The Newsroom Season 3 is Confirmed & Will be the Show’s Finale

By Jacob Klein on Jan 13, 2014 to Featured Post, The Newsroom


LOS ANGELES, Jan. 13, 2014 – The Emmy-winning HBO drama series THE NEWSROOM will begin production on its third and final season this spring, with debut slated for fall, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming.

            “THE NEWSROOM is classic Aaron Sorkin – smart, riveting and thought-provoking,” said Lombardo. “I’m sure this farewell season will be one to remember.”

Created by showrunner Aaron Sorkin (Oscar winner for writing “The Social Network,” executive producer and creator of the multiple Emmy winner “The West Wing”), THE NEWSROOMfollows the members of a cable news team on their quixotic mission to do the news well in the face of a fickle audience, corporate mandates and tangled personal relationships. Sorkin, Scott Rudin and Alan Poul return as executive producers, with Paul Lieberstein (“The Office”) joining the show as an executive producer.

Returning cast regulars include Jeff Daniels (who received an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for the show last September), Emily Mortimer, Sam Waterston, John Gallagher, Jr., Alison Pill, Thomas Sadoski, Dev Patel and Olivia Munn.

HBOWatch: Damn!  Suprising news, indeed.  We have no other information on this decision but we’ll keep you updated.  At least the series didn’t technically get cancelled.  HBO is confident in the series and most likely would have kept it rolling if Sorkin were willing.

We’ll always have that season 1 monologue… and for those of you old-school Sorkiners you can always go back and watch all of The West Wing if you’re feeling extra-Sorkiny.

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I watched this show by default, I had nothing better to do and the cable provider (Out in Serbia) had a video section with series 1 and 2 of The Newsroom. I had never seen it before and, as I have lived out in Serbia for the last 10 years, knew nothing about it. So, I though, what the hell…. I have just spent the weekend watching nothing else! What an excellent, well written, well acted show. I am looking forward to being able to watch the third series and will most certainly recommend it to friends.

Its time to start a formal online petition to HBO to continue the series and/or provide us some intelligent, relevant and entertaining programming. I for one am willing to give up watching TV, including HBO/SHOWTIME etc. and get back to reading books exclusively if this type of programming ends. Any thoughts?

Heartbreaking! As long as there’s news, there could be The Newsroom… whether it’s written by Sorkin or some other Newsy genius. It’s a gold mine for HBO! They must have come up against some powerful opposition to throw this away… or a whole lot of money. Disappointed in you, HBO! Again!

Aaron you are going to make me depressed after season 3 man… this is the greatest invention known to man! THE NEWSROOM! Journalism and mainstream media as it should be not stories about pancakes and butterflies, but instead stories about the world conflicts and most importantly the cold hard truth! @AaronSorkin, I ask you to write a season 4 at least for me and everyone else who loves this show. You are a brilliant writer and this is liquid gold my friend! Please continue the series, @HBO is willing to continue it if you are willing to write again! Thanks… Read more »

Love love love The Newsroom, as I do any Sorkin project. Damn! Why do they have to END??? It is just NOT FAIR. Love you Aaron…keep giving us intelligent, thought-proving, ENTERTAINING shows. A HUGE Sorkin fan…..

When is Season 3 Premiere. Looking everywhere. They have finished filming it, so can we have a date/time?

We don’t have one yet. We are hoping for a tease to appear in front of the TRUE BLOOD Series Finale. Watch for it.

Sorkin’s shows are a couple of seasons, save the West Wing where he got lucky. It’s the same basic show, whether it’s Sports Night or the Wing or Newsroom. Same format. Same dry work jokes. Same romance at the office sub-plots. Sports Night was great and lasted 2 seasons. Newsroom will make it to three? That’s land-office for Sorkin.

I think you missed the whole essence of Newsroom-That’s a shame!

I’ve never cried this hard while watching this fantastic show. It equals the Lord of the Rings status in my heart. The dedication for journalism of those characters, who I love every single one of them, is absolutely educational and have set high standard for professionalism, though some people would argue it is a bit idealistic. I wish HBO and Sorkin would continue running this show for several seasons. So sad to say goodbye…

Thank you very much this was a very good show please continue to produce a well directed and written programs of this nature so that we might enjoy a different view of the news then we see you today Mr. Sorkin and you will be missed on newsroom thank you sir!!!!!

I am so disappointed the show will only have one more season. It is one of my favorite shows.

I hope, if the pundits are right, that Sorkin follows with another engaging series. This was a good one, and it surely could have gone HBO’s self-imposed limit of 5 seasons. I can see a story arc that could easily make that effective.

This is sad. Like “The Daily Show” or “The Colbert Report” a show such as this could go on indefinitely, exposing the flaws in the media, using the stories of last year’s news to show how pathetic it can be. From there, the personal interactions of various characters can provide a sub-plot that makes the show fun to watch. Like M*A*S*H*, every main character can be replaced, and the show can continue, because the basic premise is so sound.

actually, it ended in series 2. i hope they manage to maintain the standard while milking the cow.

How is this true? What part of the basic premise has changed? Is there not still a higher standard to which we wish our media adhered? Does this show not continue to expose the poor quality of cable news? Have the characters failed to be “real”, and if so, is there no way they could be replaced with more believable characters? This show has a potentially unending shelf life.

Can’t believe Newsroom will be ending after it’s 3rd season. One of the best shows on TV and they are pulling the plug on it. That’s insane, and just plain stupid.

It’s too smart, and probably pissed off too many powerful media figures.

Why Why Why…..make this a Season Finale?? Brilliantly written, Best Actors/Actresses…A show like this is something we’ve longed for for far too long. PLEASE RECONSIDER making this year a Finale. Please and Thank you. :)

Newsroom is without a doubt the BEST written show on TV by far and I am so sad to find out that Season 3 will be their last…..what a shame!! There are too few intelligent shows with great smart dialogue and I can only hope they will change their minds. Please reconsider….we need more intelligent entertainment!

i’m eagerly waiting for season 3rd. Please continue the show, don’t end it.
I’m watching the first 2 seasons for the third time now.
This is one of my most LOVED tv show. pls continue the show………….

The only reason i have HBO is for the Newsroom unfortunately, we will lose great show but, i will save little money on not having to pay for extra channels.

I agree – for me it is “Real Time” and “The Newsroom” but once this is gone, I will catch up with Bill Maher on the internet, and jettison HBO.

It’s a show. You people need less free time.

Really? I need less than 1 hour a week of free time (that is what this series takes from me). Are you a Republican? Do you think that I should spend ALL my time working for wages, or may I have one or two hours to appreciate something else? Sorry if my life might be something other than what YOU think is important.

They’re not the ones writing comments on an Internet article about a show they don’t care about.

No, you are quite right, they are not.

That would be YOU!

I enjoy the show a bit, but there’s gross mistruths perpetuated within the writing, typical of liberal orthodoxy (like Rush Limbaugh should be taken off the air, tee party conservatives are brain dead, and more). When they start tackling the lack of information within the news media of today, and how far it’s actually fallen, then I have something to agree about. I actually got choked up when I heard Will McAvoy’s initial monologue. But as the season progressed, I had to “choke down” the liberal orthodoxy mentioned above. I am eagerly anticipating the new season, to see if they… Read more »

r u serious? you do realize that these are actors playing fictional characters, right? that the kock bros on the show are not the real ones from the dens of hell?

This is fallacious. I cannot believe this is the final season. America needs intelligent programming, and I am absolutely crushed this show is ending. I guess Duck Dynasty is the way America is moving… sad really.

There are a few shows television I will even watch, The Newsroom, True Detective (excellent writing), Breaking Bad and omg yes Walking Dead. All different but incredible writing and the story lines so intertwined with subplot. One is having problems, one is in its final season, one is only watched in reruns and the last, well you get what you wait for. However with The Newsroom, it was different, fresh and from the very first episode was involving and I think it is pathetic for Sorkin to just let the characters go like that because he bored or has a… Read more »

you mean you dont watch hbo for its call letters?

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch Six Feet Under. Talk about excellent writing….

Thank you I will do that..

Boydboy clearly loves the show, gobbles up every word, and then pretends it only scratches the surface of the things he knows about the topics the show revolves around. Isn’t he dreamy?

This is a show for non-thinkers, if you put an ounce of brainpower into watching it you see why it is so hated. I think the people who like it are the same types of people who like True Blood. They don’t want to think when they watch TV, they just want something on in the background. Or they lack any critical thinking skills.

This show is one of the worst HBO has ever produced. Even worse it was promoted as being something big. The HBO brand loses some respectability with shows like this.

Why is this a bad show?

Here is the issue with canceling this show. For starters, it has given anchors who rather speak loosely about what is truly happening around the world and to the people who are making a difference. I wouldn’t be the slightest surprised if real anchors are giving the shows creators pointers and/or facts to what they can not report on mainstream TV. I just watched at least a “months” worth of the same information on a missing plane that mysteriously disappeared shortly after things with the united states and Russia started to heat up. Its no surprise the things that matter… Read more »
It always seems funny to me how if a show makes you think and has to much intelligence where you must actually be able to keep up with important topics of today’s social, economic, and political issues it never seems to last that long this show was responsible for the best statements ever made when he told that young college student how exactly to put america back on the correct path to being at least one of the greatest countries in the world to live in don’t get me wrong its still pretty wonderful but in that statement he say’s… Read more »

Oh my god run on sentence.

3 seasons is fine; you don’t need endless seasons for a good show that’s part of the problem. Look at shows that went way too long and ran out of creative ideas; that is more egregious than keeping them short and sweet. Creatively the show peaked already as the creator pretty much said himself.

There are so many shows on that are smart and engaging; Homeland, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Shameless, Downton Abbey, Dr Who, House of Cards; countless others out there.

“You don’t need endless seasons for a good show.”
This is the only sentence needed for the defense of supporting this being the final season.

“Mash” was a perfect example of a series that long overstayed its welcome.

Game of Thrones? Very thought provoking.

He didn’t say it was though provoking, he said it was smart and engaging. Writing can be clever without making the audience sit back and think about it later. Big Bang Theory is a very smart and cleverly written show, but I’m not leaving my couch deep in thought.

I watch and love everything Sorkin does!
The West Wing had to be the best show ever on TV.
I was really loving this show, but had issues with it taking so long between seasons.
Now, if he can do The West Wing Administration 2, I’ll be a happy camper!

I’d love to see The West Wing come back with Charlie Young going into congress or something like that. See the same place from a different perspective.

I wonder if Netflix will pick up season 4 for like $100 million….;)
here’s hoping

Please, say it isn’t so!!! The Newsroom, like everything else done by Aaron Sorkin, is the best written, most entertaining, and certainly the most intelligent show on Television – which in today’s landscape is sorely needed! Why is this show ending after only 3 seasons when there are limitless possibilities for story lines? I expect better from HBO. Shame on you – subscription will be cancelled after season 3. Already missing it – love this show…the characters, the acting and the story lines! What a travesty!!!

I don’t think the show is cancelled. The creators may have decided to end it. That happened with Flight of the Conchords.

You’re correct. HBO isn’t cancelling the show. Aaron Sorkin has said he is getting bored with the concept. He just wants to move on. It’s understandable, with how much effort they put into every episode it has to be fatiguing.

imagine if war and peace had gone on for another 2 volumes…

Searching to see when the third season would arrive, as I really love this series and am already missing it. Extremely bummed to learn this will be the last season. I refuse to watch the idiot “reality” shows. News Room is a smart, witty, timely and extremely well written series that will be missed by me and many others. Like many on this site are commenting, I hope Sorkin reconsiders or someone can replace him to keep this show on the air. I love Sorkin, but surely there is someone equal to the task available?


One of televisions best and brightest is going to be cancelled? Don’t you think its’ viewers are entitled to an honest explanation as to why? We get inundated with so many mindless shows every week, every year… I cannot stand any more “The Bachelor”s or ” Duck Dynasty”s or ” Shipping Wars”. For those of us with functioning brains and the ability to count to ten, PLEASE tell us why this exceptional show is being cancelled. Or better yet, resolve whatever it is that is putting this great piece of work in jeopardy and continue filming. I promise that we… Read more »

The creator is done with the premise; it’s that simple. He could do 5 seasons if he wanted; he doesn’t want to and likely ran out of the creative fire he had for the show.

No one is forcing you to watch any of those shows mentioned; there are countless good shows on tv from the the US and the UK; put a little effort and maybe you will find them.

Exactly…the only reason I have hbo is for newsroom…cancel it and I go.

I found The Newsroom to be the best and freshest drama on TV. Never have been able to understand who the network program execs are targeting; clearly not educated, intelligent, thinking viewers. The Newsroom not only provided witty dialogue and actor chemistry, but also offered hope and heart within the flawed characters- (unlike the darker House of Cards)

Newsroom was the only reason I have my HBO subscription. If Season 3 is the end…. so to will be my subscription to HBO.

The Newsroom – first season was excellent. It definitely had Olbermann written all over it. I hope he comes back to tv politics someday. Really miss him.

I hope this is a strategy to build hype, and that when push comes to shove, it’ll be renewed for a fourth season. I don’t see any good reason why they would cancel a show as successful as this (barring, of course, personal issues and the like).

Aaron Sorkin is a Marxist Lefty that lies to push a Liberal point. The Newsroom is great with the back stories, but total BS with the facts in its new stories. Sorkin bashes the Right and Conservatives every chance he gets, NOT ONCE does he go after the real criminals on the Left. Do not expect the Newsroom to go after obama like they did Romney.

I’m not even an american but I just wanted to tell you to fuck off. How do republicans are able to be brainwashed and dumb is beyond me. Anyways, fuck off :)

Do you watch the show, or just listen to a rambling friend and pass it on as fact? He criticizes Obama’s lack of gun regulation, calling him out for doing nothing on that subject. The entire second season is about how all of the liberals have a serious problem with Obama’s counter terrorism plan. The occupy wall street movement is also heavily bashed. ThE republican ideals that he questions SHOULD be questioned. A USA military captain posing an online question at a primary debate is boo’d by much of the audience because he wanted to ensure that being homosexual would… Read more »

I love your point but just a small correction – Will is a registered Republican which is why I think his criticism of the GOP is worth listening to. Democrats bashing Republicans is passe but Republicans standing up for what their party was founded to stand for as opposed to what the Tea Party is trying to turn it into is what this is all about.

From someone who is not an American – I look at the Tea Party and think, “How could Americans let these people hijack the debate this way?”

hahahah right……..I dont know if you’ve noticed but “Conservatives” are the only reason that this country went to the shitter, you jackass. Do you guys even have a plan other than doing the opposite of what Obama wants to do. The assholes having “problems(by the way haven’t met one yet)” with ObamaCare were the same idiots taking the cheap bullshit plans (before ObamaCare came into play), knowing that they weren’t going to be available after ObamaCare came into effect. Everyone else with legit plans have had no problem with ObamaCare. Idiot. I have no problem meeting in the middle, but… Read more »

Have you heard of the cadillac tax (hidden part of obamacare)? Obviously not…

There is no such thing as a “hidden” part of a bill. It is all there for the reading, even if it is hard to find. Second, we probably need the Cadillac tax, because those insurance plans could very well be one of the causes for higher rates, since they encourage over use of health care. It’s laughable some of the stuff people visit the doctor for immediately these days. Small cold, go to the doctor… tiny ear ache, go to the doctor,… headache, go to the doctor… When people do that and they have basically no deductible, those costs… Read more »

Oh my god shut the fuck up it’s a TV show. You know it’s not real right?

Everything Aaron Sorkin does is amazing. It’s a shame all of his good shows are cancelled so early. I still miss Studio 60!!

I loved studio 60. But this is a good second, even if all the Republicans on it drive me nuts unlike the West Wing version. I sure will miss it. Byebye hbo

Aaron Sorkin always seems to flame out too early.

HBO always ends great shows very young. Big Love had a lot more to tell when it ended. Oz had sort of played out so I understood that one. This one could go on & on indefinitely and 3 seasons is the shortest yet.

I agree with Susan. Newsroom is one of the few things I am willing to watch. Smart, entertaining TV that is not violent and dark. yea.

Thank God Newsroom is coming back for another season! It’s the only thing worth watching on TV. Once the show goes off the air, I may have to burn my TV in protest … I sure won’t be using it much any more!

I loved season 1. It was fresh and incredible. Season 2 was a tremendous letdown. I am anxious to see what Sorkin has planned for season 3. I am sure he’s going to do good work no matter what, and am sad to see the series end so soon.

I don’t watch much tv…..but this show, would have me watching it on all of my devices, over & over & over again….word for word, line by line.. Sad to know this is the last season. Thanks Mr. Aaron Sorkin!

They finally have something that’s both thought provoking and fun so the mentalities that promote Duck Dynasty can’t let it exist.

total bummer. this show is accessible high brow wit at its finest

Check out The West Wing… same kind of Sorkan wit and character development. All 7 seasons are up for streaming on Netflix

I’m very well acquainted with the west wing, thanks for the suggestion though my friend!

Newsroom is a little like Opera in that it’s over the heads of your typical ignorant American.

I am so very sorry to learn this incredibly well written and preformed show will end with Season 3. There are so few worthy of taking the time to watch with consistent anticipation. My sincere hope is that the decision to end such an insightful and moving series will be reconsidered.

Why do all the great, notice I said great, not good, not ok but Great shows get the boot right when everyone is fully addicted and hook line and sinkered (Think I made up a word) in. Quit doing that to us we just can’t take it…

Great shows know when to quit!

So bummed about this!!

Same thing happened with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, another Sorkin show that was great!

don’f forget SportsNight

What a shame. Besides game of thrones there isn’t anything on HBO I watch anymore. Same thing on showtime after weeds and dexter finished, and soon shameless is ending too. I guess I’ll be saving some money pretty soon since I won’t be paying for any premium channels if they can’t seem to find good shows to replace old ones.

WHAT?!!!! Season 3 is the FINALE?!!! WHY?!!! This show is AWESOME!!!! And do we reeeally have to wait til the fall of this year? CAN WE RETHINK THE “FINAL SEASON”?

Where is NEWSROOM?? can’t wait till it returns. Please, come on Mr. Aaron Sorkin give the people want and that a continuation of NEWSROOM.. Love that show and I’m missing it so badly.

Guys, To fill in the blanks a bit.. HBO wanted a season 3 as does the cast. Sorkin had felt a lot of backlash on the show and was not sure due to other commitments he was going to want to move forward. That is why Season 2 had a series finale feel to it. During the shooting of Season 2, Sorkin filmed the first two or three episodes and realized he written himself into a corner and informed HBO he needed to re-shoot everything they had. which explains why there was nine not ten episodes. Between Re-Casting, Re-Shooting and… Read more »

Thanks for the summary. I think this was 90% Sorkin. HBO has never said anything about not being happy with the ratings or the “response” from the media. I hope S3 in incredible and shuts everybody up about it not being good enough. Maybe that would bring the volatile, unpredictable Sorkin back to the table for Season 4.

why stop this show? didnt daniels just win a emmy for this? make room for more fairy tale series or something i guess. people must not want to watch something that has an important message about current events. its beyond me.

I am rather disappointed, but given the way season 2 ended I am not surprised. In fact, I would have been happy with it ending after season, as that last episode could have worked as a series finale. The thing I’m more curious about is what HBO is going to look like in 2015 as far as their original dramas are concerned. Assuming that both True Detective and The Leftovers are renewed we will have: Winter: True Detective [nothing. True Detective is running solo as far as 60 minute dramas are concerned] Spring: Game of Thrones [nothing, GoT seems to… Read more »

Why is HBO pulling the plug on shows that are actually watchable, OMG.

The worst decision HBO has made in years. A Brilliantly written show, delivered by a brilliant ensemble cast…so rare these days. Why oh why does everything truly worthwhile on HBO have to be axed long before its time. Disappointing. Very disappointing.

This very well could have been a decision made by Sorkin. He wasn’t happy with season 2 and wasn’t sure how to fix it.

Final Season??!! What a TOTAL BUMMER!! Hands down best show on television!! Will be so sad when it’s done!! Already sad

i was upset when the west wing stopped, also 24,now this one, i only have hbo for this show, its gone, so will my subscription be., i can only assume mr sorkin has a form of writers block, and if the creative genius has gotten tired and cant create, then so be it, ive enjoyed it and west wing, and understand all good things come to an end.i also refuse to watch the new trending reality shows, thank you for what you have given us mr sorkin, ,if that is truly the reason, a mind block on the series, i… Read more »
I’ve recorded seasons 1 and 2 and have watched them numerous times. i have purchased the first season and now wait for the second to be released. I can only agree with the previous comments in that if the creator of this brilliant series is unable to continue then I want him to know that I am thankful for his most recent creation, West Wing and Sports Night etc. The message put forth in The Newsroom is badly needed today. It is still my fervent hope that Mr Sorkin will find the creative strength to continue his story. It is… Read more »
I just finished watching Season 2 and would have been ok if it ended there. I’m thrilled there will be a Season 3 but feel there are large shoes to fill! So many series drag on too long and lose their story lines just to keep riding a success for the money or fame. I love that many good writers have the guts to just tell the story, keep the tension and let it run its course naturally even if it is just 3 seasons. Go out on a high note and look forward to what Sorkin does next!!!

Final Season??!! What a TOTAL BUMMER!! Hands down best show on television!! Will be so sad when it’s done!! Already sad


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