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THE LEFTOVERS Temporarily Halts Production!

By Jef Dinsmore on Apr 11, 2014 to The Leftovers

LEFTOVERS_TherouxThis is what happens when you rush shows. HBO is eager, to be sure, of launching anew exciting series. Fans always have insatiable demand for more, more, more. Now it appears that THE LEFTOVERS needs to slow down a bit in order to give viewers the best that it can. You cannot rush quality. That is crucial in any programming, but especially for THE LEFTOVERS right now because it is not the only show out there with this type of theme. We want it to stand out from the rest.   

According to Deadline Damon Lindelof’s show is taking a breather after completing Episode Six of its 10 episode order. HBO has released the following quote regarding the decision:

  “We put ourselves on a tight schedule, and we decided to give our production a short hiatus to prep our final episodes.”

Now it is assured that the premiere date of June 15th is still happening. But, might there be a gap of a week or two somewhere in the schedule because of this delay? I, for one, would rather the show take its time in planning and shooting episodes to ensure that the best quality production value is being utilized. We want to this show to look professional, polished and awesome, don’t we? That very reason is why this writer never grumbles about how long a show takes to get back on the air between seasons. Quality over quantity I say.

 I leave you with the reminder to check THE LEFTOVERS’ Tease.   

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This doesn’t sound very promising for the series.

There will be no quality, this is just the beginning of HBO’s raping by one notorious hack con man Damon Lindelof. And the execs brought it all on themselves when they struck a deal with him. The worst cancer HBO has ever had is starting to grow.

What a bunch of hyperbole. Lindelof is a “cancer”? So the ending of Lost wasn’t all that it could have been, and Prometheus was a massive disappointment… Are we just supposed to ignore the strong character work and plotting that Lost did have throughout its run? Or ignore that the first draft for Prometheus shared many of the same issues that Lindelof’s re-write had, and that Ridley Scott left a number of integral scenes from the script out of the finished product? Lindelof is good with characters, and that’s good enough for me, because – as every Lost knock-off has… Read more »

Lost has always been embarrassing, the writing was awful and Lindelof is an awful writer(he proved that many times). Also, HBO died a long time ago…when The Sopranos and The Wire ended, HBO died forever, it became something incredibly mediocre.

After the Sopranos, nothing else could compare, a show such as the Sopranos comes around once, all the other shows pale in comparison.

Right… Nice opinion. Luckily it isn’t one shared by many people with good taste, and/or a brain in their head. The character work on Lost was probably its single best asset, and something the show was lauded for throughout the entire series (to varying degrees). Lindelof couldn’t help that a network run often encompassed somewhere in the area of twenty episodes per season. As far as HBO being “dead”… What a silly statement. Let’s just look at all of the programming that they’ve aired so far in 2014… True Detective Girls Looking Real Time with Bill Maher Real Sports with… Read more »

Have you watched Showtime’s Ray Donovan, it is really good, Jon Voight steals the show, he is hilarious as the murdering, call girl loving, pot smoking Mickey.

Are you being serious now? Have you heard of a couple shows named, Game of Thrones, True Detective, Boardwalk Empire and The Newsroom. Since it clearly seems like you don’t, if you think HBO “died” and became something incredibly mediocre.


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