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Shot in the Rain: Boardwalk Empire Season 3

By Jacob Klein on Jul 29, 2012 to Boardwalk Empire Trailers

You may want to put off watching this trailer until you’ve caught all of season 2. The latest Boardwalk Empire season 3 trailer features a climactic scene from the end of last year’s series of episodes. Fans have been waiting for another season of Boardwalk Empire for months now but the wait is almost over now that HBO has announced a premiere date of September 16th for new episodes.

Watch the latest BWE trailer below and be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts! Are you ready to return to the Boardwalk?

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3 Comments on "Shot in the Rain: Boardwalk Empire Season 3"

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I was disappointed that they didn’t show any new footage from the upcoming saeson. I’ve seen Nucky shoot jimmy in the rain enough times and we have all been hearing since Dec. 2011 that Nucky is not half a ganster anymore….Seriously HBO show us something new! Show us what an epic season you have in store for us, I don’t want to see Pitt getting killed in every teaser for the new season. Let Jimmy RIP, let’s move on already.

why would you want spoiler footage. theyre showing us symbols of what is to come in this season which is better than nothing. theres no reason to reason the season and all the surprises they have in store

Thank you U.S.A for the best show on Earth. Can’t wait for season 3. I don’t wanna see spoilers either. I think a show of this class will do just fine without Jimmy. Nice one.


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