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“The Money” Sent to Pilot by HBO

By Cian Gaffney on Sep 13, 2013 to HBO News

gleeson__130813201450-275x342Irish star Brendan Gleeson has been cast as the lead in the pilot for a new HBO series simply called The Money. According to;

The Money is about wealth and corruption among the super elite, focusing on American mogul and patriarch James Castman (Gleeson), who wields power and influence to expand his media empire and control his family.

The pilot is written by David Milch, who HBO fans will know as the man behind DeadwoodJohn from Cincinnati, and Luck. There isn’t any other concrete news about The Money yet, but you can be sure we’ll keep you posted when more is revealed.

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So is no news good news?…..anyone taking bets this?

I don’t care what it’s about, if Brendan Gleeson is starring, I’ll watch it.

Wait, so this is just a pilot? When I saw the word greenlit I thought it was a new series :P. I’m not complaining, though, as I can think of more interesting shows that HBO could greenlight.

fixed this. You’re right.. greenlit is the wrong word for a pilot :)

In Cian’s defense though.. Deadline used the phrase “greenlit to pilot” which is an odd way to say it. haha

How can you “think of more interesting shows” that HBO could bring to series, when all you know about this show is basically what’s above? Besides, with Milch involved, I’m pretty much automatically interested, considering I think Deadwood is the best television show of all-time. Hell, I even enjoyed John From Cincinnati, and I loved the first season of Luck. Anyway, also a huge fan of Brendan Gleeson, so definitely excited to see this one get a series order (which is pretty much guaranteed, I’d wager). I also think HBO would benefit from having another strong drama in their line-up… Read more »

Yep, just a pilot for now! The one positive thing I’m taking from this is that Gleeson is now in the HBO family…which possibly makes him even more likely to play Wyman Manderly?

That is a possibility. However I always pictured Ian McNiece in the role, because Vladamir Harkonnen as Wyman Manderly would be badass :P.

What you mean is the Newsreader as Wyman Manderly! McNeice would be great.

I haven’t seen Rome (yet), so he is Vladamir Harkonnen (for now). :P


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