The Newsroom Season 3 Could Begin Filming in March

By Jacob Klein on Dec 23, 2013 to The Newsroom

This month we were a bit worried about The Newsroom season 3 when the HBO year-ender trailer failed to tout the existence of a 2014 season return to ACN.  But every time we hear from award-winning lead actor, Jeff Daniels he insists that the show is on

We’ve reached out to HBO for comment on a third season of The Newsroom and we’ve been told that the network itself is excited for a new season but that scheduling is still being worked out.  But earlier this month Jeff Daniels again commented on the future of The Newsroom getting quoted in an interview thusly:  

As for “The Newsroom,” Daniels’ HBO series set at a cable news network, the actor said shooting could begin in March on a third season that would air in the fall.

We get the feeling that Mr. Daniels is 100% on board with a third season of The Newsroom but between his and Aaron Sorkin’s busy schedules it just isn’t possible to film at the exact same time every year, thus giving us a consistent premiere date.  Just last season there was a bit of turmoil on set when season 2 was cut by a couple of episodes and pushed back a bit on the calendar.

As long as season 3 is on the way we’re willing to wait.  Let’s hope it at least makes it some time in 2014.

  • Paul

    Finally a great series has been created and maybe we are not going to be able to see a fourth season because HBO executives are very short sited……. the reviews have been excellent and yet we are going to be denied a fourth…… but why ? I beg HBO to bring back Newsroom for another season, oh please HBO don’t let us down !!!!!!!

  • Nonna

    Newsroom is the best show EVER on any network on television. I have the two seasons on my DVR and watch them over and over again. All then actors are perfect for the rolls they play. I truly feel I know them. I can’t imagine there ever being a show that I would enjoy more than Newsroom. Can’t wait for season three. If it goes well maybe you’ll change your mind and do season four .

  • RU_Kidding

    No, I’m not happy to wait. It needs to be on air ALL THE TIME. Reruns & new episodes…along with WEST WING…….ALL THE FLIPPIN’ TIME! With all the drek on TV these days; “reality” shows & fake news & dumber-than-dirt dramedies….WE NEED THE NEWSROOM! Get cracking’!

  • andrea

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! Please hurry and make season 3!!! Can’t wait!! : )))

  • ScottyBoy

    I’m basically wishing my life away waiting for season 3!

  • Cappytanmo

    Best show on television righty now, smart and funny.

  • DianeA.868

    Love this show and am eagerly awaiting Season 3.

  • Newsroom fan

    Please bring back “The Newsroom,” it’s the best show on HBO!

    • Jacob Klein

      The more I dig into the issue of season 3 the more I think it will happen eventually. Everyone wants to they just need to work out scheduling.

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