Myrcella Baratheon Recast?

By Cian Gaffney on Jun 17, 2014 to Game of Thrones

photo__1403027890_109.77.57.4Game of Thrones has barely finished for the year, and the casting news is already flying in.

According to WiC, there’s a very strong chance that Myrcella Baratheon, sister to King Tommen and the recently deceased Joffrey, has been recast. Viewers will remember that Myrcella was shipped to Dorne by Tyrion in Season 2, as a peace offering to House Martell. In Season 4, Oberyn reassured Cersei that her daughter was enjoying her time there.

Aimee Richardson, who previously played Myrcella (and was very vocal and enthusiastic in her support for the show over social media), has reportedly been replaced by Nell Tiger Free, a relatively unknown young actress. Nell has appeared in BBC’s Mr. Stink.

Although HBO has given no official word on the matter yet, Nell seems pretty excited about something, according to her Twitter account.

This marks the third time a significant character has been recast, following The Mountain (twice), Tommen Baratheon, and Daario NaharisGame of Thrones returns March/April 2015.

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