Popular True Detective Finale Crashes HBO Go

By Jacob Klein on Mar 10, 2014 to True Detective



Fans all across the country were anxiously anticipating the finale of HBO’s True Detective. All of the evidence had been laid out, fan theories were finalized and we were all ready to find out who was right.. and who would be dead. But another type of horror story took place last night. Due to overwhelming demand for the True Detective finale HBO Go… well.. didn’t go anywhere. The official twitter account posted this in the moment:


WHAT?! This is worse than a stab to the gut, I’d say. While most HBO subscribers were probably at home with their cable boxes and TV sets, some viewers who rely solely on HBO Go and/or the various devices that connect to it were unable to use the service during prime time.

On a lighter note, we thought this was a humorous tweet that took place during the crisis:


To be fair to the HBO Go tech team this hasn’t happened on this scale in the past, to our knowledge. Not during a Game of Thrones season opener/finale or even during a Boardwalk Empire closer– True Detective must have blown those numbers out of the water! Well, that or some silly technical issue bogged down the service. We may never know for sure.

We’ll have the final ratings numbers for True Detective later this week. HBO may even want to share the technical numbers for HBO Go viewership (which they normally don’t) on this one to prove just how popular the show is. The only good side we can find here is that HBO will probably beef up their servers for Go so that this won’t happen again. This could result in more stable service for the future.  Seven save them if this happens during Game of Thrones.

HBOGo updated everyone on Twitter this morning saying:


So if you didn’t get to finish True Detective last night you’ll have the chance now. Just try to avoid spoilers until then!

  • Eleonora Iafano

    That must have been so unbelievably FRUSTRATING for True Detective fans! But that just goes to show, TD was a fantastic show and the season finale was HIGHLY anticipated. I bet the good techie folks at HBO Go will hopefully have something in place the next time an HBO show season finale is airing.

  • I was trying to use HBO Go last night to watch some old episodes of Treme and I couldn’t get it to work. I had to watch House of Cards instead.

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