More As The Story Develops…

By Jef Dinsmore on May 22, 2012 to The Newsroom

HBO has just released a full length poster for their new series: The Newsroom!  The poster features the headline “More as this Story Develops” which is actually a reference to the development name the show had before we knew it to be called “The Newsroom”.  The poster cuts a clean, crisp look for the show with a nice list of the amazing cast members.  Take a look below:

Are you excited for HBO’s The Newsroom?  Leave us a comment below with your hopes, dreams and concerns for the new HBO series.  I’m sure we’re bound to get into some political discussions here on HBOWatch as this show touches on some poingant issues of the day.  The Newsroom premieres June 24th on HBO at 10PM (right after True Blood for those of you anticipating that show!)

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I thought that I would like the show, but it is too liberal. The star female is very liberal coming from England where they have many problems. So in real life she comes to the USA to make a lot of money. The show tends to only tell one side of a story.

I am sick of actors/actresses belittling companies making money even though their take hold pay is in the millions.

It is certainly a liberal rant indeed. And as the majority of Hollywood is liberal I wonder if a similar show with a conservative bent would ever get made.

We are still waiting for the other side to get its turn.

Still watching West Wing shows over at Amazon. Love the dialogue and eloquence of Sorkin. Will follow this and watch to see how good it is.


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