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The Leftovers Season 2 Premiere Date: Fall 2015

By Jacob Klein on Jun 12, 2015 to The Leftovers


After all the mystery surrounding the events of season 1, The Leftovers season 2 will premiere in Fall of 2015. How do we know? Well, HBO released a trailer today that frames the synopsis of the second season.  A road sign (pictured above) reads Jaden, Texas: Departures 0.  Whoa. No one was taken from this town? The overall ratio was said to be 2%. With a population of almost 10,000 you’d expect almost 200 people to have been taken.  

Here’s the trailer:

We’ve already reported that The Leftovers will be a “reboot”.  One of our writers was even an extra on the set of The Leftovers season two. Read his account here.  What do you think of the direction the show is taking? Are you going to miss Mapleton? Are you going to miss some of the “departing” characters? The suspense is killing us. This show is driving us nuts! Maybe it’s working as intended. 

No mention of an exact air date for The Leftovers season 2 but we’ll post it on our HBO schedule when it arrives.

If you need some of that brooding and mysterious piano music to get you through the summer you can listen to that here:

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Will watch!!!!

This sounds like a very interesting watch hopefully it can maintain its expert depression based TV in this season.

This show is corny, some crazies vision of the rapture

i do not agree with you.a good show always has its emotion core,the leftovers did that,some show like better call saul,the walking dead now just cash cow,those shows are really corny

Ratings disagree with you, I watch the leftovers hoping it will improve but if the same type of storyline continues I’m done, it will probably get canceled if it doesn’t improve

Thank goodness HBO doesn’t worry as much about ratings as the conventional networks do. HBO and I will give Season Two a chance.

I’m gonna watch, I just hope it keeps my interest, parts of it did but some parts of it didn’t.

Ya got to know, I’m going to weigh in on this. I first played the theme song clip provided and it did not take long to get me in the right frame of mind as imagery and feelings form Season One rushed back. Much of that doesn’t matter now as Season Two takes us somewhere else entirely to get another perspective on the Sudden Departure and of those left over. Based on what we know and what was witnessed in the above tease we can take the following: Those aware that Jarden Texas did not lose anyone are flocking to… Read more »
I feel like I have to watch along with you. I was looking forward to the second season. I didn’t think the first was terrible but you had to actively watch it to keep up with the story line. It is hard to get past the frustration as a viewer trying to get a handle on what was going on but I rather enjoyed it. It put me right there with everyone in the town. I imagine it would be a difficult event to experience. I’m not so excited about the ‘reboot’. I wonder if it follows the book more… Read more »

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