Peter Dinklage Rocks Cover of Rolling Stone Mag

By Jacob Klein on May 9, 2012 to Game of Thrones

As if Peter Dinklage could get any cooler it seems as though the mainstream media is finally catching on. Rolling Stone magazine has chosen Tyrion Lannister aka Peter Dinklage to grace the cover of their latest edition. Fans of the actor will remember his latest Emmy win for his performance on HBO’s Game of Thrones and if season two should also be a huge opportunity for the actor again. You can grab the latest issue of Rolling Stone on store shelves this Friday, May 11th.  “HALF-MAN, HALF-MAN!”

Mr Dinkalge and Game of Thrones continue their second season with HBO Sunday nights at 9PM.  As if you didn’t already know…

UPDATE: Here’s a video of the Rolling Stone photo shoot:

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I’ve been a fan of Peter’s since seeing him in The Station Agent years ago. He’s an incredibly talented actor and I’m so glad to see he is getting much-deserved recognition. Go Peter!!

I personally think Peter is the show. Would love to see the queen beheaded while the king watches and the “imp” take the throne. I feel as though Peter has really brought his character to life. Now that he is The Hand, I hope that in chapter 3, it is finally proven that the queen and her brother were incestual and that she gets exactly what she deserves. King Jophery should get tortured and the other to children sent as far away from the 7 kingdoms as possible. I love Peters’ character. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have… Read more »

Surely you are aware that GOT is based on a series of books and you can find out what happens without having to wait for the TV series to catch up?!

Peter looks amazing in this pic! So happy to see him on the cover of Rolling Stone! I’ve really fallin in love with him since i started watching Game of Thrones. He plays Tyrion so well. Am now using this as my twitter and Fb profile pics! Peter is hot!!

Love this! Nice to see Dinklage getting the credit he deserves. He’s really taken his character beyond the Emmy winning perfomance of last season. I might have to buy this issue just for the article. Also, the headline scrolled across the top is a sure winner.


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