The Newsroom Season 3 Could Begin Filming in March

By Jacob Klein on Dec 23, 2013 to The Newsroom

This month we were a bit worried about The Newsroom season 3 when the HBO year-ender trailer failed to tout the existence of a 2014 season return to ACN.  But every time we hear from award-winning lead actor, Jeff Daniels he insists that the show is on

We’ve reached out to HBO for comment on a third season of The Newsroom and we’ve been told that the network itself is excited for a new season but that scheduling is still being worked out.  But earlier this month Jeff Daniels again commented on the future of The Newsroom getting quoted in an interview thusly:  

As for “The Newsroom,” Daniels’ HBO series set at a cable news network, the actor said shooting could begin in March on a third season that would air in the fall.

We get the feeling that Mr. Daniels is 100% on board with a third season of The Newsroom but between his and Aaron Sorkin’s busy schedules it just isn’t possible to film at the exact same time every year, thus giving us a consistent premiere date.  Just last season there was a bit of turmoil on set when season 2 was cut by a couple of episodes and pushed back a bit on the calendar.

As long as season 3 is on the way we’re willing to wait.  Let’s hope it at least makes it some time in 2014.

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Finally a great series has been created and maybe we are not going to be able to see a fourth season because HBO executives are very short sited……. the reviews have been excellent and yet we are going to be denied a fourth…… but why ? I beg HBO to bring back Newsroom for another season, oh please HBO don’t let us down !!!!!!!

Newsroom is the best show EVER on any network on television. I have the two seasons on my DVR and watch them over and over again. All then actors are perfect for the rolls they play. I truly feel I know them. I can’t imagine there ever being a show that I would enjoy more than Newsroom. Can’t wait for season three. If it goes well maybe you’ll change your mind and do season four .

No, I’m not happy to wait. It needs to be on air ALL THE TIME. Reruns & new episodes…along with WEST WING…….ALL THE FLIPPIN’ TIME! With all the drek on TV these days; “reality” shows & fake news & dumber-than-dirt dramedies….WE NEED THE NEWSROOM! Get cracking’!

LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! Please hurry and make season 3!!! Can’t wait!! : )))

I’m basically wishing my life away waiting for season 3!

Best show on television righty now, smart and funny.

Love this show and am eagerly awaiting Season 3.

Please bring back “The Newsroom,” it’s the best show on HBO!

The more I dig into the issue of season 3 the more I think it will happen eventually. Everyone wants to they just need to work out scheduling.


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