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Sex and the City 3: “There’s One More Story…”

By Jacob Klein on May 6, 2013 to Sex and the City


Calm down, ladies!  This is NOT a confirmation of a new Sex and the City movie but do keep reading.  In a recent interview with Extra Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw got a little “carried away” when asked about a potential Sex and the City 3:

“I’ve been saying…there is one story left to tell,” the actress said. “If it is, in fact, the right time and the right place, maybe we should tell it.”

Okay, so she didn’t get “carried away” but she did give us a comment which is more than we can say for the past couple of years worth of Sex and the City news. She also went on to say that the idea would be:

‘It would be wonderful. It’s fun to ponder.”

Her main obstacle would be “getting the band back together” as she’d need to get the other ladies on board with the project. There were supposedly some “hurt feelings” on the set of SATC2.

But we’ll leave gossip like that to the other guys. What do you think, Sex and the City fans? Would you like to see another installment? Should HBO have killed it before it died? What is “one more story” Sarah is talking about? Speculate, lament and get crazy in the comments below.

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i would love for them to make Sex and the City part 3.. I really wanna watch it

Make a third one. Reign it in. Keep it in the CITY.

A third movie should happen. If only to wash away the crap taste part 2 left in everyone’s mouths. The sequel was not in any way a good ending to such a fabulous series and a great 1st movie.

SATC3 would be just another huge impact ! They should definetely do it ! Besides the part where all fans will be thrilled and awfuly happy about it … Personally, I’m hoping with all my heart that there will be a third movie. Whatever the story would be. I hope Cynthia Nixon changes her mind cause she was one of my favourites.

Yes I would like to see Carrie mature and get pregnant

I think Mr. Big should have a secret child in 3

Absolutely. I miss the show and feel that there is more to Carrie an Mr. Big’s new life, like a family. Hope it happens.

The next story should be about wrapping up the whole story and Carrie getting pregnant. It is the most perfect way to end the story and show that people and their believes and ambitions have been changed and rattefied throughout their life from the beginning of the series.

Please make the third installment! Pretty please!!!!!!!!!!

I have just re-watched both movies, and I love the second ending with Carrie and Big on the couch, and the true colours song playing… it left me feeling like I wanted one more movie to complete the set. There isn’t a fan of Sex and the City who wouldn’t be thrilled to see just one more movie to complete the set. It would be so great. Ill be at opening night… Loving every minute of it :)

Another movie would be amazing!!!!!!!!!! I hope so!!!

I have always thought they should do one with Samantha’s breast cancer returning and being fatal. Sad yes but so much could be done with that. I have written it in my head a million times.

nooooooo. just no. that would just be stupid and sad.

Admitedly not one of my fave shows, but I saw most of them. If anyone can make another movie happen I believe it is SJP.

Agreed, Jef, I think she could make it happen. Would I watch it? No. :D But there are a lot of ladies out there jonesing for SATC 3, I’m sure!


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