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SILICON VALLEY’s Promotional Campaign for Season Two

By Jef Dinsmore on Aug 18, 2014 to Silicon Valley

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SILICON VALLEY is one of those kind of shows that has a built in fan base that helps make it a popular hit. Think of it as sort of like Big Bang Theory; yes, the mainstream like it but the niche audience really embraces it.  I don’t know the PC way to say it (and don’t much care for being politically correct anyway) but the techno geeks, have another show in the Mike Judge company.

And since SILICON VALLEY is all about the tech world then it seems logical that it utilizes the tech world constructs out there to promote the show, right? According to, which I gather is a tech world news site, the HBO comedy has set up a Twitter account to address what is going on with the series as it gears up for a second season.

The cited tech site says The #AskSiliconValley Twitter chat was in part a marketing ploy by HBO to get fans to purchase the fisiliconvalley05rst season on Apple’s iTunes, but creator Mike Judge and actors Thomas Middleditch and Kumail Nanjiani (pictured) shed some light on behind-the-scenes aspects of filming and what to expect in Season Two as well.

A few tidbits about what we learned from these Tweets follow:

  • Female characters will appear in Season Two
  • A ten episode run to the season is confirmed
  • The character of Big Head will return
  • Steve Wozniak is interested in making a cameo
  • Kumail Nanjiani was once a real programmer

The biggest news gleaned from the chat was the following or at least I thought it was:


  • hoothoot

    ‘Females characters’ . . . ?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Hey, are you an English teacher? So, what!
      Corrected. Thanks. (Did i spell everything right? )

      • hoothoot

        Nope, not a teacher just a run-of-the-mill reader.

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