!


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