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By Jacob Klein on Feb 29, 2012 to Curb Your Enthusiasm

Here at HBOWatch we receive all sorts of comments on our various articles.  But I wanted to highlight a comment we recieved on our previous article about the posibility of HBO comissioning a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  The following comes from someone who refers to him or herself as a “David Disciple”  In it, he or she implores Mr. David to keep the laughs coming with a new season of Curb.

Dear Mr. David, HBO network & affiliates,

I implore you to appreciate that while expensive bottles of wine, Knicks & Yankees tickets, stolen floral bouquets, upscale restaurant gift certificates, anonymous donations, German shepherds, mulatto baby dolls, large teddy bears, Seinfeld dvds, freakbooks, kidney donations, Paul Simon tickets, sewing machines and violins may have their respective moments, that the gift of laughter will NEVER go out of style. PLEASE keep up the good work in season 9- we’re counting on you!

the greater community of aspiring social assassins

Please consider the following poll a petition to HBO and Larry David to create at least one more season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Let’s demonstrate to the show creators that we, the people, will support such an action!

I hereby request that Mr. Larry David and HBO create and distribute a Ninth Season of Curb Your Enthusiasm

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So far we have little to no information about the a season 9 other than ‘HBO wants it‘.  We’ve tried out best to reach out and we did get a response from Cheryl Hines on Twitter who plays Larry’s (ex) wife on the show:


We’ll certainly update you immediately if we hear anything else! Until then, check out the other 8 seasons of Curb on DVD, On Demand and HBO Go.

UPDATE:  Larry is working on a movie for HBO.  It’s not a new season of Curb but I’m betting it rings true to fans of the show!

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I vote yes! The electronic poll isn’t actually working.

Kill Cheryl off the show. She sucka

Wish I could meet lady David dude is super cool

Aaahhhh I hate when that happens sorry for the spelling Hick up great show great cast love love love this show never gets old make em wait tho build demand then release like 4 seasons at once now that’s work ethic

LD, do what’s best for you! We’ve already been graced with eight hilarious seasons. Thank you!

I would also like to say that season 8 was hilarious : Muffin top, the Palestinian, and Pinkberry episodes were genius! Anyone who commented that this past season was somehow inferior clearly hasn’t watched the episodes or is simply retarded.

Man this would make my year, I love LARRY DAVID. No one can be funnier!

There just has to be one more. Missing Larry and the gang : (. Need laughs please, please Larry!

Please Larry come back !! My life is so miserable & hopeless without YOU !!

I NEED Larry back on HBO. Come on, what’s going on? Truly one of the funniest shows on TV PERIOD. If you didn’t like it then you didn’t “get” it. I’ve been a loyal watcher since season one. Hey HBO why isn’t Curb on HBO on demand??? I miss the whole gang. :(

I actually voted “NO” on there being another season. Aside from Season 7 (the Seinfeld reunion one), this show has been extremely patchy from Season 5-onward. I found the last one to be the least amusing yet with perhaps two solid episodes. I like Larry a lot and love his comedy, but I think he’d better off pursuing other sort of projects instead working on yet another installment of a now tired sitcom. Now, the one big plus to a ninth season would be that the show could end with 9 seasons (same as Seinfeld) and ninety episode (exactly half… Read more »

Come on, Larry one more season, come on be a Minch. Consider it a mitzvah for all your fans…We love Larry!

Disagree with John – Season 8 was one of the if not the best season ever. To have a series feel so alive and fresh in it’s 8th season is no small feat. Larry David must do one more season. Can’t have it end in Paris.

Larry what can I tell you?I’m pitching a pants tent here in anticipation of one more season of Curb.I’m so excited I’ve developed a speech impediment which in a way is kind of handy as I’ve been able to use it to finagle my way into the “handicap” stalls in public toilets.If someone asks what I’m doing about to use one I say I have a s-s-speech impediment you p-p-prick! Come on Lar- never mind ONE more season,make it an even 10!

Season 8 was not on par with 1-7. Come back if you know 9 will be great. And if not, retire CYE knowing it was pure genius while it lasted. Bingohhh! Bingo!

LD we love you

Your Favorite Jewish Girl

give me my LD back damn it!! come on larry…pretty pretty please!!!!

Larry Davis, you really need to come back. I discovered your show last year, and I am all caught up. When I could not sleep it was your show that entertained me and kept me laughling. So, you must return because I do not find many shows funny. I am watching re-runs. Ok, I am now going to just beg, please. Just think if I died and did not see another show, you would feel so guilty. Doesn’t matter that you do not know me, if I die, I will come back and haunt you, night after night util your… Read more »

Season 10 of curb, yes

We miss you Larry- please come back!!! xxo

Your show is a hoot ! Please keep it going ! And tell Jerry to make some more shows, too!

please come back larry, even to wrap the show up with a finale

If you do not want to make a season 9 then create a season 1 of a new show. Never stop writing and acting and I will promise to never stop watching and enjoying.

Larry, Jorge from Univision just said CYE was his favorite show. That’s really cool but seriously you have to be a show to be a favorite right. Don’t become another Mash. It’s pretty pretty pretty important to keep going.

More Curb pulllleeeeease!!!

bring back Larry David for season 9

There hasn’t been a bad season yet! Bring it back two more years for a decade of “Curb” genius!!

LD ya gotta come back for another season…I know it’s all about leaving on a high note…but honestly I think the note can go higher…

Curb and Big Bang Theory are by far the best comedies on TV in the past 8 years. Every episode of Curb is a classic, especially the past two seasons. Keep the Curb series coming.


I know that I am not the the only African American woman who adores this program, but I am probably in that small number of African American women over 60 who loves, loves, loves this show. That dry sense of humor…. is a HOOT!!!

I only subscribed to HBO, because of your show…. And yes you guess it!!!!Once I heard you would not be back… I canceled my HBO… sorry HBO…. LOL….” So Say it’s not so, Larry” TV needs you…..

Mr. aaavidd… we would love at least one more season of the show. I’m an Australian, and Curb is the only good US comedy on tv. It is very special. A 9th final season would be great.

Mr. David has both a civic and moral responsibility to serve the minds and lives of intelligent people who have bought into the CYE brand and Seinfeld before that. Otherwise, our choices appear to be limited to 8 vampire series (why are vampires suddenly everywhere?), 5 medieval shows featuring smug Brits and, as the summer wears on, the agonizing self torture of listening to a few CNN news snippets sandwiched between Wolf Blitzer’s endless droning newsroom ads for “the best political team in television.” Without Curb Your Enthusiasm, only small doses of Bill Maher and an occasional SNL skit exist… Read more »

I’m from Argentina. I think that Larry has to continue with the show. I am fanatic in their series, I have all the DVDs of “Curb ..” . I believe that Larry has more to show and to continue to surprise.

YES, please make one more season……or even two. I’m watching season 8 these days and the show is still going strong, very much so. While I’d argue it’s preferable for a show to bow out before it gets too repetitive/tiresome/silly, I’m confident that Curb still has a long way to go before reaching that point. There are so many more ideas yet to be used.

I love this show, please do a season 9 Larry.

I really hope they’ll be making a new season of curb! I’m getting tired of watching the same episodes over and over, thow they’r funny as nothing else. So just pull it together and MAKE AT LEAST ONE MORE SEASON!

From Sweden, With Great Wishes// ArnOLF

I watch them again and again too :) it is more realistic, and that’s why I guess… is better than Seinfeld – we cannot compare, each is unique. Cheers ! I also have in my heart the shows “Cheers” “Perfect strangers” “Dharma & Greg”

Larry, make another episode of curb before you die of old age!


What, the last season was hilarious. JB Smoove is soooo freaking funny put together with Larry.

It would be pretty, pretty, pretty good if he made FIVE more seasons of Curb.

NBC wanted more Seinfeld, but Larry and Jerry correctly figured the show had nowhere to go but down. Larry should make the same decision now. Curb has already been on a gentle downward slope for 2 seasons. The last really good idea for blowing fresh life into the formula was The Producers. The Seinfeld reunion was a close second, but in general it’s been over-reaching, self-parody, and isolated bright moments of sketch-funny quality. Unless I’m way wrong, the show is out of gas. Give it a well-deserved rest so we can keep the good memories and not have to watch… Read more »

Larry was already gone from Seinfeld. it was Jerry on his own. do some research

Ok, the show has not been going down hill the last two seasons, The ratings have improved dramatically in fact & Ratings don’t lie..I think your just a fat higher then thou wannabee film critic who likes to hear himself talk.

Here’s what i’m gonna do if u write another dumbass comment like that:
I’m gonna open your ass, step into it, close the door, spraypaint hole the inside with: larry aint dead yet! Larry will curb all Ya freakin asses in season 9, 10,…. Eat snickers, Leave garbage, open it again, step out and leave that ass wide open!

I found season 8 to be preteeh…. preteeh….preteeh….pretty good. Keep going. Michael J Fox episode was great.. Just keep going!

No Way! The last season was my favorite. That episode where Larry “juices” and compete for a bi-sexual was incredible.

You ARE way wrong!

I hope out , Curb Your Enthusiasm & Its Allways Sunny in Phil. are my 2 fav comedies ever

Curb Your Enthusiasm is the best show on HBO! Yes Please bring back another 10 seasons……


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