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Promo – Silicon Valley Season Two

By Marc Price on Feb 11, 2015 to Silicon Valley


Mike Judge, creator of the HBO series Silicon Valley, flexes his old school Office Space muscles in this new promo for the second season of Silicon Valley. Nerds and rap music combined in order to make something beautiful. Not much can be gleamed as to what direction the show will go in, but the characters remain as lively and awkward as ever.

In the promo, everyone’s back in the game with Dinesh and his energy drink, Gilfoyle with his cereal, and Jared’s meticulousness all coming together to make this dysfunctional family of programmers miraculously coexist long enough to create something that will at the very least compile. Right before Erlich comes in to announce that he’s still Erlich.

The last season left off with Richard (Thomas Middleditch), besting the Google-esque monolithic company “Hooli” and their founder Gavin Belson at the Tech-Crunch competition wherein Richard’s team unveiled a new compression algorithm lightyears ahead of anyone else’s configurations. With that they show the promise of soon becoming one of the biggest new start-ups in Silicon Valley, a place where competition is fierce and the internet forums are vicious. And with one of the largest tech companies in the world on their heels, even when they’re still far off from a viable, marketable product, Pied Piper has their work cut out for them. Which means the rag-tag group will have to keep burning the midnight oil (or bong in Erlich’s case) if they’re going get what was promised to be a ten million dollar idea off the ground.

Silicon Valley Season Two begins Sunday, April 12th.

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