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Richard Harrow: In Memoriam

By Cian Gaffney on Nov 26, 2013 to Boardwalk Empire Trailers

Boardwalk Empire came to a heartbreaking close on Sunday night with Farewell Daddy Blues. To celebrate one of the show’s most beloved characters, and the esteemed Jack Huston’s portrayal, HBO has put together a touching video, offering glimpses of his journey throughout the four seasons of the show so far.

Boardwalk Empire returns next year for its fifth season. Until then, we’ll be providing all the latest news.

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Let him live and don’t end at season 5 please !!!!

I think it would be a great twist if Richard Harrow was in fact still alive and only on the beach dreaming about being alive/dead. What a great twist indeed. My wife always tells me I should write a book or a storyline. I keep predicting what is going to happen just before it does on Boardwalk Empire. To predictable and yet I still enjoy it immensely. Bring back Richard Harrow!!!!!!!!

I hate this! Not your article or the video, Cian, but the fact that they’ve just about killed off or banished all the interesting characters on this show. I’m so bummed out!

Sigh. Richard Harrow started off a lost soul, wandering through life feeling isolated and depressed. Nobody wants to feel lonely, like they don’t belong. Jimmy Darmody took him in, befriended him and together, they saw some good times and also, took care of some shady business – but they both knew that business was business and you need to take care of things. Angela saw him as a man, flawed but open to love; Jimmy saw him as a friend and confidante; Margaret and her children as freakish in nature (at first) but then as a protector of sorts and… Read more »

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