Peter Dinklage and Wife Expecting First Child

By Jacob Klein on Jun 10, 2011 to Game of Thrones

Actor Peter Dinklage and his wife are expecting their first child.  You probably know Peter best from HBO’s fantasy series Game of Thrones as Tyrion Lannister, the quick witted dwarf and runt of the Lannister family tree.  Dinklage and his wife, Erica Schmidt married in 2005 after eloping in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dinklage’s wife is an actress and theater director.

HBOWatch would like to extend a warm congratulations to Peter and his wife.  We hope you and your new family live a long and happy life free from the perils of Direwolves, Wildlings and White Walkers.

  • Is it too late to pull an Anthony Wiener and say that hackers did all of this?

  • Herp

    You might wanna change Frist to First

  • Updated. Thanks for all of the feedback! It’s Friday and I threw this one up in haste! Sorry for the sloppiness on my part.

  • Marco Polo

    @Meat Mouse over the picture and you will see her first name is Erica. Although, it’d would be nice in the article..

  • meat

    whats her first name. you used her last name, Schmidt, without her first anywhere in your article.

  • Fixed. Horrible, horrible mistake on my part. Thanks for the correction.

  • Tyrion Fan

    It’s Peter Dinklage not Peter Tinklage. You better hide from the Lannister’s from messing Tyrion’s surname.

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