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New Treme Season 3 Trailer

By Jacob Klein on Jul 15, 2012 to Treme

New Orleans residents and fans of the city have been waiting for what seems like forever for a new season of HBO’s Treme.  We recently got wind of a hard release date for Treme: September 23rd @10P  right after the second episode of Boardwalk Empire season 3.  This weekend HBO also put out a brand new trailer for the new season and you can view that below!

Still nothing on the potential season 4 but we expect HBO to make that announcement shortly after the premiere.  Are you a Treme fan?  Will you be grooving to the tasty tunes this fall?  Leave us a comment below and show us your love.

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Im so excitied about the new show tonight!! Im from Louisiana and HBO has done a terrific job with this series! Big hopes for it to continue.

What is the song/artist on season 3 trailer of treme

Check this out on YouTube…

Clint Maegden vocalist with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band….
“Tootie Ma” is the track name

THE best show still running hands down. HBO will always have my respect when it allows geniuses such as David Simon and his co. to get to make their visions a reality.

I totally agree! You know, after all it’s said and done, this show will remain along with The Wire (and hopefully many more to follow) the true HBO legacy. Sure Game of Thrones is fun, True Blood used to be tolerable, maybe American Gods could bring back that Carnivale vibe, but Treme is for me the best thing they have done in years. Now if only they will give Simon that 4th season…

Lots of big Treme fans out there! Do you mind if I ask whether or not you’re from NOLA?

I’m from NOLA and very proud of Treme and HBO for keeping things real.

Haha, no, I’m not from NOLA. I’m actually from Europe (Romania), but New Orleans always fascinated me :)

Where is the new Boardwalk Trailer ?? all they show is the same 30 second tease that they have been showing for 2 months…and an invitation to the set that says the same stuff about the time jump and Capone’s rise, ect. When are they going to give us something new. Are they overly confident or are they putting this show on the backburner. The amount of promoting season 3 so far has been utterly disappointing !


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