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The 8 NFL Teams that Could Appear on HBO’s Hard Knocks in 2014

By Jacob Klein on Jan 6, 2014 to HBO Sports

NFL-HBO-Hard-Knocks-2014As many Americans are either squealing or reeling from this weekend’s Wild Card playoff weekend’s results there are a many out there without a team in the race for the Lombardi trophy this year.  So we’ve got a bit of info that might pique the interest of those fans who are already done with the NFL this year and are looking towards the future.

Last fall a plurality of NFL owners agreed that, for the good of the game, one team WILL be made available for HBO’s cameras on their hit show: Hard Knocks starting in 2014.  Each year teams scramble to avoid the cameras as some coaches see the documentary series as a distraction for both the players and other staff members.  Needless to say fans feel differently and want to see what goes on during an NFL training camp and ratings were solid as the Cincinnati Bengals took center stage in 2013 for the second time in their team history.

Many have speculated already on which team will be featured in 2014 but none have emerged as probable just yet.  But Reddit user preludeoflight has narrowed the field down considerably using the rules that the NFL put in place to govern the selection of a 2014 Hard Knocks team.  Here are the the rules in question:

  • That team doesn’t have a new head coach.
  • That team didn’t make the playoffs in either of the previous 2 seasons.
  • That team didn’t appear on Hard Knocks in the last 10 years.

Right away that rules out many of the teams you may have been hoping for such as all the ones you saw play this weekend and all of the #1 and #2 seeds who play next.  That leaves us with EIGHT possible teams that could be tapped.  Here they are:

  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Chicago Bears
  • Jacksonville Jaguars*
  • New York Giants
  • Oakland Raiders
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • St. Louis Rams

*Appeared In Inside the Training Camp: Jaguars Summer in 2004 on NFL Network, a show similar to Hard Knocks,which may count to take them off the list of potential teams.

See anyone you like there?  There are some great, young teams on that list such as the Bills, the Rams and the Chicago Bears.  We’ll let you know as soon as we hear the final word on the NFL’s selection.  As mentioned before several teams have expressed explicit disinterest in appearing on the show but the NFL owners have made their decision:  there will be a HARD KNOCKS in 2014. So fire up NFL RedZone online or otherwise.

Stay tuned and GO HAWKS!

  • Carolina blue

    Pick the steelers so we can watch the sloppiness of big Ben an the worthless terrible towel fans. Go Panthers

  • rav1990

    Any team except the Raiders please.noreply

    -Signed a Raiders fan

  • Dave Jones

    Jink? You realize that the Bengals were the 3rd seed in the playoffs this year. Maybe if Hard Knocks followed the Raiders or the Vikings and finished how those teams did you could call it a jinks. Do better!

  • Myeatts

    No offense HBO but which ever team you pick they are sure to fall flat on there face. The show is great but always seems like its a jinks. That being said I vote for the Giants. They’re the only team I really don’t like that much!! Lol. Btw…thanks for not considering the Pamthers & feel free to do so in the future!! Please!!

  • jthm2004

    As a Rams fan it would be great to see the team in this series! But more than probably, we will see Da Bears

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