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No Season 2 for Merchant’s Hello Ladies

By Jacob Klein on Jan 23, 2014 to Hello Ladies


HBO has opted out of a second season of Stephen Merchant’s Hello Ladies.  We’re actually not sure whether a Hello Ladies season 2 was even on the table but Deadline now confirms that the show will end with a special similar to that made for Life’s Too Short, another Merchant project on HBO.

At HBOWatch, many of us enjoyed the series and thought it was quite funny.  We reviewed several episodes here if you’re interested.  We’ll let you know when the special gets a firm date and if and when the compete set of episodes make’s its way to DVD and Blu-Ray.

We hope Mr. Merchant continues with HBO in some capacity.

  • Jef Dinsmore

    I got to laugh at quips like we have been seeing here. If the show hadn’t been in the ratings dumpster maybe, we would have seen a longer life for HELLO LADIES. But whose fault is it that ratings are low? The answer is the viewing audience.

    In the highly competitive TV market today a show has to have strong viewership to keep on the schedule. Hell, there are shows out there that disappear after just a few episodes if the numbers aren’t good. HBO, of course, doesn’t quite do that. It commits to the season once it stats to air. But, if a show, especially a comedy, doesn’t generate a following or enough buzz it doesn’t last long.

  • Bob

    Unbelievably stupid decision. Bring back this hilarious and thought provoking comedy and fire the imbecile who cancelled it.

  • Amoss

    Really HBO?!! I was so excited to see the “season2” billboards! Who’s great idea was this?! One of thee best shows HBO had to offer, now the whole line up sucks!

  • mahatmacoat

    Another score for the anti-intellectual elite

  • Jef Dinsmore

    I believe the HELLO LADIES Special which wraps up the story is coming to HBO in November. When we have something concrete we will announce it.

  • mks

    I really liked this show. So sad. Showtime at least is keeping the ones we like!

  • Don

    Very disappointed HBO cancelled Hello Ladies

  • sad

    Great, back to watching stupid fucking vampire shows. Good move HBO. CANCEL.

    • Canceling HBO over Hello Ladies… that’s a first!
      They are having a one off special sometime soon. Stand by.

  • AmberDuh

    Noooooooo!!! :(

  • KuciKoo

    What a shame, this was a really great series…. Shame HBO shame…. Merchant and the gang were a breath of fresh air!

  • Fran

    fuuuuuuck you HBO…and well…Stephen can do the show with another producers and stuff o.o

  • Dexter

    I hate not being a part of the majority when it comes to tv show preferences. I don’t think there has been a single tv show I have been interested in that DIDN’T get cancelled.

  • Disappointed

    This show had the potential to be a big comedy success. Instead HBO just rides GoT and some how the god awful “Getting On” gets a second season?! Jesus….Wake up HBO.

  • pj1

    one of the only truly funny shows that showcased modern male issues…too bad this is a big loss for HBO, now that this network has nothing for me I likley will change subscription.

  • kanonymous818

    what a burn. It was like a combo of curb your enthusiasm and the office. I hope it comes back.

  • V Sims

    Noooooooooo!!! Finally something genuinely funny and you cancel it?? I was so looking forward to season 2!! —THIS SUCKS—

  • Peter Bainbridge

    He was such an awful character but so much fun to watch. This news really sucks. I thought HBO were better than this to cancel a show with such potential. It was the perfect vehicle for Merchant too. Grrr

  • Nikki_Au

    Such a good show!! What a shame….hopefully it gets picked up by another network!?

  • Fran

    are you kidding? it’s a good show dude…

  • J

    Wow, this decison blows me away. It was a hilarious and intelligent show. I was excited for a second season because they were setting up some interesting storylines. I hope it appears somewhere else.

  • Zach

    How the fu!* did hbo not want a 2nd season of hello ladies? That just goes to show you that hbo does not get it nor do they want actual entertaining programs on their lineup. If retarded east bound and down got to however many seasons they got to how does this not make it???? I’m furious and no longer subscribing to hbo.
    *** “Dating mating or masturbating?” Huh? MASTURBATING! (Fall off bar stool) <<<Laughed for 2 hours and woke up my wife.

  • Ginger with soul(s)

    This show is great and it’s good to see there are more positive remarks than negative. Stephen Merchant delivered the awkward humor so well. I think they should’ve at LEAST done another season. That’s when a lot of shows really get going. Disappointed HBO :(.

  • Jax


  • Don

    WHAT! Why did they cancel season 2???? ITS AN AWESOME SHOW! :(

  • Josh

    I was really disappointed when I found out HBO would not be bring back Hello Ladies for a second season. Merchant is a brilliant writer and to see him go so soon is tragic.

  • Sofie Tonoyan

    What is wrong with you HBO? Have you gone nuts? Finally, a show that is so similar to Curb Your Enthusiasm that it really makes you laugh at the stupidity of it all. PLEASE RETURN HELLO LADIES. Steve is hilarious! In a tall, geeky, weird looking kind of way but he’s worth watching, that’s all I have to say.

    • Private Viewer

      I Feel the Same way!! I’ve been telling fans of “Curb” to watch the 1st seas before they launch the 2nd and now look at this. HBO Fuks up and cancels an EXCELLENT show. That eps when he is FoRCED to buy the entire table drinks when he just asked the one girl he liked was SO Freakin Funny that I fell in love with the show instantly from there. Pleassssse Netflix pick up this show like “Arrested Development”

  • VonSloneker

    Bad call HBO. Thought this was an excellent show. The characters had just developed to the point where the pacing of season two would have been really entertaining and engaging – see Extras season two.

  • I think this is a great decision. This was just the most obnoxious show. Good call on this one HBO!

    • Ha! I didn’t hate it. I liked it about as much as I did Life’s Too Short. Worth having on once in a while but I wasn’t jumping up and down waiting for it each week. Some funny moments with HBO polish but just not quite funny enough overall.

  • Drew Douglas

    Horrible news. Really loved the series. Final episode was fantastic.

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