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The Knick Renewed for Season 2

By Jacob Klein on Oct 24, 2014 to The Knick


HBO’s sister station Cinemax has produced its own original series for some time now. But this year may have been a standout in viewer’s minds because for the first time an A-list actor and an A-list director came together to produce an A-list drama for Cinemax.  We’ve been covering The Knick, starring Clive Owen for several months now, reviewing each and every episode. The show certainly looks and feels good enough to be an actual HBO program, in fact it aired on HBO for a few weeks in an attempt to woo viewers over.

We can now confirm that The Knick will, indeed be renewed for a second season. The Knick season 2 will begin early production in the near future with a premiere date sometime in 2015 to follow. We expect a similar release: Summer/Fall 2015.

Will the show air on Friday nights? Will it continue to get previewed on HBO?  Or will this be an all-Cinemax affair for The Knight in 2015. We’ll keep covering all of the news and information around this program since it involves the same production company HBO uses and many of you who subscribe to HBO are also loyal Cinemax fans as well.

We’ll also continue to review each and every episode for those who are following along with the dark, captivating new program.  Will Cinemax win a few awards next season for this show? We sure think the show deserves it.

Clive Owen is excited about The Knick season 2, are you?  The procedure continues next year.

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7 days to go! Break up with your girl, unfriend your pals, tell work you passed away; do anything you can to watch THE KNICK!!!

I haven’t had Cinemax since 1999 but I’m already planning on getting it just so I can watch this!

Correction: 6 days

I love this show. I watched all the episodes in 1 day, Amazing!!!. I don’t have Cinemax tho and I’m hoping Season 2 is not just on Cinemax but HBO as well. Cable is expensive…lol.

R rated and return air same days as last year

started watching 2 days ago, on my last of season 1 already, and dying for more. The show is the kind of quality tv programming that is now a days all to lacking from the regular television networks bent on producing nothing but reality crap and anything of quality is quickly dumped because its not a cash cow..

To me, this was one of the most entertaining shows of the pay cable channels (in a big HBO series fan) they take you right back to 1901, and you can smell NY. The writing makes you dying for more after each episode. Great dark stuff, I love it

Super excited to hear this show will be back. I’m totally hooked and the characters are brilliant! The humor is excellent too. Can’t wait for the new season.

Loved Season 1 of the Knick. It’s beautifully filmed and the characters are really engaging. I’m thrilled to hear the show was renewed. Can’t wait! Hurry!!!

I just read that season 2 will begin in August. yeah!!! I love all the drugged out doctors!! very REAL! So many Dr.’s are addicts. This show is fantastic!

I love the show! I am so thrilled that there will be a season 2!! I think THE KNICK has the potential to have at least 5 seasons , if not more! It is well written, brilliantly acted and already has great character development. It has all the ingredients to really do well. I am excited, and so happy it will continue!

Carlos Germano A.G.da Costa

Awsome show! So unique i thought i had been canceled… Great news!

Love it..Can’t wait for Season 2…

Love this show. Great writing and cast. I love the realism. One of the best of the year! Can’t wait for its return!

I work in surgery. Love the medical history. So many changes.

Fantastic show love the theme. What really scares me is how it is shown some Doc’s arrogance could cost you your life like when Dr. Algernon Edwards was only allowed to observe a procedure he co-authored.

This show makes you appreciate what a long way surgery has come. And unfortunately, people have not changed that much. But I can’t wait for season 2! Oh, and I LOVE the soundtrack! It really adds to the ambiance.

This is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. Love love love it! Did anyone notice the last episode they said the show would be back in January 2015? I’m getting anxious to see the next season and hope Netflix pick it up.

Love the show but hate waiting a year in between. What happened to 6 month hiatus??

There are only a few actors that who the calibre of Clive Owen. And how about Eve Hewson? Bono and Ali must be proud. What a wonderful show–Ripper Street meets House MD.

Besides a wonderful storyline and very fine acting, the series has opened my eyes to a lot of medical history at the turn of the last century.

So if I visit will I get Typhoid, too?

If HBO follows with their summer timing format, most likely The Knick Season II will air in the summer time. I’m going to guess August. But hey, I’d be pretty happy if it aired a little earlier. Great show – gorgeous sets, tight cinematography and stellar acting. Can’t wait to see how our folks at the Knickerbocker Hospital are doing second time around!

YES…..I love this show. I will be waiting patiently until it returns.

Ive been avidly searching the internet for when the knick will be released on dvd? Does anyone know?

You are correct.Checking all our sources we cannot find a release date either. However, Amazon does have it up for pre-order.

That is definitely a consolation! Thank you for sharing that information! In that case, I am definitely preordering it from Amazon asap!

Sooz Elliott Gillespie

love the show, the only complaint I have is the soundtrack, it does not fit at all. Glad there will be a second season tho!

Hmm I love Cliff Martinez, as long as this show is dim, dark, and full of Clive injecting drugs the music is an obscure perfection.

Hear, hear!

Love this show. Don’t know why I don’t hear more about it. It’s so different from any show I have seen. Watched entire first season in 2 days, and I’m itching for season two like Dr Thackery itches for his cocaine. Lol

So do I. Meanwhile I can’t wait for the next season of Game of Thrones. Ian totally addicted to both if these shows.

It’s likely he’ll have a dual addiction to both cocaine and heroin.
The reason I say this is because he’s, in some aspects, based off of Dr.John Hopkins.

Sorry for the late reply to this, but Dr. Thackery’s character is actually based off of Dr. William Stewart Halsted, who later became the chair of surgery at John’s Hopkins’ after his career in NYC was over due to his cocaine use.



I can’t wait for season 2. I’d wish for Cornelia and Dr. Edwards to find a way to be together but due to the time period it is so improbable…I have been looking for all articles about this show, I’m hooked!

Love this show The Knick, I look forward to season 2.

Constant evil White people/ Saintly “Negros” is so tedious it almost makes the show unwatchable

I believe David Duke is looking for a new personal assistant. You should apply.

That’s funny. Lol.

Imagine how much it sucked to have to live it!

Absolutely amazing show. Very very interesting to see how much progress since than. The acting is superb and the storyline is dark and historical. Never really thought there was a real Typhoid Mary. Can’t wait to see season 2!

She died in the late thirties on North Brother Island. The hospital and the whole island where she was quaranteened is now abandoned. Quite eerie. :)

Great show!!! Shows how evil white people can be. But also shows some good ones

Crakerkiller go fuck yourself, hypocrite piece of shit

Brilliant show. Can’t believe there hasn’t been more Rae’s about it! Acting, direction, script and the content is very interesting. It has everything. Hope it stays around a long time and wins the awards it desserves!

I love this show! I hope they continue for a lot more Seasons!!!!

Yayyyyy!!! Love that show!!


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