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News Roundup: Liberace & GIRLS Casting; GOT Production News & NEWSROOM Numbers

By Jef Dinsmore on Jun 28, 2012 to HBO News

There is no big news out there this week about HBO but, HBOWatch has got a few tidbits to offer for those interested.

  • Casting News I

There is HBO casting news this week but, alas, it is not pertaining to GAME OF THRONES Season Three. It has been announced that two more actors have been signed for BEHIND THE CANDELABRA. The HBO Film production is about the entertainer Liberace starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. Added to the cast are Rob Lowe and Tom Pappa.

Mr. Lowe (lately of Parks and Recreation) is slated to play Liberace’s plastic surgeon and Mr. Pappa (lately host of The Marriage Ref) plays Ray Arnett, a good friend of the flamboyant piano man. Casting for this movie should be wrapping up soon as production in Las Vegas and Los Angeles is slated to begin yet this summer. HBOWatch will have an In Production article detailing more after shooting gets underway.


  •  Casting News II

We already know that Season Two of GIRLS is underway and that Dunham and Apatow are making changes in the production of the show. They have one story arc upcoming that will feature actor Patrick Wilson. He was last seen on the big screen in Prometheus and on CBS’s The Gifted Man. He is slated to play a character called Joshua who is a doctor who lives near where Lena Dunham’s Hannah works.

There is speculation that an intimate relationship will develop between the two characters but such news has not been revealed yet. Fans will have to wait for Season Two in the spring of 2013 to find out.




  • GAME OF THRONES Production News

Since we here at HBOWatch know that any scrap of news about the epic work GAME OF THRONES is greatly appreciated by its fans we’ll throw you a bone with this next news items. First, HBO has announced that filming of Season Three gets underway in early July. With a huge production slate ahead of them the production team will be filming for a few months.

Productions crews, that include cinematographers and directors of photography, have been at various locations around the world looking for the perfect shots of vistas to film their cast in. Locations required for GOT include Iceland for the above The Wall scenes; Ireland for most of Westeros and Croatia for castle & city scenes. And, for the first time, filming will happen in the country of Morocco. It is believed this locale will be used in the scenes involving a certain Dragon Queen. If fans are lucky they may get to see some Invitations to the Set pieces once production gets rolling.

Also announced by HBO, added to the list of directors rolling the cameras in Season Three will be David Benioff and D. B. Weiss themselves. We are sure it will be made clear in advance which episodes they will each be helming.

And lastly, the revised version of GAME OF THRONES is now available. In other words, plastic surgery has taken place on the George Bush-like head on a pike making it a more nondescript personage.  The CGI-ed fix doesn’t look that good does it?

  • THE NEWSROOM”s Numbers

Not everyone follows the ratings listed for a show but for those who do here are the facts pertaining to the premiere episode of Aaron Sorkin’s THE NEWSROOM. The drama was watched by 2.1 million viewers on Sunday, June 24th. That makes it the third highest series debut for HBO. The stats were also able to factor in its encore airing the same night to make it an overall total of 2.7 million viewers.

For those who really like the numbers here are the stats as they relate to other series on HBO:

BOARDWALK EMPIRE Series Premiere – 4.8 million viewers       

GAME OF THRONES Series Premiere – 2.2 million viewers

THE NEWSROOM Series Premiere – 2.7 million viewers

TRUE BLOOD Series Premiere – 1.4 million viewers

TRUE BLOOD episode airing right before THE NEWSROOM – 4.7 million viewers.

Of course fans of the show don’t need or care for the numbers, but there are those that follow them; it is all about the ratings. Even Will McAvoy knows that.

HBOWatch will keep you apprised of other news related items as they come available about the exciting programs and personalities of HBO.

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Thanks for the ratings numbers. While they are and should remain not particularly important to the length of any show, they can have an effect. No offense to any fans but I wonder if True Blood’s ratings will extend the show past its fresh before date. I venture to say the fact that ratings are not usually a deciding factor whether a show is renewed or not is the main reason why HBO is the best entertainment broadcaster. Looking forward to when HBOGO is offered as a standalone service and they can really compete in modern content distribution. I foresee… Read more »
Yeah I feel like Neilson’s Ratings aren’t really the future, right? I mean if the idea is to give you a good idea of how many people are watching a given show then they utterly fail at that given the ways people digest media these days. Anyway, I think The Newsroom is more or less guaranteed a second season (though given A Sorkin’s history it’s tough to tell for sure). Let’s hope it at least gets that second season to really start to dig into the characters and refine what’s already pretty great. Right now we’re just at the introductions… Read more »
Why such little news on Boardwalk Empire ? It’s due back for it’s third season in 12 weeks but aside from a few 30 second teasers, I don’t see much promotion. How about some news on one of the new cast members…like Meg Steedle or Arron Shriver. What about some info on when a full trailer will air? It’s not Game Of Thones but it has fans that are looking forward to it’s return too. After the season 2 finale people need some incentives to get excited about season 3. Come on HBO…Start giving Boardwalk Empire some more attention.


I’ve posted this article in your honor. It’s a news tidbit we missed this month but I hope it tides you over until we can get some real info!


Well firstly, we’re not affiliated with HBO officially. We’re just fans! But I do think you’re right. We’d love to do a feature on some of the new characters but we just don’t know enough about them yet! If you’d like to contribute an article or some of your thoughts on Boardwalk Empire season 3 check out our write for us page: In the mean time. We’ve heard you and I’ll be asking our team to start talking about BWE as we approach the fall. But what with Game of Thrones just ending and True Blood / The Newsroom… Read more »

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