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News Roundup: HBO Controversy x 3; BORED… back from the dead?; GIRLS

By Jef Dinsmore on Jun 18, 2012 to HBO News

Here are some brief news items that have caught our attention.

  •  Controversy # 1 – Pacquiao/Bradley Bout

Even though the pugilists duked it out on June 9th there is plenty of fervor over the match still. The match-up was covered by HBO
SPORTS PPV. Jim Lampley was ringside. The event, to recap, was a bout between Manny Pacquiao (54-4-2, 38 KO’s) vs. Timothy Bradley (21-0-1, 12 KO’s). The veteran and odds on favorite was Pacquiao. All the commentators ringside were rating him the dominator in most rounds. Surprising everyone at the final bell however was the declaration by the official judges that Bradley had won the match and the welterweight title. Was the match thrown? The WBO, The World Boxing Association, is planning a full investigation of the event. Not all are disgruntled by the decision however, blaming commentators like HBO’s team for skewing everyone to think that Manny Pacquiao had to win it and thus distorting Bradley’s performance. Either way the bout, blow by blow and point by point will be examined.


  • Controversy # 2 – Players not happy with HARD KNOCKS

It took HBO a while to get a team for the sports series that scrutinizes a football team before the start of another gridiron season. The Miami Dolphins are the team in the spotlight this time around and some players are just not happy with the idea. Starting guard Richie Incognito doesn’t like the fact that people are bugging him for endorsements or having their names dropped on camera. He says, “Everybody wants their name said on TV”; so much for being incognito. Running back Reggie Bush had this to say to the Palm Beach Press – “Training camp is tough as it is. You’ve got guys trying to make the team, training and fighting and scratching. At the same time, we’re trying to jell together.” Another quote comes from tight end Anthony Fasano who said there were ‘a lot of groans” when it was announced in the locker room that the team would be the star players in the series. Clearly the decision was not the team’s to make but that of Coach Joe Philbin. The first episode of HARD KNOCKS airs August 7th.


  • Controversy # 3 – Bush’s head is removed on GAME OF THRONES

It has already been noted that a likeness of George W. Bush’s head has been spotted in a scene from GAME OF THRONES. It
appeared in the last episode of season one entitled “Fire and Blood” where King Joffery sickens Sansa with a look at the after effects of war. The glimpse of the visage is brief but the DVD commentary noted that the familiar looking face was present and eventually disgruntlement surfaced. HBO is removing the offending shot wherever it can. All repeats of the episode on the network’s channel and on HBOGO are being removed and unsold DVD packages from Season One are being recalled from shelves to correct the matter. It was stressed by the producers that the inclusion of Former President Bush in this manner was not intentional.


  • BORED TO DEATH not dead.

Ted Danson, at the Monte Carlo Television Festival had a bit to say about his last series before heading up CSI on CBS. “I think HBO is talking to him (BORED TO DEATH’s creator Jonathan Ames) about making an HBO film, a 90-minute film, to wrap it up. It was such a great pairing – the three of us (including Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifianakis) are so different and I think it really worked. It was a great joy. It was a wonderful character and wonderful writing.” Mr. Danson’s time on the show, as magazine editor Christopher George, was cut short when the series was cancelled in December 2011. Now, it might just come back to life on HBO.


  • Judd Apatow tweets GIRLS Season 2 Start Date

In this day and age you got to watch what you say or in this case “tweet.” Co-executive producer Judd Apatow tweeted in response
 to a question that Lena Dunham’s GIRLS will definitely return in 2013 and that it looks like it could be as early as January. HBO approved a second season after season one brought in good numbers. It earned 3.8 million weekly viewers. If all works out fans will get to see what happens to Hannah and company a few months earlier than originally planned.

HBOWatch will keep you apprised of other news related items as they come available about the exciting programs and personalities of HBO.

  • Jef

    Well, wherever it is placed in the lineup I hope they don’t group to many shows together. I like them spread out throughout the year.

    • Jefd

      Rgarding BORED TO DEATH and GIRLS – one comment or “tweet” does not count as an official announcement. HBOWatch will update the schedule when all dates are confirmed offically.

      • Yeah, I’m actually rethinking the schedule now. Moving Girls to TBD instead of “Spring 2013”. Going to be more conservative about dates that we don’t know for sure. Game of Thrones will obviously be Spring 2013 but it looks like HBO is moving stuff around with Enlightened and now possibly Girls.. and who knows when Bored to Death will run that supposed 90 minute program! Going to have to watch the schedule page as we get closer people!

  • Yeah we might have to update our schedule soon! We have it in Spring again… might be some shakeup with Enlightened, Girls and Veep all in the mix these days.

  • Season 2 of Girls is finished filmling late this summer something. So it`s kinda good if HBO just puts it out there when they need it (around january/february).

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