Quick Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Trailer

By Tara Mazzucca on Apr 3, 2012 to True Blood

The first trailer has finally arrived for Season 5 of True Blood!  Fans have been waiting ever so patiently for the premiere that is Game of Thrones, to begin, so we can finally see what all of us have been longing for since September and it didn’t disappoint.  The images were jam packed with action that it was hard for the mind to keep up, but our bodies were filling with anticipation as we were going along for the ride.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

Here are some quick assumptions and questions from the teaser trailer (Warning: some may consider these observations to be spoilers!):

1. Tara is dead.  There was someone else helping Sookie dig the graves (there were two piles of dirt) and it looked to be Lafayette.

2.  Eric and his sister, Nora are more than just vampire siblings.  I wonder if they know the Lannister twins?

3.  Terry is terrifying, standing over the bed and Arlene.  Who would have known?

4.  Who else is rooting for Steve Newlin and Jason?  Something about those little snippets of Steve Newlin as a vampire, just made him attractive.  Plus, the dynamic of those two characters and the history they have should be an interesting shift of power…can’t wait for that to be continued!

5.  Can’t tell what Sam’s story line is, but he is looking good beat up and ready to do some shapeshifting, which is always a plus.

6. Alcide is holding his territory with an unknown character, which gives the impression we are going to be seeing a new side of Alcide that is a little bit tougher and rougher.  Awww, Alcide is becoming the wolf we all knew he could be!

7.  Bill is blowing a van up?  Why?  Who is in it?  Could it be Russell? Or is it someone from the Authority?  Intriguing? Yes.

8. Is Lafayette living with Sookie now?  We see him in Sookie’s bedroom with a knife.  Is he protecting himself or is he going to be conjuring up some spirits?

9.  Jessica is feisty this season.  Forget about the spunk of the past, she is a young vampire exerting her independence! You go girl!

10. The voice over was spectacularly awesome!  It had wonderfully menacing tones and highlights about the roles of vampires and humans that hark to the chilling olden days.  Humans are not safe anymore!

So thanks HBO for the teaser trailer that has sparked anticipation, to the Nth degree and reminds us that waiting sucks!  Is it June yet?

  • I’m needing a refreseher…. who is Nora?

    • Tara

      Nora is a new character. She is a vampire. Godric is her maker, so Eric and her have the same maker.

  • Sheldon

    I think the voiceover/narration was excellent and has set our frame of reference for the season. What is the Authority really? What is there real agenda? What of the factions

    Interesting though that you didn’t have a comment on Sookie’s storyline. Was it general ennui with Sookie’s arc or just an oversight? If its ennui it speaks volumes about what ails this show particularly in the last two seasons

    As for Eric and Nora – nothing even vaguely incestuous there (if so what of Bill and Lorena and what of Eric and Pam?). Closest thing we’ve had to incest, which was a bit of silliness on TB’s part, was Bill and Portia in S4. What I want to know regarding Eric and Nora is how their relationship will impact the “on the run” plotline and the Authority plotline. She’s obviously played a major role either in the Authority or in a faction within, so I am interested to see how that will play out and impact Eric and Bill S5 journey

    If we have to have Tara back, then maybe she’s a perfect fit as a vamp. Plus I am totally on board in a superficial way for Pam and Tara snarkfest, if Pam is indeed her maker.

  • Great trailer! I’ve got some catching up to do. Tara is dead? All I can say is “it’s about time”. Her character started out so great but quickly lost ground. I do like Bill better in the series than the books. He’s such a dork in the novels.

  • bad2thebone

    Not very well written but whatever.

    • MRM4643

      I actually thought this was very well written. I can see that the writer is just as excited about the new season to start as the rest of us are! Nicely done, and thank you for keeping things intesting! :)

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