Second True Detective Season 2 Trailer

By Jacob Klein on May 14, 2015 to True Detective

The first trailer for the sophomore seeason of HBO’s anthonogy crime series True Detective left you wanting more. We didn’t hear from the characters at all but instead were haunted by soem captivating music and an eery feeling that you just couldn’t shake.  This second offering gives us a bit more.  You’ve heard the tagline “We get the World We Deserve” on the TD2 promotional posters but now we get to hear one of the characters say it.  Check it out:

Are you ready to learn more about the new season? Check out the latest interview with the show’s creator here if you haven’t already.  This will be a very different show than season one but we’re hoping HBO and the show-runners can capture some of the same quality and magic that season 1 had.  Keep an open mind and don’t be alarmed that it isn’t exactly the same as season one.  It’s not supposed to be.


The one thing that seems to carry over from season one, though is the philisophical ramblings of, well– everyone it seems!  We love it, of course. Can’t wait eat up more.

Speaking of philosophy– HBO dropped a few other mini-videos on instagram today as well:

"I don't distinguish between good and bad habits.” – Ani Bezzerides #TrueDetective

A video posted by True Detective (@truedetective) on

Visit the official Instagram for the rest.

True Detective Season 2 Premieres June 21st on HBO.

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