Child of the Forest cast in Game of Thrones

By Cian Gaffney on Jul 2, 2013 to Game of Thrones

octavia-selena-alexandru-17071__1372802300_93.107.159.83Update 11/13/13: It has since come to light via her modeling CV that young Miss Alexandru will be playing a Child of the Forest.

According to her agency’s website, 10 year old young actress Octavia Selena Alexandru has been cast in Game of Thrones for the upcoming fourth season.


According to the information we currently have, Octavia is credited as “The Child of the Forest”. The presence of “the” would indicate that there is some more significance to her character, which leads me to believe her to be playing Leaf, or at least what amounts to that character. Leaf’s introduction would make sense given the recent casting of the Three-Eyed Raven.


Game of Thrones season 4 premieres in Spring 2014. We’ll provide an exact air date here when we have it.

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They already had an actress as Jeyne in Season 1. While they may recast I doubt they would go this young.

I also think she’ll be the Waif.

Fake Arya and Leaf are good calls, but I have another idea as to who she might play: with Pedro Pascal already confirmed to play Oberyn Martell the real motive for him coming to King’s Landing will have to be explored. They’ll have to explain his feud with the Lannisters for Elia and her children’s death, so when I saw Octavia I wonder if it’s possible that we might see her playing Elia’s daughter, Rhaenys, in a flashback scene or two? Of course, this would mean the series’ writers lifting their ban on flashbacks thus far, specifically those dealing with… Read more »

Could also be someone who isn’t in the books as well..

SPOILERS AHEAD: Although my first thought was Jeyne Poole, they may want someone older to play her due to some of the scenes she will have in future seasons. Over at three other possibilities have been mentioned: The daughter of the village elder who tries to befriend Arya (which I think is also a good possibility), one of Margaery’s cousins (which I think is unlikely) and the Waif (also unlikely, unless they rush ahead with Arya’s storyline). As for Leaf, my personal theory is that Bran’s storyline will contain some invented material in season 4, and that he won’t… Read more »

what about myrcella?

1) Myrcella won’t appear again until season 5.
and 2) Aimee Richardson, who played Myrcella in seasons 1 and 2, is still being used to promote the show at exhibitions and the like, and seems to be on very good terms with a lot of the cast, so I don’t see her role being given to someone else.

How do you know Myrcella won’t appear until season 5? Being Oberyin Martell introduced in season 4, I see a lot of reasons for the producers to include scenes of Dorne and remain the audience Myrcella is held guest in Dorne.

I don’t really see any reason for them to include Dorne in season 4. It would require them to cast and pay a bunch of actors to have a scene or two, in which they don’t do anything or have any real impact on the plot. And they can’t bring forward the plot from book 4, because the catalyst for that happening was the events surround Oberyn in book 3. They won’t want to cast more actors when the cast is as big as it already is, and the characters aren’t needed yet, and they have never brought forward storylines… Read more »
The “Reek” storyline (Theon Grayjoy) with the Bastard of Bolton occurs in the fifth and latest book, A Dance With Dragons, and yet much of it was dramatized this season. Which was a smart move by the show’s producers. In a series of books, you can drop a character for awhile and bring him/her back later. Not so in a TV series. Though it isn’t likely that this new actress is Myrcella, reminding the audience that she’s in Dorne makes perfect sense, as does briefly setting up the Red Viper’s large family before he makes the trip to King’s Landing,… Read more »
Except that none of the Theon material that happened during ADwD was dramatised at all. The Theon material was stuff that happened in flashbacks in ADwD and showed what happened between his fall and him appearing in ADwD. In other words, it is stuff that actually happened during the timeframe of ASoS, And I’m not saying that introducing Dorne in season 4 would mess up that adaption of the books. I’m saying that from a budget standpoint it makes no sense. It would still require them to cast at least 5 main or supporting actors who aren’t actually needed until… Read more »

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