NEW Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Photos

By Jacob Klein on Aug 1, 2013 to Boardwalk Empire

It seems like only yesterday we were reeling from the Boardwalk Empire finale of last season.  But as the months pass we sometimes forget about our favorite shows— Who are we kidding you’ve been dying for every scrap of info on season 4 throughout 2013, right?!  We’ve already seen a pair of trailers for the new season but HBO has just released several new stills from the show that reveal our how the main characters of the Boardwalk are doing these days.

Take a look:

See anything you like, mister?

Boardwalk Empire Season 4 will air on September 8th at 9PM.  Grab your favorite gangster crew and settle in for a spectacular season.

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But I allready forgot how season 3 ended, still it’s great news

Can’t wait for the new season to start!!!

Do my eyes deceive me or is that Patricia Arquette in two of those pictures? September is just around the corner! Whehoo!

shes the new shot caller down in florida . she nobody to fuck with . this is gonna be epic !!!

As always, the production value looks absolutely pristine! This and GoT have to be the two best looking shows on TV. Looks like Margaret is back, too, I had thought she wouldn’t be in this season.

I was really hoping Margaret would be gone. :-P

Same! Kelly Macdonald is great, but I wish they’d integrate her more into the main plot rather than giving her little sidequests that end up going nowhere!


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